Sunday, 30 January 2011

Cuckold Fantasy

The evening had started no different to most evenings, the boy had completed his chores, and, was sat on the sofa, with Mistresses feet in his lap, he, was stroking and touching one foot whilst the other was positioned carefully on her cock and balls, locked up in a device, just as Mistress likes them to be, as, they always are.

Mistress was happily watching telly, her feet where she likes them most, in the hands of her foot whore, being worshipped and cared for, how she likes them to be, there was no indication from Mistress that tonight wasn't going to be like any other night, we share together, the boy there for her amusement, and, to serve her needs.

The boy looked at the clock and Mistress saw him do so, but said nothing, this was strange to the boy as he knew it was around the time that he usually gets told how and what Mistress has in store for him later, but ,nothing, no looks or instructions coming from her luscious red lips, just silence, as if she was waiting for something, and she was, there was a knock on the door.

The boy looked at Mistress and she smiled back,"well answer the fucking door then" the boy was taken aback, he was naked, as he is most evenings except for the dogs collar Mistress likes him to wear with the lead  attached, he is in a state of shock, he looks again at Mistress as if to say but I'm naked, and he gets the look he hates to see, the look he knows, means she is serious,"if i have to get up you wont be able to sit down for a week" "now answer the fucking door".

The boy gets up and goes towards the door "stop" she shouts at the boy,"you didn't ask permission to get up boy and i will deal with that later",the boy is now in trouble, he thinks to his self, but he knows he must answer the door, he walks away and before he gets to the door "that will be Dave" Mistress shouts to him,"let him in and get two glasses of wine".

The boy is now about to open the door to a complete stranger, naked with his device on and a collar around his neck, the first time ever that he has done so, he gets to door and opens it, he sees a man standing there, a smart looking chap, dressed in a smart jacket, jeans, polished shoes, shortish hair, carrying a bottle of wine, he smiles at the boy, and enters the house, the boy shows him to the living room and returns to the kitchen.

Busying himself in the kitchen, the boy can hear laughter and chatting, he was opened the wine and poured it in to two immaculate glasses, making sure Mistresses was the way she liked it, the temperature everything had to be right, as it always has to be, the boy switched the light off and entered the living room, he saw that his place had been taken by Dave, and Mistress was sat up and had moved across so she was very close to him, he hurried over and passed the first glass to Dave, and Mistress was given the second glass.

Mistress pointed to her feet and the boy sat in front of her, taking her feet and placing them on his lap, she moved her right foot to the boys lips, and he kissed and licked each toe, lovingly, with the passion he always does, he could see from his position, that Dave had his hand on Mistresses thigh, and Mistress on his
lap too, they were looking into each others eyes and the boy knew what was about to happen.

Mistress had often teased the boy saying she was going to cuckold the boy, she was going to fuck another man, in front, of her boy, and force the boy to lick another mans cum from her like he licks his own from her,  the boy was starting to feel slightly uneasy at seeing his hand start sliding up Mistresses thigh to her cunt, the one the boy licks and worships so much, the one he licks clean after Mistress has used the boy as her toilet, the boys worshipping place, where the boy spends more time that anything else, and his hand was going there.

Mistress looked at the boy with a smile on her face, the boy knew she was enjoying herself, she lowered her foot from the boys mouth and put her other foot to the boys mouth, he was looking at her and also watching as her hand travelled to his crotch hand, touching him, they kissed each other, and the boy was being forced to watch as they seduced each other, kissed and teased each other, Mistress was teasing the boy, she knew although the boy was lavishing attention on her foot he was also watching her touch another man.

His hand was there touching her, teasing her, she was responding to each sensation, no matter how slight, the boy could only watch, her hand had unzipped him and was now playing with his cock, Mistress hadn't even touched the boy for 3 weeks, he was in denial, and there she was stroking his cock, her cock was excited, so was his, they were both touching each other, and the boy, he was licking her foot and waiting for the inevitable, she moved her foot from the boys hand and placed it on the floor.

Mistress looked at the boy and said "i may let you watch me fuck Dave, but, one thing you will be doing is tasting his cum tonight boy" they both got up and headed for the bedroom, the boy sat waiting for instructions, "you can come too boy and get us another drink ", i got up and took both glasses to the kitchen, placed them next to the sink, getting two new glasses, checking for marks, they were clean and the boy poured the wine, and headed to the bedroom, where they were kissing and teasing each other on the bed, Mistress motioned to the bed side cabinets and the boy placed each glass on each side of the bed.

"Corner time boy and face the wall i don't want you watching you can listen instead" and she laughed knowing how humiliated the boy felt, she was enjoying herself, showing off the control she had over the boy, how he did exactly as he was told, the boy heard Mistress say, "no Dave no condoms, the boy is going to clean up after you have filled my cunt with your cum" and all the boy could do was listen as Mistress moaned as Dave slid his cock in to her, filling her, the boy could only listen as the mattress squeaked and groaned under the intense fucking that was going on. if only he could watch, if only the boy could see how Mistress was being fucked, how her cunt was being fucked, oh he was desperate to look, he dare not, if she saw him looking, the boy would suffer, as she always made the boy suffer.

The moaning Dave was making told the boy it wouldn't be long, before her cunt was full of his cream, how the cunt the boy loved to worship, would be full of another mans cum, and how the boy would have to clean that cum from her, Dave was close, the boy could tell, and he was, and he did, fill Mistress with his cum and Mistress was moaning too, she had orgasmed as well, "you can look now boy" and the boy turned and Dave was laid by the side of Mistress, they were both holding there glasses of wine taking sips, beads of sweat around there faces, Mistress was smiling as she looked at the boy.

All Mistress did was point to her cunt, "isn't that nice of Dave to give you something to do boy, so thoughtful of him", and the boy looked and saw Mistresses cunt was leaking cum,"hurry up boy you better not let any get on the sheets" and the boy slowly climbed on the bed, his eyes looking at the cum he was about to lick up, not his cum, another mans cum, and he saw them lying there touching each other, kissing each other, caressing each other, Mistress wasn't even looking as the boy started licking her cunt, cleaning his cum from her, knowing he had to clean it all from her, leaving her free from cum, waiting to be told to stop, as he always has to do, her cunt her rules, his duty, her pleasure, his reward.

"Hurry up boy" Mistress tells the boy,"I want another fucking before Dave has to go" and" more cream for the boy to look forward" as she laughs out loud, the boy feels humiliated, Mistress likes him to, Mistress loves the control she has over the boy and the boy loves feeling that control,it makes him feel cared for and loved.

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