Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Boy Loves

He loves hearing her voice,he loves chatting to her,he loves hearing her being dismissive of him,he loves her teasing of him,he loves the silence they share together listening to each other,he loves the background noises he hears,he loves her moans,he loves her gasps,he loves her groans,he loves her having pleasure after pleasure,he loves her saying she so wants to hurt him,he loves her saying harder boy,he loves her saying twist it harder,he loves her saying no,he loves her saying,edge harder,he loves her saying what she says to the boy,because she can,because she wants to,because she likes to,because she loves saying it too.He loves his Mistress!

He will love giving himself to her,he will love worshipping her feet,he will love doing his chores for her,he will love getting her a drink so she doesn't have to get up,he will love her touching his head whilst he is tending to her needs,he will love being her toilet so she doesn't need to get up and disturb herself too much,he will love waiting at the door for her on his knees waiting for her return,he will love cleaning her car and removing the ice from her windows for her,he will love taking the pain she wants him to feel,he will love suckling at her breast whilst he is close to her,he will love doing the mundane chores she so hates so she can relax more,he will love walking the dogs when she has other things to do.He will love his Mistress!

He loves her instructions,he loves wearing no underwear because she tells him,wearing stockings because she tells him,he loves being told to buy what she wants him to buy,he loves being humiliated by her,he loves being given shopping lists,he loves her for planting seeds in his mind,he loves her for the mind fucks she plants,he loves her pushing him into doing things because she wants him to knowing it might be a limit for him,he loves her for telling him what he will do for her,he loves her telling what is expected of him.He loves his Mistress!

He loves knowing she knows where he is,he loves her knowing what hes doing,he loves knowing she could ring at any time to check he is where he says he is,he loves knowing he could be asked to take a photo to prove where he is,he loves knowing she may want a photo of what he is wearing to prove he is wearing what she wants him to wear,he loves knowing that she knows he has carried out her orders.He loves his Mistress!

He loves her blogs,he loves reading what she wants from him,he loves what she says she will do to him,he loves reading she cares about him,he loves reading how something he has written has made her think about him,he loves reading how he brings her sadistic side out of her,he loves reading how much she wants things for him,he loves reading how she wants to see him cry,he loves reading how he will do things for her even if its far from what he wants because he wants to please her,he loves reading how his submission is getting stronger in the words he writes,he loves reading how he does please her.He loves his Mistress.

He loves her telling him how she wants to cuckold him,he loves her telling him how much she likes anal play,he loves her for telling him he will be plugged,he loves her for telling him she will take his anal virginity and make him cry and scream,he loves her for telling him how she will stretch his ass because she wants to,he loves her telling him how much she wants to see a cock force his way into him,he loves her for telling him he will be fucked in the way she wants for him,she loves her for wanting lots for him,He loves his Mistress!

He loves everything about her,he loves her personality,he loves her wants,he loves her needs,her loves her fantasies,he loves her imagination,he loves her for what she is and will be to him.He loves his Mistress!

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