Monday, 28 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 27th)

The highest levels of frustrations the boy has experienced to date, he seems to be in a constant state of arousal, and the slightest thoughts bring those feelings onto him, the worst part is having to listen to the blokes at work, bragging what they got up to, and the boy just thinks to his self how unlucky they are, as to undergo such chastity and denial, would bring them feelings they will only ever dream about.

So the boy may feel frustrated, but he feels lucky that he is experiencing lots and lots of different feelings, and what feelings they are, something special, and they all come thanks to his Mistress.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 26th)

The boy having reached the 51st day of denial, is oh so frustrated, he feels his frustration all the time and the slightest thing can set it off, perhaps a text from his Mistress, thoughts of the way Mistress dominates him through, chatting, texts, the clever use of words.

But the one way he does feel her denial of an orgasm, is, through her blogs, and the way Mistress talks about her wants for the boy, and how she likes to frustrate me, knowing the buttons to push, how Mistress can force the boy to feel as frustrated as he does and always will under her guidance and control.

Desperation is starting to set in, but when, if, is up to Mistress.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


The boy isn't that good with words and how to express his self, in, the ways he wants to,
he wishes he could, as he could get across to his Mistress, how she makes him feel
at all times, unlike the boy, Mistress can have the boy squirming with submission, with, the way
Mistress knows how to get her point across.

Words, the use, the very clever use, Mistress can use them so well, the boy is so lucky,
that she can and the way Mistress does has such a huge impact on the boy, all of the time,
he always feels her dominance at all times, in the way she talks to the boy.

No actions required her word is all that is needed !

Orgasm denial (Febuary 25th)

Today was the boys 50th day of denial, Mistress wrote in her blog about it and you can find it here.

The boy knows he has brought much of, the extended denial on himself, he, has in the past not thought properly about the comments, he has made, but, the realisation of the consequences, of his actions, he suffers more denial,  he is trying oh so hard to be what Mistress wants him to be,and will continue to do so.

Mistress may be hard in her denial of him, she may tease to the extent of him screaming in frustration, but he wouldn't have it any other way, he loves her denial of him, he knows that this is how it will be, how it should be and why chastity and denial has a place in the Dynamics of D/s, FLRs and OP and why Mistress says it will always have a place in our, the boy is very lucky Mistress feels this way, as, he has learnt to love the feelings, denial gives him, makes him feel, knowing Mistress controls,if, when, and how long.

The boy loves knowing, that Mistress doesn't count, keep a record, or care how long i am denied me for, the feelings denial bring far outweigh anything else, the boy is so lucky, as the way he feels with her ownership, can, only be described as Hot.

The boy also looks forward and cant wait until, that time, Mistress looks him in the face, and, asks him how frustrated he feels, how he will feel when Mistress laughs at him openly and directly at him, and tells him shame, tough, live with it, you have no chance of an orgasm any time soon, how he will feel so controlled at that point, how he wants to feel, her control in the way of being denied, how it makes him feel so special being controlled in this way.

How can anything be more special to a submissive, than being controlled in the way Mistress controls him, it may be 50 days, but to have those feelings, and to look into Mistresses eyes, when, she denies me even more, the boy would give anything for that moment, any term of denial, would be worth that moment in time, to be denied and have it forced upon me in the way we have talked about, would be oh so special,hot, hot !!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Past Experiences

The boy has been thinking back to years gone by, back to when he was involved in bdsm many years ago and has been thinking of everything that happened back then, and what experiences he endured back then, he has been prompted to write this blog by his Mistress, because he asked her to suggest a title for a blog and she has done so.

It started quite some time ago, he was in a vanilla relationship, that was dying a slow and painful death, it wasn't working and he was looking for so much more, by chance he found it, but didn't realise it at the time, he had purchased a magazine called "Madame" by swift publications, he read it, it was strange but it turned him on,a Female Domination mag, he read it, he fantasised about the stories, he pleasured himself thinking about it, he stole his girlfriends suspenders and stockings and wore them imagining himself in the position of being Dominated, he pleasured his self on many, many, occasions, he knew he needed more, he wanted more.

He was given a phone number from the bookshop, he used to quench his thirst for copies of "Madame", he rang the number, a pleasant voice answered, he made an appointment, it was done, he would experience being dominated, he did experience it, he loved it, he loved how it made him feel, how giving himself for her to hurt and humiliate him, he left with a smile on his face, his desires having been satisfied, he wanted more, he had a such a thirst for this new adventure, experiences, he got home, and made another appointment and a friendship was formed, one that would take him on a path of a whole new world that was opening up in front of him.

Needless to say his vanilla relationship stood no chance now and he moved away, he had to, there was so much more to experience, a whole wide world of new feelings and eroticism waiting to be explored, he had some wonderful experiences from his new friend and her transvestite boyfriend, one such experience was his car was poorly and her boyfriend picked him up, he seem preoccupied as we chatted and i asked what was wrong, he explained he had been shaved all over, including his pubic hair, by his girlfriend and it itched like mad, i openly laughed and made some comments on how he must feel.

That night, Madame called me upstairs, and into the playroom, where i was secured to the bed, there was no escape, she then disappeared, and came back in with a bowl full of water and a razor, she said that Sam had told her of how i had laughed at him being shaven, and, so she would do the same to me, but only my legs and pubic hairs, and she did, and it itched, fuck did it itch, i tried every lotion there was but it still itched and my hairless legs made wearing stockings feel so much better, the humiliation of being shaved against your will was an experience i will never forget, i was kept shaven after that at all times, but found a creme was better as it never itched.

I was also given a Birthday present, with a difference, nipple rings, but i didn't have pierced nipples i said, you will have this afternoon was the reply, and she was right i did, and fuck did that hurt having them done, but worse was to follow as i had to use hot salty water in an egg cup, and hold it on the area around the nipple and then pull the ring through so the salt helped heal the piercing, and that was so much worse i used to scream when i pulled the ring through, eye closing and screwing up the face time lol.

I was told that she wanted me tattooed as well and that is one thing i would have hated had she followed that threat through, but she never did, so i got away with that one.

My first ever visit to a fetish club was also a new experience, walking into somewhere, where, everywhere you look are ordinary people like yourself, but, with the wants and desires, you also have, dressed in PVC, leather, rubber, maids outfits, transvestites, and all either Dominant or submissive, and such a friendly environment too, i made many more friends that were in the scene, and started venturing out on my own, visiting many different clubs.

