Monday, 31 January 2011

Figging Punishment

On Sunday evening the boy served out the second part of his punishment, the first being the written part, the art of figging, he was told what he needed to make in the way of toys and how big each piece was to be.

He went and prepared the ginger in the way he was told and had to take pictures, its very surprising how submissive you can feel,when you are preparing your own punishment, and how careful you are too, the boy took his time and even then he sat there looking at what he had made thinking, is it right, will Mistress like what he has produced, will it be the right size.

What if Mistress isn't happy with the toys he has made, the reason he was doing this because he had miscounted in another punishment previously, and was given this punishment for getting one number wrong, if Mistress wasn't happy with his efforts would it mean yet more for not pleasing her, so with all this going through the boys mind, he was of course nervous, and feeling his submission so much more.

Mistress wanted two pieces of ginger, one she could put in her cock, and a long thin one for the boys arse, she gave him the instructions of the thickness and told the boy to prepare them for her, which he did taking pictures all the way through the preparation process,which he was told had to be included in this blog, when he finished he informed Mistress he had, and sent her the pictures.

Mistress asked the boy to choose "A or B"
"A" Mistress,
 "You sure"
"Don't want to change your mind"
No Mistress,
"OK lets start", "but i have a better idea, you have a cam don't you", yes Mistress, "well turn it on", and that's where it all went wrong, the boy hadn't used the cam before, and once Mistress had helped him get it going, it froze, then again, and again, and again, this was turning into a night mare, and eventually we gave up and the boy moved into the bedroom.

Mistress told the boy to take the long piece of ginger and insert it into the boys arse, the boy did as he was told, and slowly inserted it between his arse cheeks, and into his anus, it slid in easily enough and he then took a picture, after several attempts, he got the picture he knew Mistress would want.

"Next the boy can insert the other piece into my cock", the boy asked permission to make play with her cock to get it hard, "yes you may" Mistress replied, and before long Mistresses cock was hard enough to slide the ginger in, it slipped in very easily, and the boy took a picture.

"How does that feel boy" asked Mistress, and the boy answered honestly that the ginger in his arse was making him feel warm and the ginger in her cock was feeling slightly warm,"twist the ginger in your arse boy" and the boy complied as he always does, it made it burn but not that well, and Mistress said stay like that and i will be back in a bit.

The boy got a text "if it burns too much ring me", some time later the boy got another text asking how it felt,he replied and got another text "i need details not just "its warm Mistress, so the told Mistress that the ginger in his arse was working better than the one in her cock, but it wasn't burning.

Another text came through "Remove the ginger from my cock". "Then i want you to dip it into it into the deep heat and place it back in" "After all its not something the boy should be enjoying" and "while the boy has the deep heat the boy can rub some on his arse" Yes Mistress the boy replied,and did as he was told.

With immediate effect the boy felt the difference, her cock was on fire his arse even more so, fuck it burnt, fuck it was hot, the boy rang Mistress and said it was burning, she said she would ring back in two minutes.  The phone rang and Mistress asked how the boy felt, my arse is on fire Mistress and your cock burns too, she asked on scale of 1-10 how much it hurt and the boy replied 10 Mistress, OK you can remove the ginger.

The boy removed the ginger, but  knew it wasn't the ginger causing the burning, it was the deep heat and that was still on the boys arse, and still within her cock and fuck it still burned, Mistress and the boy chatted for a while, but both were yawning, and eventually we said our good nights and put the phone down.

The boy has to say the ginger was rather disappointing and he knows Mistress agrees with him, that's, why Mistress introduced the deep heat, knowing it works very well, and after reading so much about it and reading what others had said, the boy doesn't know what went wrong, maybe the ginger was too old, or hadn't been cut properly,but the boy followed all the instructions very carefully so is unsure.

