Sunday, 20 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 19th)

The day started with us sharing texts, and the boy was asked how he was feeling, Mistress knows just how the boy is feeling under extended denial, he was feeling frustrated as hell, and Mistress the asked if the boy "would you like to do something about his frustration" he answered, that it wasn't his decision, "just answer the question with a straight answer.... and think very carefully" was the reply he received.

His mind was in turmoil now, how was he going to answer, he so wanted, to help his frustration, but has learnt in the past, that all is not what it seems sometimes, and he also had to be honest, if it was a reward, he didn't deserve one, with his recent behaviour, but, Mistress wouldn't have forgotten that either, he fluffed a little with some non straight answers, but eventually he made his mind up.

No he replied, he didn't deserve to, he had been disrespectful, and his behaviour didn't warrant a reward, to which Mistress replied "I cannot believe the boy said no! and who said anything about a reward !"
"the plans will wait and the boy can go out now".  The boy was left wondering, what plans, had he done the right thing, but it was too late.

The boy didn't go out, he stayed in and wrote up the details from the day before, he wanted to post a good blog, because of how Mistress had been so good to him, he, wanted to repay her with all the details, he spent rather a long time on it, but he so wanted it to be right, it needed to be, it was what Mistress deserved.

He text Mistress to let her know he hadn't gone out, and was writing his blog whilst it was fresh in his memory, Mistress replied "what happened to going out at 10 and my last text told you can go out now!", he replied explaining why, and how he wanted it to be right, he finally finished the blog and text Mistress to say he was going shopping, when he had finished his shopping, he text her to ask how her day was going.

When he got home he text Mistress again, as he has to do, he received a text telling him what Mistress had been doing and asked what the boy was up to, he replied he wanted to clean the car.  Just as the boy was starting to carry the vacuum out to the car he got a text alert, "go and edge now!", he put the vacuum down and rushed upstairs, and played with her cock again, teased it and brought himself to the edge once more, he so wanted not to stop and achieve the orgasm he so desperately wants, he is getting so frustrated as the denial goes on and on, with no end in sight but he understands why it must be this way, number five, in two days, the boy was feeling so lucky, and he text Mistress to thank her for her kindness.

The boy asked permission if he could walk the dog, "yes you can, but once again you will wear the clamps whilst you are walking the dog,but, this time you will remove them as soon as you get home, not, like yesterday when you did all sorts of other thing", he thanked Mistress, and placed the clamps on his nipples, again they hurt like hell, but eventually settled down, just every little pull by the dog, and, going up and down kerbs brought home to the boy that they were doing what they were supposed to do, remind the boy why he was wearing them.

He text Mistress, when he got home to say he had removed them, and he was home from his walk. Some time later the boys phone rang and it was his Mistress, he went in to his room and closed the door, he likes to call her Mistress when he talks to her, and with a lodger at home its far easier to do so from his room.

Has the boy said how much he loves talking to his Mistress, of course he has, and he will continue to do so, we chatted openly as friends, but always with respect from the boys side, its great we can talk so openly, the boy knows he can ask her anything he wants, and he always gets an honest answer, we talked about lots of things, and Mistress asked the boy if he knew where his nipple clamps were, he said he wasn't going to make that mistake again, and Mistress laughed, and told the boy to put the clamps on his nipples for her.

The boy did as he was instructed, and again, they bit in and hurt, Mistress laughed, Fuck they hurt, he moaned "hurt do they" yes Mistress, he had already worn them, only hours earlier, "pull on the chain hard boy" and the boy did as he was told, he winced, he moaned, Mistress laughed,"harder boy " and he pulled, his poor nipples were on fire, he heard Mistress moan, but, not from pain, he had to suffer for his Mistresses pleasure, he asked if he could let go, "no, pull really hard on the chain" he did, "count to 20 and pull as hard as you can, then you can take them off, and you will rub your nipples until i cum"

Fuck the pain was excruciating, fuck he was frustrated, and, Mistress, well she was enjoying herself as she deserves to, and how the boy wanted to cum too, and, how he wanted to feel her cum all over his face, licking and pleasing his Mistress, how, Mistress wants the boy to do, and she came, and he didn't, and Mistress said the boy could stop rubbing, and the boy did, and his nipples were in agony, Mistress knew they would be, we continued chatting normally as if nothing had happened, and the boy likes it like that, that, Mistress hurts, the boy suffers, but when its over, its over, end of.

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