One of Madames likes was to cane my hands, if i displeased, she was very much into cp as punishments, another was to cane me in the open air, and fuck that used to hurt lol, washing the kitchen floor with a toothbrush.
Also brushing the stairs with a tooth brush was another favourite of hers, it used to take ages that way, how humiliated did i feel cleaning in that way i hated every minute of being told to clean in that way, the only disappointing thing i can think of, knowing what i have learnt from Mistress, is there was never much of a dynamic in the d/s times we had together, she was doing it for what money she could earn and although we went to desades together, it was more of her making her face known rather than for the love of it, and me i was her Guinea pig in one way, but having said that we did have some great times together.

One particular evening at desades was very humiliating for me as when we got there, i was made to dress in a maids out fit and serve her drinks and pamper her and her friends, i even had to curtsy, and i suffered that all evening, and then added to it all by making walk back to the car dressed in the way i was, i had never been so embarrassed, but i did it, as she wanted me to.  From that evening on i hated the thought of wearing a maids outfit, the thought of frilly panties and shoes and then having to curtsy isn't one that i wanted to repeat.

Surprise was her speciality, we used to go out to pubs for meals and drinks, the three of us and it was fun, but after and back at the car the cane often came out and i was caned, whilst leaning in to the boot, or she would stop in gate way down a country lane and cane me there too.

Unfortunately she decided to give it all up, as, back at that time a close friend of hers was splashed all over the News of the World, and this forced her hand, we did stay friends until, something was said at a barbecue and she accused me of telling a mate of mine what she used to do, i didn't, but she wouldn't believe me so that was that, or friendship was over but the experiences and humiliations i shared with her will always stay with me, as we had some great times together, you can see a recent blog i wrote recently here as it was the first time i had seen her since our friendship finished

By this time though i had made other friends in the scene and regularly went to fetish and swinging  clubs with them in Cardiff, we had some great times and i would say they were more into relationships that encompassed D/s and bdsm, within their relationships, but i was always welcome and regularly enjoyed so very many experiences with them.

I can remember one time, when we had been to a fetish club in Cardiff, and were returning back to the shop,their flat was above the shop which i think was called Desires, we pulled up outside the shop, next door was a chip shop, and there were two blokes in there 20s stood out side, well we caused rather a stir as we were all dressed in fetish attire, and the ladies were carrying crops, they started taking the piss, but with little effort one of the ladies asked me to bend over and swiftly gave 6 strokes across the ass, and shouted who's next, I've never seen two blokes make their excuses and flee.

We went in upstairs to the flat and continued our laughter, soon, it was time for bed, and the couples slipped off to there rooms, but i didn't have a blanket and had to knock on one of the doors, "whats up" was the answer and i explained, oh come on in and when i walked in, the sub was cling filmed up apart from his mouth and she was sat on his face, i walked in got the blanket and left them to it. but it was a memory that will always stay with me, a couple of things about it, are, she was happy for me to walk in even though she was using him to please her and she didn't care that i saw what she was doing.

I did have a vanilla relationship with a woman called Wendy but with some kink thrown in as well, she used to love me to wear Ladies underwear under my normal clothes, we had a good relationship with lots of kinky fun, we used to go to Marks and Spencer's and she would hold up lace panties and lingerie against me and say i would look good in that, and one time we went out and i had to tuck my shirt in so it was obvious what i was wearing, as the lace top of the panties used to show, it turned her on and i liked the experience too although found it rather humiliating at times, there is something strange about the feeling of lace and stockings on your legs.  When we were at home she always wanted me dressed in just stockings suspenders and panties, and fuck did that turn her on, i just felt humiliated but fuck was she horny, and sex was guaranteed every time lol

I met a lady called Karla  on the net, and within a couple of days, she had invited me to her place in Merthyr, she was a very flirty lady, but dominant with it, she opened the door on the night she invited me over wearing high heels, leather trousers, and a nice black silk top, i went in and we shared a bottle of wine together, we chatted, we flirted, we touched and we kissed, but i knew why i was there.

She had told me that all she was interested in was my tongue and how i used it, we went upstairs and she got on the bed, told me to get her a glass of wine, when i returned with her drink she, took it from me and parted her legs and pointed to her wet shaven cunt, that's your place she said, for the entire evening, i started licking and she would just comment, "deeper, harder," what a fantastic experience that was being used in that way,it was very enjoyable, but Christ did my tongue ache for days after, she had me there for what seemed hours and my face was wet all over, never mind the amount of cum that passed my lips.
When she, had, had enough, she just said I'm tired and want to sleep, when we woke in the morning i was told to give her back, starting, from the top and working down a good licking, and after i had licked her ass cheeks, she ordered me to give her arse a good rimming too, which was also a first, but very enjoyable experience, after her having another orgasm, she said she had to get ready for work and i could drop her off on the way home. When i got home i had the best wank, thinking of how i was used in the way that i was.

I often visited The Clink, when it was in Newport, but always on my own, i got to know the Woman that ran it with her husband, and she often caned me whilst waiting at the door, i used to have a very high pain threshold, but alas, it has dropped somewhat lol, again i met some fascinating people and i would say that was the first time i thought about transvestites, and often chatted openly and freely with them.

It was a rather special place to go as it used to be an old police station, the cells had been adapted with fetish equipment and it was a place couples could go to and be on their own and scene how they wanted to, the boy used to think how nice it would be to actually go into the cell with someone he cared for, they also had a dark room, which, was pitch black, as the name would suggest lol, and that was a fun place for a single male to go into.

I remember when i had my first meeting with a tranny, i was very nervous, and it showed but "Chloe" was very understanding, we sat and chatted, and then she moved and sat next to me, and very slowly we started touching each other, we kissed, we teased and we touched, after some time she went down and gave me a blow job, which she swallowed, and we moved in to the bedroom, where we laid on the bed and just played around, she wanted me to fuck her, but i declined, as i said she was very friendly and i enjoyed the time we shared.
I went on to meet 3 or 4 trannies but, some times we chatted, and did nothing, and only one other, did anything sexual happen between u, it was nothing special but everyone i met was always so friendly and understanding that i was nervous.

In the past i have experienced various forms of bdsm, including being outside and the risk of being caught was enjoyable, ball parachutes, electrics on cock and balls, this was one of my most hated experiences, foot worship, shoe cleaning in fact anything to do with feet i really liked, it was, a real favourite of mine.
But i do feel cheated that there was never any real dynamics to any of my experiences, yes i had to be respectful, but, and for the reasons given it was never ever there, there was some control, but never that much, and as for chastity and denial i never experienced that at all.

And i have to be honest, with what the boy is experiencing with his Mistress now, with chastity and denial and the way it is enforced, the knowing of having to text Mistress at certain times of the day, asking permission to do certain things and have learnt far more about dynamics, focus, attentiveness, submission, control and feelings, than he has ever experienced before.

