Sunday, 23 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 22nd)

The boy had read in one of Mistresses blogs that she doesn't know how long the boy has been denied for,and when i asked her last night her reply was just what the boy expected from her,completely dismissive of the boys denial,and,she doesn't "have to count" and she is right.The boy suffers the frustration he feels because she wants him to,she denies because she can,she doesn't have to know anything other than its her cock and her rules.

Why should Mistress care,she makes the decision to frustrate and deny the boy and the boy should be grateful that she does, and he is,and she knows he is,and its up to the boy to keep count,and he does,and will continue to do so.
5 days without a touch,7 days without an edge,16 days since a ruined orgasm, and when Mistress reads this, the boy, probably knows what she would say  "shame"or "do you want a sympathy face" "diddums"

Mistress also knows the boy,has feelings of constant arousal,most of the time,all of the time,he awakes aroused,he goes to bed aroused,the boy is Frustrated and Mistress likes that for the boy.

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