Orgasm denial (January 30th)

The boy said to his Mistress that he had forgotten what an orgasm felt like, and, her reply was that she could tell him, and the boy could listen to her having some pleasure, which she did, leaving the boy with the answer he asked and even more frustrated than he was already feeling, Mistress is very good at teasing the boy in that way,and as she quite rightly reminded the boy he was allowed to touch and play with her cock on Friday, how much more generous did the boy want her to be.

That's the boys, Mistress, generous to the extreme, how could anyone ask for more from a caring Mistress like the boy has than that and she never ever lets him forget what an orgasm sounds like,he is just so lucky.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 29th)

The boy was thinking of changing the titles of his posts to "Denied"as that's all he ever feels, two orgasms in coming up to four months, Mistress is so kind, to the boy, but he also knows he is being taught so much more than just denial, he has experienced feelings he hasn't known he had before, he is being shown how Denial has such a part in the relationship he wants with Mistress, he is learning all the time, she may not count, she may not care how long she denies him for, she knows a lot of things and the boy is slowly being taught what they are, yes its incredibly frustrating at times but it is showing the boy more and more as the denial continues.

Mistress knows how she wants the boy, how he must feel, how he will feel, its a learning curve, and the boy is on it, that,learning curve, and he loves being so.

Cuckold Fantasy

The evening had started no different to most evenings, the boy had completed his chores, and, was sat on the sofa, with Mistresses feet in his lap, he, was stroking and touching one foot whilst the other was positioned carefully on her cock and balls, locked up in a device, just as Mistress likes them to be, as, they always are.

Mistress was happily watching telly, her feet where she likes them most, in the hands of her foot whore, being worshipped and cared for, how she likes them to be, there was no indication from Mistress that tonight wasn't going to be like any other night, we share together, the boy there for her amusement, and, to serve her needs.

The boy looked at the clock and Mistress saw him do so, but said nothing, this was strange to the boy as he knew it was around the time that he usually gets told how and what Mistress has in store for him later, but ,nothing, no looks or instructions coming from her luscious red lips, just silence, as if she was waiting for something, and she was, there was a knock on the door.

The boy looked at Mistress and she smiled back,"well answer the fucking door then" the boy was taken aback, he was naked, as he is most evenings except for the dogs collar Mistress likes him to wear with the lead  attached, he is in a state of shock, he looks again at Mistress as if to say but I'm naked, and he gets the look he hates to see, the look he knows, means she is serious,"if i have to get up you wont be able to sit down for a week" "now answer the fucking door".

The boy gets up and goes towards the door "stop" she shouts at the boy,"you didn't ask permission to get up boy and i will deal with that later",the boy is now in trouble, he thinks to his self, but he knows he must answer the door, he walks away and before he gets to the door "that will be Dave" Mistress shouts to him,"let him in and get two glasses of wine".

The boy is now about to open the door to a complete stranger, naked with his device on and a collar around his neck, the first time ever that he has done so, he gets to door and opens it, he sees a man standing there, a smart looking chap, dressed in a smart jacket, jeans, polished shoes, shortish hair, carrying a bottle of wine, he smiles at the boy, and enters the house, the boy shows him to the living room and returns to the kitchen.

Busying himself in the kitchen, the boy can hear laughter and chatting, he was opened the wine and poured it in to two immaculate glasses, making sure Mistresses was the way she liked it, the temperature everything had to be right, as it always has to be, the boy switched the light off and entered the living room, he saw that his place had been taken by Dave, and Mistress was sat up and had moved across so she was very close to him, he hurried over and passed the first glass to Dave, and Mistress was given the second glass.

Mistress pointed to her feet and the boy sat in front of her, taking her feet and placing them on his lap, she moved her right foot to the boys lips, and he kissed and licked each toe, lovingly, with the passion he always does, he could see from his position, that Dave had his hand on Mistresses thigh, and Mistress on his
lap too, they were looking into each others eyes and the boy knew what was about to happen.

