Saturday, 5 February 2011


How far the boy has come since his initial contact with his Mistress, leaves him surprised and astounded at times, probably not for me to comment about myself, but, its more about how far Mistress has taken the boy with her training and willingness to teach the boy.

I often look back at some or early messaging and see how naive the boy was and how he asked such ridiculous questions at times, and such silly statements, but was he ridiculed for his responses, no, he wasn't, he was helped and pushed in a gentle way in giving the answers that were expected of him, and that made more sense.

When Mistress first took any control was when she took control of her cock, it was an action the boy knew would at some point happen, and it was taken, in her way, and little did the boy know then how, by taking that action, it would change his feelings, emotions, and in reality his ability to orgasm at will, but by taking control she has shown the boy more in that one action, than anyone has shown him in his life.

Yes its frustrating to feel the way the boy does, but to be shown, that parts of his body reflect his arousal in ways he has never experienced before, and, he will learn a lot more feelings will come screaming to the fore like they have already, and continue to still do.

The boy has learnt many things, about himself, and new experiences, humiliations, he never even dreamed he would contemplate doing, but to please and repay the faith put in him by his Mistress, he knows limits will be broken and pushed all the time, its not just pleasing Mistress either, its the fact he has had no choice, he wants to submit and show his submission so much he knows he will continue to do as he is instructed.

He has drank his own piss, he has gone out without underwear on, he has worn stockings as and when instructed, he has had shopping lists, he has asked advice from his Doctor on chastity and denial, he has bought a plug from a fetish shop asking for help in choosing one from the assistant, he will probably experience lots of other humiliations, even wearing a maids dress at some point if a previous conversation with Mistress is anything to go by.

The submission he feels at times, simple words can easily bring feelings coursing through his entire body, listening to Mistress enjoying herself, whilst his cant even touch, Fuck she makes him feel so submissive at times, situations that have been mentioned and at some point will be introduced, will test his resolve, but he will never ever fail her, or her demands, he wants to be pushed to become the best boy he can for her.

How a simple act of eating food can be such a challenge, how she can force me to eat something i dislike, because i want to please her, how i will be expected to kneel and wait for food to be fed through her fingers, like a dog getting fed scraps, and licking her fingers clean, how i will never know if the dinner i have to eat will have anything else added to it, by myself, and to wash it down afterwards, with a warm drink.

How completing tasks will be anything other than simple, with her constant distractions, trying to make me forget something, or not do something, how sitting and worshipping her feet whilst she pays no attention to my efforts and ignores me.

Life is an exciting challenge, and with her help and guidance, it will never be the same again, but what a life it will be, exciting, challenging, but most of all the boy will be able to enjoy his total submission to a very caring and understanding Dominant, who although, will subject the boy to tears, she will also be there to wipe them away too as  she cares for him and cherishes him too.

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