Monday, 21 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 20th)

The boys ongoing extended denial carries on and with it brings so many more feelings, experiences, likes, wants and desires.

To date he has followed Mistresses instructions to the letter, he always will, if Mistress takes the time to dream up different humiliations she wants the boy to experience, than the boy will pay her the utmost respect and follow them through to please his Mistress, isn't that what a submissive should do, please his Mistress at all times and in anyway she may want him to do.

Its what submission is about, pleasing selflessly, the boy wants Mistress to know he is totally focused on her wants and needs, not his own, all he wants is to please, he feels he is getting there, if what slower than he would like to do, but he is also learning from a great teacher, a patient, caring, thoughtful Mistress that in her own way is showing the boy the way forward.

Her ownership and control of the boy, in, many ways, is showing the boy how it should, will be, done in the way Mistress wants it to be done, her denial of his orgasm, touch and edge is showing the boy so many things, and the longer Mistress denies the more he wants to please her, he would love to kneel at her feet, please her, be hurt by her, tortured by her, make her life easier by doing housework, chores, and what ever Mistress wants the boy to do.

He longs to please his Mistress.

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