Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 25th)

For fucks sake,this term of denial is driving the boy crazy,with the feelings he is getting from everywhere,all over his entire body,reading what Mistress writes,her words.Even asking permission to do things is making his submission and the feelings he gets from asking,so much stronger.

The realisation of what is happening,to him,her cock,the fact he will never ever have the opportunity,to use her cock as he used to,has hit home in a big way,and then when he is given permission to orgasm,will Mistress ruin it every time as she can,will he ever get a full orgasm again,and even when weeks of denial come spurting from her cock,no matter where it ends up,it will be going back from where it came from,and the process will start again,and that feeling,those feelings knowing how it is,will be,makes the boy so hot,so excited !!

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