Orgasm denial (Febuary 24th)

The boy tries not to think too much about his denial, but, its more or less impossible not to, his nipples aren't helping, and the fact, that Mistress insists on him wearing the clamps at different times, and with the pain that is felt, they seem to get more sensitive all the time.

He knows why he is being denied for as long as he is and its his own fault, he has no one else to blame but himself, Mistress just enforces what needs to be enforced, the boys extended denial.  He does daydream sometimes on how he would feel when its done in real time, but he also knows how much more he looks forward to Mistress doing so, and in ways we have openly discussed, and it will be oh so much more frustrating.

But it will also enforce the dynamics of the relationship, and the boy has known and continues to know why chastity and denial will have such a place in our future relationship, and for those reasons, the boy feels so lucky

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 23rd)

Mistress has mentioned many times in her blogs, about her desires to hurt the boy, to be the first to teach the boy the joys of anal sex, as, he is still an anal virgin, how Mistress wants to push limits, boundaries, and the need to physically, hurt the boy.

Well Mistress isn't alone of her wants to do lots to the boy, as, the boy wants Mistress to push his limits, force him to scream out in pain, bring tears to his eyes, humiliate him, the boy, he often sits and thinks of how much he wants to be at her side, to please her, to do the mundane chores so Mistress can relax, he thinks of her so much, and how he wants her to take his submission.

So many wants, needs, so much, focus, attentiveness, all waiting for his Mistress to take from him all that she wants to take.

To sit and chat, share times with, explore with, laugh with, enjoy each others company, so many things to do together, to experience together, to enjoy together, to relax together, but always with Mistress in control.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 22nd)

It seems strange, how many feelings you may miss out on within your own body, unless you are shown, what you have been missing, and i am certainly being shown and will continue to be shown.

The boys nipples have recently been clamped daily, and now, they are adding to his frustration, because they are oh so much more sensitive, now nipple torture alone, hasn't ever brought those feelings to the boy, but combined with orgasm denial, the boy feels everything so much more and in so many different ways, once the pain has subsided they are so sensitive and seem to be linked directly with Mistresses cock, if they brush against something, the boy gets feelings elsewhere too.

The boy has always had a cock and he has always had nipples but with the correct training he realises he is being shown so many different feelings, along with his submission he feels towards his Mistress, he knows he only wants to please her at all times, he knows where his focus will always be and he waits until such a time he can show her.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 21st)

The boy has now been in denial for 47 days, Mistress said to the boy she could be hard when she wanted to be, and the boy is certainly finding out how hard Mistress can and will be.

Is he Frustrated ?
Yes and he feels it all the time.

Would he do anything to gain that release ?
Yes, to have an orgasm and the pleasure it gives he is as desperate as his Mistress could wish for.

What is he learning from Mistresses denial of him ?
He has total focus on her wants and instructions, and would do anything to please her.

Does he think he has chance of release soon ?
Not for him to even think about, he answers to his Mistress and its her rules and her decision.

All he does know is chastity and denial is a wonderful gift, and, thankfully Mistress took it from him.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 20th)

The boys ongoing extended denial carries on and with it brings so many more feelings, experiences, likes, wants and desires.

To date he has followed Mistresses instructions to the letter, he always will, if Mistress takes the time to dream up different humiliations she wants the boy to experience, than the boy will pay her the utmost respect and follow them through to please his Mistress, isn't that what a submissive should do, please his Mistress at all times and in anyway she may want him to do.

Its what submission is about, pleasing selflessly, the boy wants Mistress to know he is totally focused on her wants and needs, not his own, all he wants is to please, he feels he is getting there, if what slower than he would like to do, but he is also learning from a great teacher, a patient, caring, thoughtful Mistress that in her own way is showing the boy the way forward.

Her ownership and control of the boy, in, many ways, is showing the boy how it should, will be, done in the way Mistress wants it to be done, her denial of his orgasm, touch and edge is showing the boy so many things, and the longer Mistress denies the more he wants to please her, he would love to kneel at her feet, please her, be hurt by her, tortured by her, make her life easier by doing housework, chores, and what ever Mistress wants the boy to do.

He longs to please his Mistress.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

New Experiences

Ever since Mistress and the boy have been communicating, the boy has learnt many things, and how much his Mistress wants total control of the boy is one of them, it is, the one thing he learnt right from the start, he continues to learn and give his self to his Mistress as and when she wants to take more from him.

First Mistress took control of the boys cock and when, if, how, he is allowed to play, with what is now hers. He is not allowed to touch his nipples either and his hair can not be too short. The boy must always text Mistress when he gets home from work, so she knows where he is, and, if the boy wants to go out he has to text and ask her permission, before he can do so, he must also ask permission if he wants to watch anything if, it is apparent it will take him past the time he has to be available online, ie, 9 at night, he has learnt he must always say good night either by text, or if we are chatting online, he must ask permission to be allowed to go to bed.

If for any reason the boy wants to do something whilst we are on line together, again, he must ask permission to be allowed to do so, even to use the toilet, he has learnt he cant ask for anything that might be construed to be a selfish request or a do me comment, this, he has learnt to his cost. He has had written punishments, the figging one, is one such punishment.

The boy does know that what he experiences at the moment is only the start, and again when, Mistress wants she will take more and more, At the moment, if, he wants to go shopping, he has to ask permission and tell Mistress which shops he wants to go too, but recently Mistress has asked the boy his plans for Saturday and Sunday, and, when he asked why she wanted to know, he was told, just in case there is something i don't want you to do, and he knows, Mistress will say no, and, he will comply with her wishes.

Slowly Mistress is taking more, and the boy is, as, he always does, complying with Mistresses wants.

Orgasm denial (Febuary 19th)

The day started with us sharing texts, and the boy was asked how he was feeling, Mistress knows just how the boy is feeling under extended denial, he was feeling frustrated as hell, and Mistress the asked if the boy "would you like to do something about his frustration" he answered, that it wasn't his decision, "just answer the question with a straight answer.... and think very carefully" was the reply he received.

His mind was in turmoil now, how was he going to answer, he so wanted, to help his frustration, but has learnt in the past, that all is not what it seems sometimes, and he also had to be honest, if it was a reward, he didn't deserve one, with his recent behaviour, but, Mistress wouldn't have forgotten that either, he fluffed a little with some non straight answers, but eventually he made his mind up.

No he replied, he didn't deserve to, he had been disrespectful, and his behaviour didn't warrant a reward, to which Mistress replied "I cannot believe the boy said no! and who said anything about a reward !"
"the plans will wait and the boy can go out now".  The boy was left wondering, what plans, had he done the right thing, but it was too late.

