Sunday, 20 February 2011

New Experiences

Ever since Mistress and the boy have been communicating, the boy has learnt many things, and how much his Mistress wants total control of the boy is one of them, it is, the one thing he learnt right from the start, he continues to learn and give his self to his Mistress as and when she wants to take more from him.

First Mistress took control of the boys cock and when, if, how, he is allowed to play, with what is now hers. He is not allowed to touch his nipples either and his hair can not be too short. The boy must always text Mistress when he gets home from work, so she knows where he is, and, if the boy wants to go out he has to text and ask her permission, before he can do so, he must also ask permission if he wants to watch anything if, it is apparent it will take him past the time he has to be available online, ie, 9 at night, he has learnt he must always say good night either by text, or if we are chatting online, he must ask permission to be allowed to go to bed.

If for any reason the boy wants to do something whilst we are on line together, again, he must ask permission to be allowed to do so, even to use the toilet, he has learnt he cant ask for anything that might be construed to be a selfish request or a do me comment, this, he has learnt to his cost. He has had written punishments, the figging one, is one such punishment.

The boy does know that what he experiences at the moment is only the start, and again when, Mistress wants she will take more and more, At the moment, if, he wants to go shopping, he has to ask permission and tell Mistress which shops he wants to go too, but recently Mistress has asked the boy his plans for Saturday and Sunday, and, when he asked why she wanted to know, he was told, just in case there is something i don't want you to do, and he knows, Mistress will say no, and, he will comply with her wishes.

Slowly Mistress is taking more, and the boy is, as, he always does, complying with Mistresses wants.

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