Mistress had often teased the boy saying she was going to cuckold the boy, she was going to fuck another man, in front, of her boy, and force the boy to lick another mans cum from her like he licks his own from her,  the boy was starting to feel slightly uneasy at seeing his hand start sliding up Mistresses thigh to her cunt, the one the boy licks and worships so much, the one he licks clean after Mistress has used the boy as her toilet, the boys worshipping place, where the boy spends more time that anything else, and his hand was going there.

Mistress looked at the boy with a smile on her face, the boy knew she was enjoying herself, she lowered her foot from the boys mouth and put her other foot to the boys mouth, he was looking at her and also watching as her hand travelled to his crotch hand, touching him, they kissed each other, and the boy was being forced to watch as they seduced each other, kissed and teased each other, Mistress was teasing the boy, she knew although the boy was lavishing attention on her foot he was also watching her touch another man.

His hand was there touching her, teasing her, she was responding to each sensation, no matter how slight, the boy could only watch, her hand had unzipped him and was now playing with his cock, Mistress hadn't even touched the boy for 3 weeks, he was in denial, and there she was stroking his cock, her cock was excited, so was his, they were both touching each other, and the boy, he was licking her foot and waiting for the inevitable, she moved her foot from the boys hand and placed it on the floor.

Mistress looked at the boy and said "i may let you watch me fuck Dave, but, one thing you will be doing is tasting his cum tonight boy" they both got up and headed for the bedroom, the boy sat waiting for instructions, "you can come too boy and get us another drink ", i got up and took both glasses to the kitchen, placed them next to the sink, getting two new glasses, checking for marks, they were clean and the boy poured the wine, and headed to the bedroom, where they were kissing and teasing each other on the bed, Mistress motioned to the bed side cabinets and the boy placed each glass on each side of the bed.

"Corner time boy and face the wall i don't want you watching you can listen instead" and she laughed knowing how humiliated the boy felt, she was enjoying herself, showing off the control she had over the boy, how he did exactly as he was told, the boy heard Mistress say, "no Dave no condoms, the boy is going to clean up after you have filled my cunt with your cum" and all the boy could do was listen as Mistress moaned as Dave slid his cock in to her, filling her, the boy could only listen as the mattress squeaked and groaned under the intense fucking that was going on. if only he could watch, if only the boy could see how Mistress was being fucked, how her cunt was being fucked, oh he was desperate to look, he dare not, if she saw him looking, the boy would suffer, as she always made the boy suffer.

The moaning Dave was making told the boy it wouldn't be long, before her cunt was full of his cream, how the cunt the boy loved to worship, would be full of another mans cum, and how the boy would have to clean that cum from her, Dave was close, the boy could tell, and he was, and he did, fill Mistress with his cum and Mistress was moaning too, she had orgasmed as well, "you can look now boy" and the boy turned and Dave was laid by the side of Mistress, they were both holding there glasses of wine taking sips, beads of sweat around there faces, Mistress was smiling as she looked at the boy.

All Mistress did was point to her cunt, "isn't that nice of Dave to give you something to do boy, so thoughtful of him", and the boy looked and saw Mistresses cunt was leaking cum,"hurry up boy you better not let any get on the sheets" and the boy slowly climbed on the bed, his eyes looking at the cum he was about to lick up, not his cum, another mans cum, and he saw them lying there touching each other, kissing each other, caressing each other, Mistress wasn't even looking as the boy started licking her cunt, cleaning his cum from her, knowing he had to clean it all from her, leaving her free from cum, waiting to be told to stop, as he always has to do, her cunt her rules, his duty, her pleasure, his reward.

"Hurry up boy" Mistress tells the boy,"I want another fucking before Dave has to go" and" more cream for the boy to look forward" as she laughs out loud, the boy feels humiliated, Mistress likes him to, Mistress loves the control she has over the boy and the boy loves feeling that control,it makes him feel cared for and loved.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

A stranger on the tills

The boy had asked Mistress for permission to go out early this morning,to do what he needed to do, but when Mistress text him to ask where he was, he hadn't got out he was still at home, the boy headed off to asda, much later and he had changed his plans, he had of course informed Mistress, and was heading off to asda.