The boy didn't go out, he stayed in and wrote up the details from the day before, he wanted to post a good blog, because of how Mistress had been so good to him, he, wanted to repay her with all the details, he spent rather a long time on it, but he so wanted it to be right, it needed to be, it was what Mistress deserved.

He text Mistress to let her know he hadn't gone out, and was writing his blog whilst it was fresh in his memory, Mistress replied "what happened to going out at 10 and my last text told you can go out now!", he replied explaining why, and how he wanted it to be right, he finally finished the blog and text Mistress to say he was going shopping, when he had finished his shopping, he text her to ask how her day was going.

When he got home he text Mistress again, as he has to do, he received a text telling him what Mistress had been doing and asked what the boy was up to, he replied he wanted to clean the car.  Just as the boy was starting to carry the vacuum out to the car he got a text alert, "go and edge now!", he put the vacuum down and rushed upstairs, and played with her cock again, teased it and brought himself to the edge once more, he so wanted not to stop and achieve the orgasm he so desperately wants, he is getting so frustrated as the denial goes on and on, with no end in sight but he understands why it must be this way, number five, in two days, the boy was feeling so lucky, and he text Mistress to thank her for her kindness.

The boy asked permission if he could walk the dog, "yes you can, but once again you will wear the clamps whilst you are walking the dog,but, this time you will remove them as soon as you get home, not, like yesterday when you did all sorts of other thing", he thanked Mistress, and placed the clamps on his nipples, again they hurt like hell, but eventually settled down, just every little pull by the dog, and, going up and down kerbs brought home to the boy that they were doing what they were supposed to do, remind the boy why he was wearing them.

He text Mistress, when he got home to say he had removed them, and he was home from his walk. Some time later the boys phone rang and it was his Mistress, he went in to his room and closed the door, he likes to call her Mistress when he talks to her, and with a lodger at home its far easier to do so from his room.

Has the boy said how much he loves talking to his Mistress, of course he has, and he will continue to do so, we chatted openly as friends, but always with respect from the boys side, its great we can talk so openly, the boy knows he can ask her anything he wants, and he always gets an honest answer, we talked about lots of things, and Mistress asked the boy if he knew where his nipple clamps were, he said he wasn't going to make that mistake again, and Mistress laughed, and told the boy to put the clamps on his nipples for her.

The boy did as he was instructed, and again, they bit in and hurt, Mistress laughed, Fuck they hurt, he moaned "hurt do they" yes Mistress, he had already worn them, only hours earlier, "pull on the chain hard boy" and the boy did as he was told, he winced, he moaned, Mistress laughed,"harder boy " and he pulled, his poor nipples were on fire, he heard Mistress moan, but, not from pain, he had to suffer for his Mistresses pleasure, he asked if he could let go, "no, pull really hard on the chain" he did, "count to 20 and pull as hard as you can, then you can take them off, and you will rub your nipples until i cum"

Fuck the pain was excruciating, fuck he was frustrated, and, Mistress, well she was enjoying herself as she deserves to, and how the boy wanted to cum too, and, how he wanted to feel her cum all over his face, licking and pleasing his Mistress, how, Mistress wants the boy to do, and she came, and he didn't, and Mistress said the boy could stop rubbing, and the boy did, and his nipples were in agony, Mistress knew they would be, we continued chatting normally as if nothing had happened, and the boy likes it like that, that, Mistress hurts, the boy suffers, but when its over, its over, end of.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 18th) Thankyou Mistress


Today's blog is going to be oh so different,
to,recent blogs,
thanks to his Mistress,

It started with a text from the boys Mistress,

In fact lots of texts, throughout the afternoon, some teasing, some factual, but leaving the boy, unaware, of how the evening would be going for the boy.
The boy received a text, before you get in the house tonight i want you to edge, and so on the way home from work, the boy found a lay bye, just off the road, but in full view, of passing cars, the boy reclined the seat, and pulled her already straining cock, from his pants, her balls resting uncomfortably on the boys trousers.

Mistresses cock, was so excited, it was last Saturday, the last time her cock had been played with, was a quick uncomfortable edge in the toilets at a local supermarket, it was pulsing before the boy had started playing with it, but play with it he did, every stroke felt like heaven, even though, every downward stroke hit her balls, he didn't care, the boy didn't care, he was touching her cock, and what a privilege that was, he knows it, Mistress knows it too.

One of the delightful parts of denial is how, easy, it is to reach the edge of an orgasm, if you wank hard, its there within a minute. well it is for me anyway, if i play and tease it can take as long as it takes, but never too long lol, so with the edge being reached easily, its also funny, that, something that was quite apparent when the boy pulled over, with the closeness, of passing vehicles, turned into an insignificance, once he had only one thing on his mind, he didn't care, he could have had people staring in through the windows, he wasn't interested, her cock, and reaching the edge, and her instruction was all that mattered to the boy, end of.

Once he had got home, he text Mistress, to tell her he was home, that he had edged and where he had edged to, and to ask permission to walk his dog.

He was astounded with her reply, "yes you can walk the dog, but i want you to put the clamps on your nipples, and if they come off, you will replace them no matter where you are, when you get home, you will pull hard on the clamps and take them off and then edge".

The boy took the dogs lead off and rushed upstairs, and put the clamps, they hurt at first, as they always do,
he then went back to the dog and put the lead back on, and left the house, fuck they hurt at first, and with the dog pulling like he always does, they kept catching, the boy felt every pull, as the clamps caught and twisted, but, he felt so controlled, with, every movement they made, making him think of his Mistress even more.

The boy had been warned not to take any shortcuts, and he walked for 20 Min's, he was lucky, the clamps stayed on, and the pain wasn't as abrupt as at first, it felt nice to have them on, because, Mistress wanted him to wear them, and he loved the fact she wanted him to.  The boy arrived home and fed the dog as he always does, still, with the clamps on, he then made a coffee and went upstairs, where, he removed his works clothing, and got changed in to some casual wear, at all times the clamps stayed attached to the boys nipples, he then sat in the computer room and slowly removed each clamp, the rush of pain hitting him as he removed them gently, knowing, Mistress wouldn't be so gentle if she was taking them off.

The pain hit him instantly, but, because of why they were on, the pain felt warming to the boy, he quickly went to Mistresses blog, and what he saw of her new blog, made her cock stand to attention, Mistress has a way of finding such erotic and thought provoking photos, and, this was no exception, you can find the photo and blog  here,  he stared at the photo after reading the blog, and, edged as he was instructed to, and because his mind was where he would love to have been at this point, her cock took no time at all to reach the edge, as, is often the case with the denial Mistress has him in.

