Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 24th)

"Because i can"

Quite a straight forward few words,nothing sexy,arousing,frustrating about those three words,and ordinary statement most people would think ??

Even if you added "End of", again, nothing to suggest anything out of the ordinary or erotic from those two words either ??

But add a question to the front of those words and then a whole new meaning comes to life,and the boy has a life to look forward to which contains those words.

The Question that was asked of his Mistress was "how long is the boy going to be denied for Mistress,and is there a reason for why the boy cant touch"

The answer the boy got back was along the lines of those five words,with others of "I have no thoughts or plans for the boy to edge,touch,orgasm"

Which has put the boy in the place Mistress wants him,Frustrated and full of focus and attentiveness,with so much submission oozing from every part of the boys body,he is struggling with how to handle such emotions !!

But it feels so Fucking Hot. !

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