Thursday, 24 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 23rd)

Mistress has mentioned many times in her blogs, about her desires to hurt the boy, to be the first to teach the boy the joys of anal sex, as, he is still an anal virgin, how Mistress wants to push limits, boundaries, and the need to physically, hurt the boy.

Well Mistress isn't alone of her wants to do lots to the boy, as, the boy wants Mistress to push his limits, force him to scream out in pain, bring tears to his eyes, humiliate him, the boy, he often sits and thinks of how much he wants to be at her side, to please her, to do the mundane chores so Mistress can relax, he thinks of her so much, and how he wants her to take his submission.

So many wants, needs, so much, focus, attentiveness, all waiting for his Mistress to take from him all that she wants to take.

To sit and chat, share times with, explore with, laugh with, enjoy each others company, so many things to do together, to experience together, to enjoy together, to relax together, but always with Mistress in control.

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