The boy text Mistress to thank her, as he always has to do whenever Mistress allows the boy to edge, and continued with writing his chastity blog, he was running quite late now, with everything that Mistress was asking him to do, and so when he finished his blog, he text her to say, he was going down for some dinner, and when he got the reply he was astounded yet again," the boy will edge before dinner" !

Was this the same Mistress that had denied him the opportunity, to edge, for so long, but he wasn't about to ask, he, text back thanking her, and saying that this was the best start to a weekend he had ever had, Mistresses reply was "tis just the start dear boy"

He knew how he was going to edge this time, he, was going to look at that photo again, and, envisage himself there, in that place, between her thighs, pleasing her as Mistress likes to be pleased, and, he did, and it was a wonderful feeling, and he played and teased her cock, knowing, how much he liked, loved, felt playing with her cock, and, alas, it didn't take long before, he was. at that place, at the edge, God it felt so good, but, he didn't have that much time, to stay at the edge, he, had things to do, so, he stopped, putting her cock away,he, didn't want to, but, he had no choice.

After dinner and having a shower, the boy sat down, and checked his emails, he messaged Mistress on messenger, and, we chatted, about various things, nothing, special, the boy told Mistress of one of his experiences, and discussed that for a little time, and before long, he asked Mistress for permission to go out the next day and was told he would have to wait and see,"thank you Mistress" the boy replied, "oh by the way", yes Mistress the boy replied, "you can edge again now", thank you Mistress you are being very kind to the boy tonight Mistress the boy replied, "yeah, its called lulling the boy into a false sense of security" LOL

The boy was now in dreamland, he couldn't believe his ears, he cant remember Mistress being so kind, Mistress had never allowed the boy to edge so many times in one day, let alone, in one evening, he took hold of her cock and edged, again, but he then asked he could play with her cock first, and was told in no uncertain terms, he was trying to push, why, he was being allowed to edge for fucks sake, why push for more, he said he was sorry and he didn't mean to push, he has learned in the past, what pushing does, he doesn't want Mistress to think he was pushing for something else.

He is so in awe of her Dominance, and her assertiveness and control Mistress has all of the time, over the boy, he really does love her for the way she treats the boy, at times, all of the time, we continued chatting and the boy asked if he could have permission to use the toilet, "No" was Mistresses reply, instead, you can ring me in two minutes, the boy thanked her and made his way to bed.

He waited two minutes and rang Mistress, he heard her voice, it was so nice to hear, Mistress, again, even though it had only been, one day, the boy had missed her, even, if it was less than 24 hours since they had spoken, we chatted, we discussed, the boy asked questions, and was shocked at one reply, but he remembered what was told him, numbers he has now fixed in his memory, her voice, fixed in his mind, the way she talks, the way we both talk, how she teases him, how he likes to hear her teasing him, her laughs, the boys realisation of what to expect, oh, all so, magical, Mistress is magical.

"Get the clamps", the boy opens his drawer, he puts his hand in, but cant find them, he feels around the drawer, but no, they are not there, he looks, again he cant find them, he tells Mistress he cant find them, he goes into the computer room, nothing, he is, panicking, "you have 2 Min's to find them" Mistress tells him, he goes back into the bedroom, but nothing, he is starting to fret, back in the computer room, and at last he finds them, under his desk, on a shelf, out of sight, he tells Mistress he has found them, "too late 2 Min's are up".

Mistress asks him where he thinks they should go, on my nipples Mistress, "try again" your cock Mistress, "where on my cock boy" foreskin Mistress, "put one clamp there boy" yes Mistress, "now where shall we put the other clamp boy, Your balls Mistress, "put one on my balls boy" yes Mistress.
How does that feel boy, the boy answers truthfully, that, the one on her foreskin hurts, but the one on her balls isn't too bad, "Pull the chain hard boy, and the boy does, as, the clamps take hold, the pain increases, the boy is wincing, "which clamp hurts the most boy", your foreskin Mistress.

"Take the one from my balls and place on which ever nipple you want", yes Mistress, and the boy removes the clamp from her ball and places it on the right nipple, "leave them there for now", and he listens and chats some more, he knows Mistress is about to tease him, he can hear her moans, "pull the chain hard boy" the little clamps tighten the harder he pulls, he is in pain, as they tighten slowly, excruciatingly, he moans and winces.

For a while the boy holds the chain and pulls it as hard as he can withstand, fuck they hurt, he asks if he can let go, "when i cum you can" the boy replies please cum Mistress, Mistress laughs, and then tells the boy she has stopped, so he can suffer longer, and, suffer he is, fuck they hurt, those pesky little clamps are pulling harder, and , closing more, shit, it hurts, please Mistress the boy begs, for some sympathy, Mistress laughs, no, she replies, after some time, Mistress, says you can let go and the boy is relieved, he is thankful, so thankful, Mistress tells the boy he can remove them, and, openly laughs when they are removed, knowing, the pain the boy has just had a shot of as he has taken them off.

We chat some more, discussing what the boy has just suffered, the boy, is lucky that we can chat and discuss such things, we always have been able to chat openly and freely, to a point, the boy is learning fast, what that point is, but, with the openness we can chat, is so reassuring to the boy, he can ask, any question he wants, and that is such a fantastic feeling, Mistress is so open with the boy, and so is the boy with Mistress, it is truly a fantastic feeling, knowing we get on so well, but, also knowing and learning when, not to overstep the mark, her mark, how can anything else be so warming to know. 


Friday, 18 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 17th)

The boy was chatting his Mistress during the evening, and as they were chatting, about everyday occurrences, nothing in particular, he felt so at ease, so happy, to talk about, what had happened to the both of us during the day, it felt normal, but most of all it felt right, it always does, whenever we chat, it feels good, we can chat about anything and everything, but it always feels right.

When the boy is being punished, it also feels good, in the way we chat, but slightly different because of why, we are chatting, because the boy has done something to deserve the punishment in the first place, and then its a different kind of chat, but whatever we are chatting for, it feels so right.

So going back to last evening, we were happily chatting, but. as was pointed out by Mistress, the dynamic was in place and just how it should be, the boy always feels submissive to his Mistress, as he should, but, there wasn't any D/s talk going on apart from the boy being denied to use the toilet, but it is always good to chat, and he felt his submission so much and that's how it should always be, Friends, submissive, Mistress, it doesn't matter how we chat, the boy will always know his place, and he does.

Always !

