Thursday, 10 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 9th)

Many many years ago the boy, used to fantasise about meeting someone, who would place him in chastity, only, allow the boy to have an orgasm, on special dates of the year, like her Birthday, the boys Birthday, Valentines day, Christmas day, etc, or when she wanted him to orgasm.

The boys fantasy has come true to some extent, he is held in chastity, he is denied to touch her cock, but the reality being, there are no special days, its when Mistress decides, end of, the boy is so so frustrated but knows he must start following instructions properly and not open his mouth before engaging his brain as he does often.

Mistress just denies him more, as she said in her blog, it doesn't matter to her, shes not going without but, the boy will, and he is starting to want a release more and more, he thought to his self today as yet he hasn't asked "permission to cum Mistress" and he wonders what that will make him feel like when he does.

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  1. no, because the only time you were allowed to cum, you didn't ask permission!