Saturday, 12 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 11th)

The boy was laid in bed last night, so fucking horny and excited her cock was literally twitching with the arousal that was, flooding through his entire body.  Fuck the boy was so fucking aroused, a few strokes of her cock, would have had him on the edge and begging for a release, that may, or may, not have been given, it hasn't taken him long to realise, he wouldn't be able to stop, if Mistress was playing with her cock.

Which would then give Mistress the opportunity to punish her cock for failing to stop.

And the boy has gotten to learn, in the forms of punishment already received, that she will hurt, torture, her cock in many ways, Mistress has already mentioned, " in a text",  that she wants to fuck the eye of her cock with her finger one day, and she will, at some stage, do so, the boy knows at some point in the future, this will happen.

Many of the things we have discussed will happen, and its funny how, the other night we were chatting, and wearing a maids dress, came into the discussion, and how the boy asked Mistress if she would want him dressed in such a way, and she said it wasn't something that appealed to her, the boy said he was glad she thought that way, as, he didn't fancy wearing all those frills and looking like some sissy maid, lol.

To which Mistress said, if the boy didn't like the idea, (one of the first negatives the boy had said about) then she had changed her mind, as, if it was something the boy didn't like, then the act of, forcing the boy to wear, what he didn't want, was now rather appealing to her, to openly laugh, at the boys predicament, and see him humiliated in such a way, appealed to her.  

With the transparency, demanded, the boy can now see why it is, so, required, and understands even more how transparency works, within a relationship, and how it benefits, both parties, and to what extent, it helps in finding more and more about each other.

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