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 16th)

The feelings of the boys constant denial, is hitting home really hard, its becoming a near impossible task of not touching her cock, he hasn't yet, and knows if he did he would suffer for doing so, but the different, emotions he is feeling within are hitting new highs everyday, he may read something, or his mind might drift to, thinking about his Mistress and all the things we have talked about, knowing, they all await the boy at some point in the future.

And knowing that they will happen, and, he will be treated in the way she wants to treat him, the boy finds such an incredible warmth, and submissive feelings, sometimes making him feel so lucky to have found the dream he has always wanted to find, Mistress, is the boys reality and he will always be thankful to Mistress for giving him the chance to submit to her, in, the way she wants him to submit to her.

Sharing the fun times, the good times, the bad times and everything a FLR D/s relationship will bring to our needs and wants to each other is a truly wonderful emotion to experience, and on the boy will be eternally grateful to his Mistress.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 15th)

The boy is feeling his enforced chastity so much more, the longer Mistress denies him.
 How can Mistress be so dismissive of his needs, to touch, to play. to edge her cock, to feel the immense pleasure of an orgasm, he hears her having them often enough, but, its not about the frustration the boy feels at times, all the time, its about handing his submission to his Mistress, giving her the control she wants to take from him, of him, in the only way she can at the moment.

That feeling of her having control in the way she does, does frustrate the hell out of him, but, he also loves being controlled in such a way, of Mistress telling him she doesn't count, she, doesn't have to, she can pleasure herself anytime she wants, unlike the boy, who gets his pleasure when she decides, if, she decides at all.

At the moment the only time the boy gets to touch his self is when she is torturing her cock, and does she like to do that from time to time, but again, it shows the boy, its her cock, and, she will do whatever she wants with her cock, and when she wants to. !!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 14th)

The boy agreed to mistress taking control of her cock, back in October last year, never then did he realise how controlling Mistress would be regarding letting the boy have an orgasm, yes the boy has fucked up a few times, and may have had a release, but. taken away for bad behaviour, but what special feelings have come from her denial.

If the boys nipples touch anything, he gets arousal feelings from her cock, tingly feelings, but nice feelings, he awakes in full arousal and has woken during the night with her cock excited, but not being able to touch brings such submissive feelings, they are untrue, Such Special Feelings

Monday, 14 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 13th)

the boy felt his arousal as much today as any day before, he is finding it so much harder during this term of denial than ever before, he is starting to realise how much harder in real time, as Mistress teasing him now, in the way she likes to tease. is going to be much worse, when in real time.

And he imagines wearing a device will be hell, but, that's what it will be, and he hasn't got a choice, so he may as well get used to the idea now, how submissive does he feel, and his nipples are constantly erect, causing more feelings, when they rub on his clothing, fuck, fuck, but so many different feelings are coming to the boy and he knows why Mistress makes him feel the way she does.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 12th)

An interesting day, frustrating, but interesting, was how this day can only be explained.

It started as any other day under the chastity control of a wonderful and imaginative Mistress, such interesting ideas and concepts as to her ways of giving the boy, some opportunities to touch and play with her cock, not that she allows him to touch that often, but she does when she feels generous enough, and today was one of those days.

The boy had text for permission to go shopping, at all times when ever he leaves the house he must ask permission so Mistress knows where he is at all times, and he was told yes and if he wanted to edge or touch during his shop, he could always use the toilets to do so, this was an opportunity to edge that he hadn't had for some time, and even though the thought horrified him, he knew he would grasp the chance.

He text back saying he wasn't sure and got a text back saying it was Mistress feeling sorry for him, and he didn't have to do so, if he didn't want to. just don't expect another chance any time soon.  His mind was made up he would do so, and so off he went shopping, he arrived and got a trolley, and started shopping, grabbing a few items at the vegetable section first, he was having second thoughts, but the thought was making him aroused.

The boy headed off to the toilets, and left his trolley in the trolley park, Fuck he felt aroused, he also felt apprehension too, he knew he would also take a photo, as proof that he had done so, he entered the toilets and found an empty cubicle, he pulled out her semi erect cock and played, and fuck it felt good, and fuck he had missed doing so, it didn't take too long until her cock was hard and excited, he heard the air dryer go off and took a photo, and then another, he reached an edge so quickly, it felt so good, and fuck he was turned on knowing why he was edging in the toilets, he had so missed being able to edge, but also knew he didn't fancy getting caught either,so he had one edge and zipped his flies back up.

Having left the cubicle, he, washed his hands and returned to where he had left his trolley, but. it wasn't there, some sad git had nicked it, he got another trolley and carried on with his shop, after he had text Mistress, to say thank you for letting the boy edge, he, got a reply, "Are you telling me the boy edged in the toilets whilst shopping," yes replied the boy,and back came "What a slut"

The boy is and will be anything Mistress wants him to be !!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 11th)

The boy was laid in bed last night, so fucking horny and excited her cock was literally twitching with the arousal that was, flooding through his entire body.  Fuck the boy was so fucking aroused, a few strokes of her cock, would have had him on the edge and begging for a release, that may, or may, not have been given, it hasn't taken him long to realise, he wouldn't be able to stop, if Mistress was playing with her cock.

Which would then give Mistress the opportunity to punish her cock for failing to stop.

And the boy has gotten to learn, in the forms of punishment already received, that she will hurt, torture, her cock in many ways, Mistress has already mentioned, " in a text",  that she wants to fuck the eye of her cock with her finger one day, and she will, at some stage, do so, the boy knows at some point in the future, this will happen.

Many of the things we have discussed will happen, and its funny how, the other night we were chatting, and wearing a maids dress, came into the discussion, and how the boy asked Mistress if she would want him dressed in such a way, and she said it wasn't something that appealed to her, the boy said he was glad she thought that way, as, he didn't fancy wearing all those frills and looking like some sissy maid, lol.

To which Mistress said, if the boy didn't like the idea, (one of the first negatives the boy had said about) then she had changed her mind, as, if it was something the boy didn't like, then the act of, forcing the boy to wear, what he didn't want, was now rather appealing to her, to openly laugh, at the boys predicament, and see him humiliated in such a way, appealed to her.  

With the transparency, demanded, the boy can now see why it is, so, required, and understands even more how transparency works, within a relationship, and how it benefits, both parties, and to what extent, it helps in finding more and more about each other.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 10th)

Denial, a smallish word but with so many different ways of being used, and the boy has realised how being denied has given him so many other feelings, nice feelings, wanted feelings, having something taken away, and yes the boy finds it very frustrating at times, but he wouldn't want it any other way.