It was packed, people buzzing like ants, pushing, jostling, the boy hates it like this, he walks aimlessly around, his nipples sore from the night before,catching on his shirt, sending feelings to her frustrated cock, it felt good, Mistress always makes the boy feel good.

After getting what he needed, he headed for the tills, again, ants everywhere, a distinct lack of tills, three, four deep,he looked and found one, he waited patiently, he got to the conveyor belt, and loaded his shopping on, he stood looking around, and then a shock, he hadn't seen her for many, many years, on the next till, a checkout operator.

Someone that meant a great deal to the boy many years ago, a friend, and someone who helped him on his way, showed him the joys of many things, it was only play but it was the start of a journey, the boy looked and she looked at him and ignored him, looked straight through the boy, as if he didn't exist, she knew the boy but ignored him, and so the boy ignored her too, but the boy wont forget her, but will never think of her in the same light again.

The boy is many things, he is forgetful, he asks at times when he shouldn't, but he is never ignorant, he is never rude, and he would never look straight through someone, he is also a very,very happy submissive, who, has found what he has always wanted in his life, he just wasn't sure how it should be, he is learning, he is being trained, he is being taught, how it will be, and what is expected.

Orgasm denial (January 28th)

Wow Mistress was kind to the boy,after and evening of chatting on messenger,and his punishment blog was accepted and had been completed to her satisfaction,he had the chance to talk to Mistress on the phone.
He was so thankful as he just loves hearing her voice,the voice behind the woman, who denies the boy,and after some chatting,the boy was allowed to play with a new toy,nipple clamps,which Mistress chose for the boy,this was something nice,the boy wasn't being punished.

Mistress and the boy were enjoying together,the boy submitting and suffering for his Mistress and Mistress enjoying hearing the boys moans and groans,it hurt,it hurt like hell but the feelings,such nice feelings,were erotic,were fantastic,as they should be,how they will be, between two individuals enjoying themselves as they should do,"touch my cock" oh thank you Mistress,"play with my cock" oh it feels so good Mistress,and then nothing, but it felt so good, the boy loves how she can stop him playing with her cock,and not even mention it again for the rest of the conversation,

Leaving the boy dangling on a thread,knowing he cant ask,he cant even mention it,he would be punished if he did,the boy knows now why she is so wonderful,so caring yet so dismissive.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 27th)

The boy experienced for the first time last night, of waking up halfway through the night with full arousal,and all he could do was wait,he couldn't touch,just,wait for it to recede,the problem with trying to lose that arousal,is,that the boy knows why it has happened and thinking of Mistress and why he was aroused did nothing to help it recede,he had to get up and walk to the toilet hoping,that the feeling of cold would help,luckily it did reduce and the boy was able to go back to bed.Only to wake up in the morning being fully aroused again,as,he is most mornings.

Different parts of the boys body have started to give more feelings that he has ever had before,the denial and realisation of that this is how it will be, makes the arousal even stronger,every day brings more feelings,to his,denial,frustrations,submission.Great feelings and special feelings but fuck its so frustrating.

The Art of Figging(Ginger Root Play)



History suggests,

Figging has been used way back to the Victorian times,used on Women to stop them clenching their buttocks,when being punished,so a piece of ginger was placed in their anus to stop them doing so.

Ginger root was also said to have been used on horses so,they held their tails higher,to,get a better price for an older horse,this practise was known originally as "feague",but over time became known as figging.

Figging in Bdsm Play


The Ginger Root can be shaped into many uses,and used in many places,anal play being a popular pastime between Dominant and sub,but also in anyway the Dominant may want to use it or find a place it can be used to create that special feeling.

