Saturday, 5 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 4th)

I know Mistress doesn't count, its 29 days since the last orgasm the boy has had, and that was a ruined one, although Mistress will say you had an "orgasm" whether it was ruined or not.

"Is it, oh well that's a shame" would probably be her response, but although the boy is so frustrated, so fucking frustrated in a way he has not known before, he knows he is very lucky to have such an understanding Mistress, and one who cares so much about her boy and his feelings, and in the way she denies him and continues to deny him.

Some may think she is very harsh in her treatment but, what people will fail to realise is all the different feelings and thoughts she is showing the boy, he will feel, now, and in the future, as this is the boys reality, he has to learn how he will feel now as when it becomes real time, it will become far worse !!

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  1. 2, 9, or 29 . . .no I don't count, and as I have already written, had you not come out with the comment that you did on Friday night, you would be starting a countdown again. Tough.