Saturday, 22 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 21st)

The boy asked Mistress if a ruined orgasm was perceived as an orgasm,and she said it was,an orgasm is and orgasm,whether its ruined or not,its still an orgasm.So now the boy knows,the ruined orgasm even though he got no feelings from it was an orgasm.

So the boy knows that after 7 weeks in his previous denial period,the ruined orgasm he received,well wasn't given, more a case of due to the burning sensation Mistress had caused him giving him and having little feeling,and thinking back "you didn't ask permission to cum" the poor boy didn't even know he was about to cum,he was trying to get permission to stop let alone think about having an orgasm,that was his orgasm.

And now his constant arousal,feelings from submission,adding to that arousal,his frustrations that are so fucking high and Mistress tells him last night "but the boy knows what chance he has of release LOL"in other words no fucking chance,no way is the boy going to get a release,he now realises,what Mistress has said in the past about pushing limits,and with the boy feeling the way he does,he knows damn well that he would do anything for a release at this time,and that's what she wants,the boy in a position,where he will do anything to please her to try and earn that release,and knowing Mistress the way the boy has gotten to know her,she would still deny him because she can then push him further the next time satisfying her own needs and wants even more and the boy.poor boy,would be in a constant circle of trying to earn release by pleasing her every time,Tough this chastity denial.!!

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