He knows that Mistress cares about him being denied, but to give that control, to someone else, the boy realises how special that makes him feel, about her, and how much he wants to please her, it may sound, he loves being denied, but having Mistress own him in that way is oh so satisfying,  to his submissive desires of her.

It has taught the boy many things, he knows he has so much more to learn and experience, suffer, but he is ecstatic with the fact that he has finally found someone who will own him in ways he only ever dreamed about.

The boy is very lucky indeed !

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 9th)

Many many years ago the boy, used to fantasise about meeting someone, who would place him in chastity, only, allow the boy to have an orgasm, on special dates of the year, like her Birthday, the boys Birthday, Valentines day, Christmas day, etc, or when she wanted him to orgasm.

The boys fantasy has come true to some extent, he is held in chastity, he is denied to touch her cock, but the reality being, there are no special days, its when Mistress decides, end of, the boy is so so frustrated but knows he must start following instructions properly and not open his mouth before engaging his brain as he does often.

Mistress just denies him more, as she said in her blog, it doesn't matter to her, shes not going without but, the boy will, and he is starting to want a release more and more, he thought to his self today as yet he hasn't asked "permission to cum Mistress" and he wonders what that will make him feel like when he does.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 8th)

Frustration, frustration, frustration, that all the boy feels along with arousal and more arousal, and knowing why he still feels this way makes him realise that in the future he must be very careful what comments he may make to his Mistress.

The amount of control he is feeling, Mistress has over him, in the way she has taken from him, with her constant dismissive denial to his orgasm control is immense, he is constantly aroused even waking during the night, her cock throbbing with excitement, but having said all of that, it is a very special feeling and he is proud to be owned in this way.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 7th)

The boy read this on Mistresses profile, "I want to hurt you to see if the pain that you take will be enough to make you cum."and is starting to believe that she may be right in what she says, with denial and frustration levels the way they are at the moment he is starting to realise that it is more and more likely with the way the boy is feeling.

Add other ingredients like chastity, humiliation, to the equation then, how, the boy feels now he is certain Mistress could achieve this, and probably will !

The boy actually screamed to his self today with the amount of arousal he had coursing through his body, thanking of some of the things Mistress has said she will make the boy endure.!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 6th)

Having sat down and read the comments added to the boys blog, realising he had come so close to a release, and now not knowing when that release might happen, it made the boy think how much,by every day, his feelings of submission, are building to levels he wants to feel, they are so obvious to the boy, that, he can almost touch them.

How reading what Mistress had written, was, is, making the boy almost squirm with the submission he feels towards her, how her training and punishments are pushing the boy, to feeling, that submission, its so strong, the boy often shouts out to himself with the levels he is feeling.

And he desires his Mistress, so much, words cannot describe how he feels at times, his eyes and facial expressions would tell her how much he is feeling, but, his words can not at times, and that is even more frustrating than the denial he is going through.

When that time eventually comes, Mistress, will realise how well he has learned from her taking the time to train the boy and show him why chastity and denial always will have a place in the boys, Mistresses, both of ours relationship

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Submission brings on many feelings to the boy,

He needs,

He wants,

To place himself in front of his Mistress,

To await her instruction,

To fulfill her needs,

Her wants,

Her desires,

To be at her feet, wanting, waiting, for her softly spoken words, her touch, her hand on his head, oh Fuck, the desperation, to please her and be everything she wants of him.

That first of everything, of many, of how it should be, how it will be.

The reality of many words, ideas, wants, needs, desires.

It feels so very real the submission the boy feels .

Orgasm denial (Febuary 5th)

The boy knows its your cock Mistress, you control if, you control when, you control full stop, but the boy would really like to touch, play, edge now and again please, your term of denial this time is really pushing boundaries, pushing the boy, to the limit, limits that are close to being broken, but, maybe you want to push the boy to break those limits, if you are, then Mistress may not have to wait too long.

The boy is proud of the way he has succumbed to your chastity and denial of him, he doesn't want to fail, but, he isn't sure how much longer he can keep up his proud record of not touching, playing, edging, without your permission Mistress.

You are driving the boy crazy with your denial, he knows he must learn how it feels but Please, Please let him not forget what it feels like Mistress.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


How far the boy has come since his initial contact with his Mistress, leaves him surprised and astounded at times, probably not for me to comment about myself, but, its more about how far Mistress has taken the boy with her training and willingness to teach the boy.

I often look back at some or early messaging and see how naive the boy was and how he asked such ridiculous questions at times, and such silly statements, but was he ridiculed for his responses, no, he wasn't, he was helped and pushed in a gentle way in giving the answers that were expected of him, and that made more sense.

When Mistress first took any control was when she took control of her cock, it was an action the boy knew would at some point happen, and it was taken, in her way, and little did the boy know then how, by taking that action, it would change his feelings, emotions, and in reality his ability to orgasm at will, but by taking control she has shown the boy more in that one action, than anyone has shown him in his life.

Yes its frustrating to feel the way the boy does, but to be shown, that parts of his body reflect his arousal in ways he has never experienced before, and, he will learn a lot more feelings will come screaming to the fore like they have already, and continue to still do.

The boy has learnt many things, about himself, and new experiences, humiliations, he never even dreamed he would contemplate doing, but to please and repay the faith put in him by his Mistress, he knows limits will be broken and pushed all the time, its not just pleasing Mistress either, its the fact he has had no choice, he wants to submit and show his submission so much he knows he will continue to do as he is instructed.

He has drank his own piss, he has gone out without underwear on, he has worn stockings as and when instructed, he has had shopping lists, he has asked advice from his Doctor on chastity and denial, he has bought a plug from a fetish shop asking for help in choosing one from the assistant, he will probably experience lots of other humiliations, even wearing a maids dress at some point if a previous conversation with Mistress is anything to go by.

The submission he feels at times, simple words can easily bring feelings coursing through his entire body, listening to Mistress enjoying herself, whilst his cant even touch, Fuck she makes him feel so submissive at times, situations that have been mentioned and at some point will be introduced, will test his resolve, but he will never ever fail her, or her demands, he wants to be pushed to become the best boy he can for her.

How a simple act of eating food can be such a challenge, how she can force me to eat something i dislike, because i want to please her, how i will be expected to kneel and wait for food to be fed through her fingers, like a dog getting fed scraps, and licking her fingers clean, how i will never know if the dinner i have to eat will have anything else added to it, by myself, and to wash it down afterwards, with a warm drink.

How completing tasks will be anything other than simple, with her constant distractions, trying to make me forget something, or not do something, how sitting and worshipping her feet whilst she pays no attention to my efforts and ignores me.

