Monday, 24 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 23rd)

This has to be the hardest period of denial so far for the boy,far exceeding anything he has ever known before,it truly is becoming a struggle to resist temptation to touch her cock,

Never before has Mistress been so dismissive of the boys denial,he has had only one touch and one edge and that edge was so the boy was on the edge so Mistress could pleasure herself,he knows she is pushing him this time and it is working too,he seems in constant arousal,he feels the urge to touch,but he hasn't yet,his submission has shot to the front of his mind,every part of his body gives him feelings of submission,it truly is a wonderful,yet frustrating period of time that he is going through,but without Mistress he would never get these feelings he is getting now!

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