Saturday, 29 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 28th)

Wow Mistress was kind to the boy,after and evening of chatting on messenger,and his punishment blog was accepted and had been completed to her satisfaction,he had the chance to talk to Mistress on the phone.
He was so thankful as he just loves hearing her voice,the voice behind the woman, who denies the boy,and after some chatting,the boy was allowed to play with a new toy,nipple clamps,which Mistress chose for the boy,this was something nice,the boy wasn't being punished.

Mistress and the boy were enjoying together,the boy submitting and suffering for his Mistress and Mistress enjoying hearing the boys moans and groans,it hurt,it hurt like hell but the feelings,such nice feelings,were erotic,were fantastic,as they should be,how they will be, between two individuals enjoying themselves as they should do,"touch my cock" oh thank you Mistress,"play with my cock" oh it feels so good Mistress,and then nothing, but it felt so good, the boy loves how she can stop him playing with her cock,and not even mention it again for the rest of the conversation,

Leaving the boy dangling on a thread,knowing he cant ask,he cant even mention it,he would be punished if he did,the boy knows now why she is so wonderful,so caring yet so dismissive.

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