Sunday, 30 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 29th)

The boy was thinking of changing the titles of his posts to "Denied"as that's all he ever feels, two orgasms in coming up to four months, Mistress is so kind, to the boy, but he also knows he is being taught so much more than just denial, he has experienced feelings he hasn't known he had before, he is being shown how Denial has such a part in the relationship he wants with Mistress, he is learning all the time, she may not count, she may not care how long she denies him for, she knows a lot of things and the boy is slowly being taught what they are, yes its incredibly frustrating at times but it is showing the boy more and more as the denial continues.

Mistress knows how she wants the boy, how he must feel, how he will feel, its a learning curve, and the boy is on it, that,learning curve, and he loves being so.

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