Friday, 18 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 17th)

The boy was chatting his Mistress during the evening, and as they were chatting, about everyday occurrences, nothing in particular, he felt so at ease, so happy, to talk about, what had happened to the both of us during the day, it felt normal, but most of all it felt right, it always does, whenever we chat, it feels good, we can chat about anything and everything, but it always feels right.

When the boy is being punished, it also feels good, in the way we chat, but slightly different because of why, we are chatting, because the boy has done something to deserve the punishment in the first place, and then its a different kind of chat, but whatever we are chatting for, it feels so right.

So going back to last evening, we were happily chatting, but. as was pointed out by Mistress, the dynamic was in place and just how it should be, the boy always feels submissive to his Mistress, as he should, but, there wasn't any D/s talk going on apart from the boy being denied to use the toilet, but it is always good to chat, and he felt his submission so much and that's how it should always be, Friends, submissive, Mistress, it doesn't matter how we chat, the boy will always know his place, and he does.

Always !

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