Saturday, 19 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 18th) Thankyou Mistress


Today's blog is going to be oh so different,
to,recent blogs,
thanks to his Mistress,

It started with a text from the boys Mistress,

In fact lots of texts, throughout the afternoon, some teasing, some factual, but leaving the boy, unaware, of how the evening would be going for the boy.
The boy received a text, before you get in the house tonight i want you to edge, and so on the way home from work, the boy found a lay bye, just off the road, but in full view, of passing cars, the boy reclined the seat, and pulled her already straining cock, from his pants, her balls resting uncomfortably on the boys trousers.

Mistresses cock, was so excited, it was last Saturday, the last time her cock had been played with, was a quick uncomfortable edge in the toilets at a local supermarket, it was pulsing before the boy had started playing with it, but play with it he did, every stroke felt like heaven, even though, every downward stroke hit her balls, he didn't care, the boy didn't care, he was touching her cock, and what a privilege that was, he knows it, Mistress knows it too.

One of the delightful parts of denial is how, easy, it is to reach the edge of an orgasm, if you wank hard, its there within a minute. well it is for me anyway, if i play and tease it can take as long as it takes, but never too long lol, so with the edge being reached easily, its also funny, that, something that was quite apparent when the boy pulled over, with the closeness, of passing vehicles, turned into an insignificance, once he had only one thing on his mind, he didn't care, he could have had people staring in through the windows, he wasn't interested, her cock, and reaching the edge, and her instruction was all that mattered to the boy, end of.

Once he had got home, he text Mistress, to tell her he was home, that he had edged and where he had edged to, and to ask permission to walk his dog.

He was astounded with her reply, "yes you can walk the dog, but i want you to put the clamps on your nipples, and if they come off, you will replace them no matter where you are, when you get home, you will pull hard on the clamps and take them off and then edge".

The boy took the dogs lead off and rushed upstairs, and put the clamps, they hurt at first, as they always do,
he then went back to the dog and put the lead back on, and left the house, fuck they hurt at first, and with the dog pulling like he always does, they kept catching, the boy felt every pull, as the clamps caught and twisted, but, he felt so controlled, with, every movement they made, making him think of his Mistress even more.

The boy had been warned not to take any shortcuts, and he walked for 20 Min's, he was lucky, the clamps stayed on, and the pain wasn't as abrupt as at first, it felt nice to have them on, because, Mistress wanted him to wear them, and he loved the fact she wanted him to.  The boy arrived home and fed the dog as he always does, still, with the clamps on, he then made a coffee and went upstairs, where, he removed his works clothing, and got changed in to some casual wear, at all times the clamps stayed attached to the boys nipples, he then sat in the computer room and slowly removed each clamp, the rush of pain hitting him as he removed them gently, knowing, Mistress wouldn't be so gentle if she was taking them off.

The pain hit him instantly, but, because of why they were on, the pain felt warming to the boy, he quickly went to Mistresses blog, and what he saw of her new blog, made her cock stand to attention, Mistress has a way of finding such erotic and thought provoking photos, and, this was no exception, you can find the photo and blog  here,  he stared at the photo after reading the blog, and, edged as he was instructed to, and because his mind was where he would love to have been at this point, her cock took no time at all to reach the edge, as, is often the case with the denial Mistress has him in.

The boy text Mistress to thank her, as he always has to do whenever Mistress allows the boy to edge, and continued with writing his chastity blog, he was running quite late now, with everything that Mistress was asking him to do, and so when he finished his blog, he text her to say, he was going down for some dinner, and when he got the reply he was astounded yet again," the boy will edge before dinner" !

Was this the same Mistress that had denied him the opportunity, to edge, for so long, but he wasn't about to ask, he, text back thanking her, and saying that this was the best start to a weekend he had ever had, Mistresses reply was "tis just the start dear boy"

He knew how he was going to edge this time, he, was going to look at that photo again, and, envisage himself there, in that place, between her thighs, pleasing her as Mistress likes to be pleased, and, he did, and it was a wonderful feeling, and he played and teased her cock, knowing, how much he liked, loved, felt playing with her cock, and, alas, it didn't take long before, he was. at that place, at the edge, God it felt so good, but, he didn't have that much time, to stay at the edge, he, had things to do, so, he stopped, putting her cock away,he, didn't want to, but, he had no choice.

