Friday, 25 February 2011

Past Experiences

The boy has been thinking back to years gone by, back to when he was involved in bdsm many years ago and has been thinking of everything that happened back then, and what experiences he endured back then, he has been prompted to write this blog by his Mistress, because he asked her to suggest a title for a blog and she has done so.

It started quite some time ago, he was in a vanilla relationship, that was dying a slow and painful death, it wasn't working and he was looking for so much more, by chance he found it, but didn't realise it at the time, he had purchased a magazine called "Madame" by swift publications, he read it, it was strange but it turned him on,a Female Domination mag, he read it, he fantasised about the stories, he pleasured himself thinking about it, he stole his girlfriends suspenders and stockings and wore them imagining himself in the position of being Dominated, he pleasured his self on many, many, occasions, he knew he needed more, he wanted more.

He was given a phone number from the bookshop, he used to quench his thirst for copies of "Madame", he rang the number, a pleasant voice answered, he made an appointment, it was done, he would experience being dominated, he did experience it, he loved it, he loved how it made him feel, how giving himself for her to hurt and humiliate him, he left with a smile on his face, his desires having been satisfied, he wanted more, he had a such a thirst for this new adventure, experiences, he got home, and made another appointment and a friendship was formed, one that would take him on a path of a whole new world that was opening up in front of him.

Needless to say his vanilla relationship stood no chance now and he moved away, he had to, there was so much more to experience, a whole wide world of new feelings and eroticism waiting to be explored, he had some wonderful experiences from his new friend and her transvestite boyfriend, one such experience was his car was poorly and her boyfriend picked him up, he seem preoccupied as we chatted and i asked what was wrong, he explained he had been shaved all over, including his pubic hair, by his girlfriend and it itched like mad, i openly laughed and made some comments on how he must feel.

That night, Madame called me upstairs, and into the playroom, where i was secured to the bed, there was no escape, she then disappeared, and came back in with a bowl full of water and a razor, she said that Sam had told her of how i had laughed at him being shaven, and, so she would do the same to me, but only my legs and pubic hairs, and she did, and it itched, fuck did it itch, i tried every lotion there was but it still itched and my hairless legs made wearing stockings feel so much better, the humiliation of being shaved against your will was an experience i will never forget, i was kept shaven after that at all times, but found a creme was better as it never itched.

I was also given a Birthday present, with a difference, nipple rings, but i didn't have pierced nipples i said, you will have this afternoon was the reply, and she was right i did, and fuck did that hurt having them done, but worse was to follow as i had to use hot salty water in an egg cup, and hold it on the area around the nipple and then pull the ring through so the salt helped heal the piercing, and that was so much worse i used to scream when i pulled the ring through, eye closing and screwing up the face time lol.

I was told that she wanted me tattooed as well and that is one thing i would have hated had she followed that threat through, but she never did, so i got away with that one.

My first ever visit to a fetish club was also a new experience, walking into somewhere, where, everywhere you look are ordinary people like yourself, but, with the wants and desires, you also have, dressed in PVC, leather, rubber, maids outfits, transvestites, and all either Dominant or submissive, and such a friendly environment too, i made many more friends that were in the scene, and started venturing out on my own, visiting many different clubs.

One of Madames likes was to cane my hands, if i displeased, she was very much into cp as punishments, another was to cane me in the open air, and fuck that used to hurt lol, washing the kitchen floor with a toothbrush.
Also brushing the stairs with a tooth brush was another favourite of hers, it used to take ages that way, how humiliated did i feel cleaning in that way i hated every minute of being told to clean in that way, the only disappointing thing i can think of, knowing what i have learnt from Mistress, is there was never much of a dynamic in the d/s times we had together, she was doing it for what money she could earn and although we went to desades together, it was more of her making her face known rather than for the love of it, and me i was her Guinea pig in one way, but having said that we did have some great times together.

One particular evening at desades was very humiliating for me as when we got there, i was made to dress in a maids out fit and serve her drinks and pamper her and her friends, i even had to curtsy, and i suffered that all evening, and then added to it all by making walk back to the car dressed in the way i was, i had never been so embarrassed, but i did it, as she wanted me to.  From that evening on i hated the thought of wearing a maids outfit, the thought of frilly panties and shoes and then having to curtsy isn't one that i wanted to repeat.

Surprise was her speciality, we used to go out to pubs for meals and drinks, the three of us and it was fun, but after and back at the car the cane often came out and i was caned, whilst leaning in to the boot, or she would stop in gate way down a country lane and cane me there too.

Unfortunately she decided to give it all up, as, back at that time a close friend of hers was splashed all over the News of the World, and this forced her hand, we did stay friends until, something was said at a barbecue and she accused me of telling a mate of mine what she used to do, i didn't, but she wouldn't believe me so that was that, or friendship was over but the experiences and humiliations i shared with her will always stay with me, as we had some great times together, you can see a recent blog i wrote recently here as it was the first time i had seen her since our friendship finished

By this time though i had made other friends in the scene and regularly went to fetish and swinging  clubs with them in Cardiff, we had some great times and i would say they were more into relationships that encompassed D/s and bdsm, within their relationships, but i was always welcome and regularly enjoyed so very many experiences with them.

