Friday, 28 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 27th)

The boy experienced for the first time last night, of waking up halfway through the night with full arousal,and all he could do was wait,he couldn't touch,just,wait for it to recede,the problem with trying to lose that arousal,is,that the boy knows why it has happened and thinking of Mistress and why he was aroused did nothing to help it recede,he had to get up and walk to the toilet hoping,that the feeling of cold would help,luckily it did reduce and the boy was able to go back to bed.Only to wake up in the morning being fully aroused again,as,he is most mornings.

Different parts of the boys body have started to give more feelings that he has ever had before,the denial and realisation of that this is how it will be, makes the arousal even stronger,every day brings more feelings,to his,denial,frustrations,submission.Great feelings and special feelings but fuck its so frustrating.

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