Life is an exciting challenge, and with her help and guidance, it will never be the same again, but what a life it will be, exciting, challenging, but most of all the boy will be able to enjoy his total submission to a very caring and understanding Dominant, who although, will subject the boy to tears, she will also be there to wipe them away too as  she cares for him and cherishes him too.

Orgasm denial (Febuary 4th)

I know Mistress doesn't count, its 29 days since the last orgasm the boy has had, and that was a ruined one, although Mistress will say you had an "orgasm" whether it was ruined or not.

"Is it, oh well that's a shame" would probably be her response, but although the boy is so frustrated, so fucking frustrated in a way he has not known before, he knows he is very lucky to have such an understanding Mistress, and one who cares so much about her boy and his feelings, and in the way she denies him and continues to deny him.

Some may think she is very harsh in her treatment but, what people will fail to realise is all the different feelings and thoughts she is showing the boy, he will feel, now, and in the future, as this is the boys reality, he has to learn how he will feel now as when it becomes real time, it will become far worse !!

That Time

So many feelings, thoughts, rush through the boys body at the moment, that sometimes its uncontrollable even for his mind to process, to think logically, to take in, to realise why he feels the feelings he does.

He knows why he is struggling to deal with every emotion he feels and experiences, he knows its hard to process those thoughts, they are oh so strong, its because he has never had to deal with the emotions that are coursing through his body, its all so new to the boy, every experience that is new, he is still denied as he has been before, but the way in which he is being denied is new to him. he is struggling with how to handle these new feelings and emotions.

"Struggle" now theres a word, a word that he didn't think he would struggle with, but he is, in oh so many ways, not as before, but in the way he is learning, how dismissive and controlling Mistress can be, is being, will continue to do so in her control of her cock and how often it will be, may be, can be, touched, played with, edged. 

Going back to the beginning when Mistress took control of her cock, the boy wasn't naive at giving up control because it was going to happen at some point, but in the way it has and had such an impact on everything we had discussed, was told how feelings would change, how experiences would show the boy such different feelings and emotions, how he would become more focused, more attentive, and how those feelings would change, grow and expand to levels never experienced before.

They have and continue to do so and each day is a new challenge, i don't wear a device, which makes it all even harder to experience as her cock can get hard, it can achieve an erection, it can give the boy feelings he has always had before, he just cant touch and that is the hardest, if he had a device on there would be no choice, but there isn't and he does, he just has to accept that fact.

All the above feelings, thoughts, experiences, emotions, bring screaming to the fore the boys submission, they are showing him such new levels of how he feels, how much he wants to feel more, how much more there is to learn and how fucking much more Mistress will teach him to feel and experience.

This blog was going to be all about something else but the boy wanted to express his feelings and emotions and show to his Mistress, yes he can be a whinging, whining, selfish, submissive at times, but with everything the boy is feeling at this moment in time and all the emotions, and with every day that passes he is learning something he hadn't known he possessed in his mind, these are all different and new experiences.

And so to what this blog was meant to be about "That Time"

Over the past couple of weeks, the boy has sent texts, and said things online, that he shouldn't have,even last night he did it again, a text, not something you can frantically pull back out of the phone once you have hit the "send" button not something you can cancel because you know you shouldn't have sent it.
Like a message you send on messenger, theres fuck all you can do to retrieve it,  once its sent its sent !

But in real time, one on one, face to face, you say something, you know when you say its wrong, you shouldn't have done, but you have, you have eye contact, you have your facial expressions that give away your shame, you can look pleadingly in to her eyes, she can see immediately how you feel, how you know you are wrong, how even though you know there will be a consequence to your actions, that she can see the remorse in feel having said what you have.

That time when you can show her how you will do anything she wants you to do to make her life easier, from the mundane task of washing up, ironing, housework, to the joyous feelings of getting her a drink, to receiving her piss so she doesn't have to bother to go to the toilet, to sitting at her feet worshipping her feet that deserve the attention you give them, in fact anything that makes her incredible busy life a lot easier and more enjoyable and in return, her cherishing and caring for her submissive, even with the submission she makes you feel, you know how much you mean to her.

When she can grab a fist full of your hair and drag you to her, just because she wants to, because she can, because you are hers to treat in any way she wants, to pinch your nipples forcing you to your knees because she wants you down there in that way, so you can show her how much you like being at her feet.

That time will be a special time.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 3rd)

Fuck Fuck Fuck, that's how the boy felt yesterday, such strong feelings of submission waved through his body like a typhoon, ripping through a field, how every time he felt aroused his body ached with the special feelings that the boy is experiencing.

How her cock ached with wanting to be touched, be played with, and how close the boy came to submitting to those urges, how close he came to having to tell his Mistress he touched her cock without permission, how having never done so before he wonders to what extent Mistress would be pissed off with the boy.

He didn't, he is glad he didn't, he is proud he didn't, he just wouldn't dare to. "

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 2nd)

The boy needs to make an apology before going further, in yesterdays post the boy said Mistress hadn't allowed him an edge, he didn't mean he hadn't been allowed to touch or play with Mistresses cock, as Mistress has allowed the boy to touch and play.

Feelings and thoughts are increasing by the day, hearing workmates boast how they have had blow jobs, fucks, oral sex. where they have had sex, what positions and the boy listens and remembers what it felt like, and although half of it is bullshit, and most of them are under the thumb in one way or another, the boy just laughs and thinks of things that are far more important than a load of banter.

Mistress and his feelings towards her are far more important, how missing out on one thing means his focus and attentiveness is far more stronger than it has ever been, and because of what he may miss in one way gives him feelings oh so greater in the other way, they are wonderful feelings and should be experienced by far more.

The boy is lucky and he tells Mistress he is as often as he can !

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Orgasm denial (Febuary 1st)

Frustrated is what i text Mistress this morning, and she knows exactly how the boy feels, she wrote about it in one of her blogs, Fuck the boy would just like to remember how to edge once in a while,its 2-3 weeks since he was even allowed to edge, let alone think about an orgasm, the boy remembers the days when he could orgasm whenever he wanted, three four times a day, judging the way its going he might get three or four a year!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Orgasm denial (January 31st)

"How does the boy feel" is a question, he gets asked often by his Mistress. the boy thinks to his self, Mistress knows exactly how the boy feels, no edge for over two weeks, allowed to touch only so she can punish and torture her cock, and as for an orgasm, the boy can only dream what they are, there something strange when you awake fully aroused, knowing some else controls your ability, to do anything about it, and you have to try and ignore her cock twitching for attention.

Mistress has the boys control in her hands and how she decides to deny or ignore the boys wants, is a highly erotic feeling. !!