Saturday, 29 January 2011

A stranger on the tills

The boy had asked Mistress for permission to go out early this morning,to do what he needed to do, but when Mistress text him to ask where he was, he hadn't got out he was still at home, the boy headed off to asda, much later and he had changed his plans, he had of course informed Mistress, and was heading off to asda.

It was packed, people buzzing like ants, pushing, jostling, the boy hates it like this, he walks aimlessly around, his nipples sore from the night before,catching on his shirt, sending feelings to her frustrated cock, it felt good, Mistress always makes the boy feel good.

After getting what he needed, he headed for the tills, again, ants everywhere, a distinct lack of tills, three, four deep,he looked and found one, he waited patiently, he got to the conveyor belt, and loaded his shopping on, he stood looking around, and then a shock, he hadn't seen her for many, many years, on the next till, a checkout operator.

Someone that meant a great deal to the boy many years ago, a friend, and someone who helped him on his way, showed him the joys of many things, it was only play but it was the start of a journey, the boy looked and she looked at him and ignored him, looked straight through the boy, as if he didn't exist, she knew the boy but ignored him, and so the boy ignored her too, but the boy wont forget her, but will never think of her in the same light again.

The boy is many things, he is forgetful, he asks at times when he shouldn't, but he is never ignorant, he is never rude, and he would never look straight through someone, he is also a very,very happy submissive, who, has found what he has always wanted in his life, he just wasn't sure how it should be, he is learning, he is being trained, he is being taught, how it will be, and what is expected.

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