Thursday, 17 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 16th)

The feelings of the boys constant denial, is hitting home really hard, its becoming a near impossible task of not touching her cock, he hasn't yet, and knows if he did he would suffer for doing so, but the different, emotions he is feeling within are hitting new highs everyday, he may read something, or his mind might drift to, thinking about his Mistress and all the things we have talked about, knowing, they all await the boy at some point in the future.

And knowing that they will happen, and, he will be treated in the way she wants to treat him, the boy finds such an incredible warmth, and submissive feelings, sometimes making him feel so lucky to have found the dream he has always wanted to find, Mistress, is the boys reality and he will always be thankful to Mistress for giving him the chance to submit to her, in, the way she wants him to submit to her.

Sharing the fun times, the good times, the bad times and everything a FLR D/s relationship will bring to our needs and wants to each other is a truly wonderful emotion to experience, and on the boy will be eternally grateful to his Mistress.

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