Friday, 28 January 2011

The Art of Figging(Ginger Root Play)



History suggests,

Figging has been used way back to the Victorian times,used on Women to stop them clenching their buttocks,when being punished,so a piece of ginger was placed in their anus to stop them doing so.

Ginger root was also said to have been used on horses so,they held their tails higher,to,get a better price for an older horse,this practise was known originally as "feague",but over time became known as figging.

Figging in Bdsm Play


The Ginger Root can be shaped into many uses,and used in many places,anal play being a popular pastime between Dominant and sub,but also in anyway the Dominant may want to use it or find a place it can be used to create that special feeling.

The gingers strength can fade a way after 20 Min's or so,and when it does the heat sensation fades rapidly,so if an evening or a couple of hours of fun is required the submissive must prepare more that one toy of each that is required.

The idea that the submissive has to buy,store and prepare his or her own Punishment,in that,the Dominant only has to slide it into place,sit back,and watch the ginger work its own bit of magic,watching the submissive squirm,moan,and feel the sensations must be very satisfying.

Shaping the ginger with a sharp knife,after peeling it of its skin,into any shape the Dominant may want the sub to make,a butt plug,a thin slither or any shape to which orifice it may fit,would again be the submissive job,knowing the care they take in caring for the ginger,peeling it and making into what is required.

It should be approximately 1/8-1/4 inch wide by at least 1 inch long, make sure it is smooth and that the edges are rounded. Dip the ginger in water and slowly insert it into the eye of the cock. Make sure you leave enough sticking out to be able to remove it easily. The effect of ginger in a cock is almost immediate and the sub will react quite strongly. The burning is rather an intense feeling.

If it becomes too much for your sub, remove the ginger and give him or her a minute's rest. When the ginger is removed, the burning sensation drops quickly. You can place it back down the cock to resume the fun. Eventually, the sensation will wear off but not until the sub is has had enough.

Purchasing and preparation 

Ideally you should buy a complete hand of ginger and keep it stored in a cold dry place,until ready to be used,most Supermarkets stock it,but,the boy could only find fingers,so,perhaps a local fruit and veg store might be better.
Once purchased it might be best to ask your Dominant how they may want you to prepare your own punishment,and ask the strength they may want,as,storing it in a sealed bag for a couple of days in the fridge will add to its maximum effect to its heat sensations.The following picture is the cross section of a ginger finger.
 When you come to cut and take the skin off your ginger,the following photos might be of some help,as,will getting the correct shape and thickness,although,its quite obvious you must ask your Dominant the size of each toy they may want you to make.

Using ginger in bdsm or D/s play 

More tips for using ginger is have a glass of water to dip the ginger so you can ease it in to the place intended,do not use any lubricants as this will take aways its effect.

Once the ginger is placed in position, the work is complete for the Dominant, if,you are happy to just sit back and watch it take its natural effect,but if you prefer a hands on approach,rubbing other parts of the body can increase the enjoyment,and,if administering a caning or spanking,then rub the ginger in to the area concerned to add extra warmth to an already warm area.

The boy can see the advantages for figging in a D/s relationship,as,the submissive will always prepare his or her own punishment,so being told that,there will be figging play,not only does the submissive suffer the consequences of knowing what they are going to be receiving,but they suffer the humiliation of purchasing and preparing the ginger to their Dominants requirements,but they also know that when the time is right the toys they have taken care to prepare, will also then be used on them to punish them as well.

Other advantages are that,the ginger root can be used anywhere and in any situation,so if the submissive has done some thing wrong whilst out and away from base,the Dominant doesn't have to wait til they get home to punish,the punishment can happen anywhere and at anytime.

Figging seems an inexpensive and convenient punishment that is always to hand,easy to prepare and can be made to any size that is required,its not long lasting and provides a Dominant with an easy,quick and swift punishment that will have an immediate effect. 

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