Thursday, 3 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 2nd)

The boy needs to make an apology before going further, in yesterdays post the boy said Mistress hadn't allowed him an edge, he didn't mean he hadn't been allowed to touch or play with Mistresses cock, as Mistress has allowed the boy to touch and play.

Feelings and thoughts are increasing by the day, hearing workmates boast how they have had blow jobs, fucks, oral sex. where they have had sex, what positions and the boy listens and remembers what it felt like, and although half of it is bullshit, and most of them are under the thumb in one way or another, the boy just laughs and thinks of things that are far more important than a load of banter.

Mistress and his feelings towards her are far more important, how missing out on one thing means his focus and attentiveness is far more stronger than it has ever been, and because of what he may miss in one way gives him feelings oh so greater in the other way, they are wonderful feelings and should be experienced by far more.

The boy is lucky and he tells Mistress he is as often as he can !

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