I can remember one time, when we had been to a fetish club in Cardiff, and were returning back to the shop,their flat was above the shop which i think was called Desires, we pulled up outside the shop, next door was a chip shop, and there were two blokes in there 20s stood out side, well we caused rather a stir as we were all dressed in fetish attire, and the ladies were carrying crops, they started taking the piss, but with little effort one of the ladies asked me to bend over and swiftly gave 6 strokes across the ass, and shouted who's next, I've never seen two blokes make their excuses and flee.

We went in upstairs to the flat and continued our laughter, soon, it was time for bed, and the couples slipped off to there rooms, but i didn't have a blanket and had to knock on one of the doors, "whats up" was the answer and i explained, oh come on in and when i walked in, the sub was cling filmed up apart from his mouth and she was sat on his face, i walked in got the blanket and left them to it. but it was a memory that will always stay with me, a couple of things about it, are, she was happy for me to walk in even though she was using him to please her and she didn't care that i saw what she was doing.

I did have a vanilla relationship with a woman called Wendy but with some kink thrown in as well, she used to love me to wear Ladies underwear under my normal clothes, we had a good relationship with lots of kinky fun, we used to go to Marks and Spencer's and she would hold up lace panties and lingerie against me and say i would look good in that, and one time we went out and i had to tuck my shirt in so it was obvious what i was wearing, as the lace top of the panties used to show, it turned her on and i liked the experience too although found it rather humiliating at times, there is something strange about the feeling of lace and stockings on your legs.  When we were at home she always wanted me dressed in just stockings suspenders and panties, and fuck did that turn her on, i just felt humiliated but fuck was she horny, and sex was guaranteed every time lol

I met a lady called Karla  on the net, and within a couple of days, she had invited me to her place in Merthyr, she was a very flirty lady, but dominant with it, she opened the door on the night she invited me over wearing high heels, leather trousers, and a nice black silk top, i went in and we shared a bottle of wine together, we chatted, we flirted, we touched and we kissed, but i knew why i was there.

She had told me that all she was interested in was my tongue and how i used it, we went upstairs and she got on the bed, told me to get her a glass of wine, when i returned with her drink she, took it from me and parted her legs and pointed to her wet shaven cunt, that's your place she said, for the entire evening, i started licking and she would just comment, "deeper, harder," what a fantastic experience that was being used in that way,it was very enjoyable, but Christ did my tongue ache for days after, she had me there for what seemed hours and my face was wet all over, never mind the amount of cum that passed my lips.
When she, had, had enough, she just said I'm tired and want to sleep, when we woke in the morning i was told to give her back, starting, from the top and working down a good licking, and after i had licked her ass cheeks, she ordered me to give her arse a good rimming too, which was also a first, but very enjoyable experience, after her having another orgasm, she said she had to get ready for work and i could drop her off on the way home. When i got home i had the best wank, thinking of how i was used in the way that i was.

I often visited The Clink, when it was in Newport, but always on my own, i got to know the Woman that ran it with her husband, and she often caned me whilst waiting at the door, i used to have a very high pain threshold, but alas, it has dropped somewhat lol, again i met some fascinating people and i would say that was the first time i thought about transvestites, and often chatted openly and freely with them.

It was a rather special place to go as it used to be an old police station, the cells had been adapted with fetish equipment and it was a place couples could go to and be on their own and scene how they wanted to, the boy used to think how nice it would be to actually go into the cell with someone he cared for, they also had a dark room, which, was pitch black, as the name would suggest lol, and that was a fun place for a single male to go into.

I remember when i had my first meeting with a tranny, i was very nervous, and it showed but "Chloe" was very understanding, we sat and chatted, and then she moved and sat next to me, and very slowly we started touching each other, we kissed, we teased and we touched, after some time she went down and gave me a blow job, which she swallowed, and we moved in to the bedroom, where we laid on the bed and just played around, she wanted me to fuck her, but i declined, as i said she was very friendly and i enjoyed the time we shared.
I went on to meet 3 or 4 trannies but, some times we chatted, and did nothing, and only one other, did anything sexual happen between u, it was nothing special but everyone i met was always so friendly and understanding that i was nervous.

In the past i have experienced various forms of bdsm, including being outside and the risk of being caught was enjoyable, ball parachutes, electrics on cock and balls, this was one of my most hated experiences, foot worship, shoe cleaning in fact anything to do with feet i really liked, it was, a real favourite of mine.
But i do feel cheated that there was never any real dynamics to any of my experiences, yes i had to be respectful, but, and for the reasons given it was never ever there, there was some control, but never that much, and as for chastity and denial i never experienced that at all.

And i have to be honest, with what the boy is experiencing with his Mistress now, with chastity and denial and the way it is enforced, the knowing of having to text Mistress at certain times of the day, asking permission to do certain things and have learnt far more about dynamics, focus, attentiveness, submission, control and feelings, than he has ever experienced before.

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