Sunday, 13 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 12th)

An interesting day, frustrating, but interesting, was how this day can only be explained.

It started as any other day under the chastity control of a wonderful and imaginative Mistress, such interesting ideas and concepts as to her ways of giving the boy, some opportunities to touch and play with her cock, not that she allows him to touch that often, but she does when she feels generous enough, and today was one of those days.

The boy had text for permission to go shopping, at all times when ever he leaves the house he must ask permission so Mistress knows where he is at all times, and he was told yes and if he wanted to edge or touch during his shop, he could always use the toilets to do so, this was an opportunity to edge that he hadn't had for some time, and even though the thought horrified him, he knew he would grasp the chance.

He text back saying he wasn't sure and got a text back saying it was Mistress feeling sorry for him, and he didn't have to do so, if he didn't want to. just don't expect another chance any time soon.  His mind was made up he would do so, and so off he went shopping, he arrived and got a trolley, and started shopping, grabbing a few items at the vegetable section first, he was having second thoughts, but the thought was making him aroused.

The boy headed off to the toilets, and left his trolley in the trolley park, Fuck he felt aroused, he also felt apprehension too, he knew he would also take a photo, as proof that he had done so, he entered the toilets and found an empty cubicle, he pulled out her semi erect cock and played, and fuck it felt good, and fuck he had missed doing so, it didn't take too long until her cock was hard and excited, he heard the air dryer go off and took a photo, and then another, he reached an edge so quickly, it felt so good, and fuck he was turned on knowing why he was edging in the toilets, he had so missed being able to edge, but also knew he didn't fancy getting caught either,so he had one edge and zipped his flies back up.

Having left the cubicle, he, washed his hands and returned to where he had left his trolley, but. it wasn't there, some sad git had nicked it, he got another trolley and carried on with his shop, after he had text Mistress, to say thank you for letting the boy edge, he, got a reply, "Are you telling me the boy edged in the toilets whilst shopping," yes replied the boy,and back came "What a slut"

The boy is and will be anything Mistress wants him to be !!

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