Saturday, 26 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 25th)

Today was the boys 50th day of denial, Mistress wrote in her blog about it and you can find it here.

The boy knows he has brought much of, the extended denial on himself, he, has in the past not thought properly about the comments, he has made, but, the realisation of the consequences, of his actions, he suffers more denial,  he is trying oh so hard to be what Mistress wants him to be,and will continue to do so.

Mistress may be hard in her denial of him, she may tease to the extent of him screaming in frustration, but he wouldn't have it any other way, he loves her denial of him, he knows that this is how it will be, how it should be and why chastity and denial has a place in the Dynamics of D/s, FLRs and OP and why Mistress says it will always have a place in our, the boy is very lucky Mistress feels this way, as, he has learnt to love the feelings, denial gives him, makes him feel, knowing Mistress controls,if, when, and how long.

The boy loves knowing, that Mistress doesn't count, keep a record, or care how long i am denied me for, the feelings denial bring far outweigh anything else, the boy is so lucky, as the way he feels with her ownership, can, only be described as Hot.

The boy also looks forward and cant wait until, that time, Mistress looks him in the face, and, asks him how frustrated he feels, how he will feel when Mistress laughs at him openly and directly at him, and tells him shame, tough, live with it, you have no chance of an orgasm any time soon, how he will feel so controlled at that point, how he wants to feel, her control in the way of being denied, how it makes him feel so special being controlled in this way.

How can anything be more special to a submissive, than being controlled in the way Mistress controls him, it may be 50 days, but to have those feelings, and to look into Mistresses eyes, when, she denies me even more, the boy would give anything for that moment, any term of denial, would be worth that moment in time, to be denied and have it forced upon me in the way we have talked about, would be oh so special,hot, hot !!

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