Monday, 7 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 6th)

Having sat down and read the comments added to the boys blog, realising he had come so close to a release, and now not knowing when that release might happen, it made the boy think how much,by every day, his feelings of submission, are building to levels he wants to feel, they are so obvious to the boy, that, he can almost touch them.

How reading what Mistress had written, was, is, making the boy almost squirm with the submission he feels towards her, how her training and punishments are pushing the boy, to feeling, that submission, its so strong, the boy often shouts out to himself with the levels he is feeling.

And he desires his Mistress, so much, words cannot describe how he feels at times, his eyes and facial expressions would tell her how much he is feeling, but, his words can not at times, and that is even more frustrating than the denial he is going through.

When that time eventually comes, Mistress, will realise how well he has learned from her taking the time to train the boy and show him why chastity and denial always will have a place in the boys, Mistresses, both of ours relationship

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