Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 21st)

The boy has now been in denial for 47 days, Mistress said to the boy she could be hard when she wanted to be, and the boy is certainly finding out how hard Mistress can and will be.

Is he Frustrated ?
Yes and he feels it all the time.

Would he do anything to gain that release ?
Yes, to have an orgasm and the pleasure it gives he is as desperate as his Mistress could wish for.

What is he learning from Mistresses denial of him ?
He has total focus on her wants and instructions, and would do anything to please her.

Does he think he has chance of release soon ?
Not for him to even think about, he answers to his Mistress and its her rules and her decision.

All he does know is chastity and denial is a wonderful gift, and, thankfully Mistress took it from him.

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