After dinner and having a shower, the boy sat down, and checked his emails, he messaged Mistress on messenger, and, we chatted, about various things, nothing, special, the boy told Mistress of one of his experiences, and discussed that for a little time, and before long, he asked Mistress for permission to go out the next day and was told he would have to wait and see,"thank you Mistress" the boy replied, "oh by the way", yes Mistress the boy replied, "you can edge again now", thank you Mistress you are being very kind to the boy tonight Mistress the boy replied, "yeah, its called lulling the boy into a false sense of security" LOL

The boy was now in dreamland, he couldn't believe his ears, he cant remember Mistress being so kind, Mistress had never allowed the boy to edge so many times in one day, let alone, in one evening, he took hold of her cock and edged, again, but he then asked he could play with her cock first, and was told in no uncertain terms, he was trying to push, why, he was being allowed to edge for fucks sake, why push for more, he said he was sorry and he didn't mean to push, he has learned in the past, what pushing does, he doesn't want Mistress to think he was pushing for something else.

He is so in awe of her Dominance, and her assertiveness and control Mistress has all of the time, over the boy, he really does love her for the way she treats the boy, at times, all of the time, we continued chatting and the boy asked if he could have permission to use the toilet, "No" was Mistresses reply, instead, you can ring me in two minutes, the boy thanked her and made his way to bed.

He waited two minutes and rang Mistress, he heard her voice, it was so nice to hear, Mistress, again, even though it had only been, one day, the boy had missed her, even, if it was less than 24 hours since they had spoken, we chatted, we discussed, the boy asked questions, and was shocked at one reply, but he remembered what was told him, numbers he has now fixed in his memory, her voice, fixed in his mind, the way she talks, the way we both talk, how she teases him, how he likes to hear her teasing him, her laughs, the boys realisation of what to expect, oh, all so, magical, Mistress is magical.

"Get the clamps", the boy opens his drawer, he puts his hand in, but cant find them, he feels around the drawer, but no, they are not there, he looks, again he cant find them, he tells Mistress he cant find them, he goes into the computer room, nothing, he is, panicking, "you have 2 Min's to find them" Mistress tells him, he goes back into the bedroom, but nothing, he is starting to fret, back in the computer room, and at last he finds them, under his desk, on a shelf, out of sight, he tells Mistress he has found them, "too late 2 Min's are up".

Mistress asks him where he thinks they should go, on my nipples Mistress, "try again" your cock Mistress, "where on my cock boy" foreskin Mistress, "put one clamp there boy" yes Mistress, "now where shall we put the other clamp boy, Your balls Mistress, "put one on my balls boy" yes Mistress.
How does that feel boy, the boy answers truthfully, that, the one on her foreskin hurts, but the one on her balls isn't too bad, "Pull the chain hard boy, and the boy does, as, the clamps take hold, the pain increases, the boy is wincing, "which clamp hurts the most boy", your foreskin Mistress.

"Take the one from my balls and place on which ever nipple you want", yes Mistress, and the boy removes the clamp from her ball and places it on the right nipple, "leave them there for now", and he listens and chats some more, he knows Mistress is about to tease him, he can hear her moans, "pull the chain hard boy" the little clamps tighten the harder he pulls, he is in pain, as they tighten slowly, excruciatingly, he moans and winces.

For a while the boy holds the chain and pulls it as hard as he can withstand, fuck they hurt, he asks if he can let go, "when i cum you can" the boy replies please cum Mistress, Mistress laughs, and then tells the boy she has stopped, so he can suffer longer, and, suffer he is, fuck they hurt, those pesky little clamps are pulling harder, and , closing more, shit, it hurts, please Mistress the boy begs, for some sympathy, Mistress laughs, no, she replies, after some time, Mistress, says you can let go and the boy is relieved, he is thankful, so thankful, Mistress tells the boy he can remove them, and, openly laughs when they are removed, knowing, the pain the boy has just had a shot of as he has taken them off.

We chat some more, discussing what the boy has just suffered, the boy, is lucky that we can chat and discuss such things, we always have been able to chat openly and freely, to a point, the boy is learning fast, what that point is, but, with the openness we can chat, is so reassuring to the boy, he can ask, any question he wants, and that is such a fantastic feeling, Mistress is so open with the boy, and so is the boy with Mistress, it is truly a fantastic feeling, knowing we get on so well, but, also knowing and learning when, not to overstep the mark, her mark, how can anything else be so warming to know. 


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