Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 22nd)

It seems strange, how many feelings you may miss out on within your own body, unless you are shown, what you have been missing, and i am certainly being shown and will continue to be shown.

The boys nipples have recently been clamped daily, and now, they are adding to his frustration, because they are oh so much more sensitive, now nipple torture alone, hasn't ever brought those feelings to the boy, but combined with orgasm denial, the boy feels everything so much more and in so many different ways, once the pain has subsided they are so sensitive and seem to be linked directly with Mistresses cock, if they brush against something, the boy gets feelings elsewhere too.

The boy has always had a cock and he has always had nipples but with the correct training he realises he is being shown so many different feelings, along with his submission he feels towards his Mistress, he knows he only wants to please her at all times, he knows where his focus will always be and he waits until such a time he can show her.

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