The gingers strength can fade a way after 20 Min's or so,and when it does the heat sensation fades rapidly,so if an evening or a couple of hours of fun is required the submissive must prepare more that one toy of each that is required.

The idea that the submissive has to buy,store and prepare his or her own Punishment,in that,the Dominant only has to slide it into place,sit back,and watch the ginger work its own bit of magic,watching the submissive squirm,moan,and feel the sensations must be very satisfying.

Shaping the ginger with a sharp knife,after peeling it of its skin,into any shape the Dominant may want the sub to make,a butt plug,a thin slither or any shape to which orifice it may fit,would again be the submissive job,knowing the care they take in caring for the ginger,peeling it and making into what is required.

It should be approximately 1/8-1/4 inch wide by at least 1 inch long, make sure it is smooth and that the edges are rounded. Dip the ginger in water and slowly insert it into the eye of the cock. Make sure you leave enough sticking out to be able to remove it easily. The effect of ginger in a cock is almost immediate and the sub will react quite strongly. The burning is rather an intense feeling.

If it becomes too much for your sub, remove the ginger and give him or her a minute's rest. When the ginger is removed, the burning sensation drops quickly. You can place it back down the cock to resume the fun. Eventually, the sensation will wear off but not until the sub is has had enough.

Purchasing and preparation 

Ideally you should buy a complete hand of ginger and keep it stored in a cold dry place,until ready to be used,most Supermarkets stock it,but,the boy could only find fingers,so,perhaps a local fruit and veg store might be better.
Once purchased it might be best to ask your Dominant how they may want you to prepare your own punishment,and ask the strength they may want,as,storing it in a sealed bag for a couple of days in the fridge will add to its maximum effect to its heat sensations.The following picture is the cross section of a ginger finger.
 When you come to cut and take the skin off your ginger,the following photos might be of some help,as,will getting the correct shape and thickness,although,its quite obvious you must ask your Dominant the size of each toy they may want you to make.

Using ginger in bdsm or D/s play 

More tips for using ginger is have a glass of water to dip the ginger so you can ease it in to the place intended,do not use any lubricants as this will take aways its effect.

Once the ginger is placed in position, the work is complete for the Dominant, if,you are happy to just sit back and watch it take its natural effect,but if you prefer a hands on approach,rubbing other parts of the body can increase the enjoyment,and,if administering a caning or spanking,then rub the ginger in to the area concerned to add extra warmth to an already warm area.

The boy can see the advantages for figging in a D/s relationship,as,the submissive will always prepare his or her own punishment,so being told that,there will be figging play,not only does the submissive suffer the consequences of knowing what they are going to be receiving,but they suffer the humiliation of purchasing and preparing the ginger to their Dominants requirements,but they also know that when the time is right the toys they have taken care to prepare, will also then be used on them to punish them as well.

Other advantages are that,the ginger root can be used anywhere and in any situation,so if the submissive has done some thing wrong whilst out and away from base,the Dominant doesn't have to wait til they get home to punish,the punishment can happen anywhere and at anytime.

Figging seems an inexpensive and convenient punishment that is always to hand,easy to prepare and can be made to any size that is required,its not long lasting and provides a Dominant with an easy,quick and swift punishment that will have an immediate effect. 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 26th)

Many many thoughts rolling through the boys mind at the moment as the relentless denial of touching carries on,he often goes to bed aroused,wakes up through the night aroused and in the morning the same,fully aroused and unable to respond to the call her cock is sending to his brain,his head,his mind,his whole body.

Mistress knows how he feels about the denial she has of the boy and his feelings towards that denial,he doesn't have to keep telling her,she knows,she cares and that's why he feels the way he does,its an incredible feeling to submit to her in this way,it may be driving the boy crazy with desire and frustration but its still an honour to do so

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 25th)

For fucks sake,this term of denial is driving the boy crazy,with the feelings he is getting from everywhere,all over his entire body,reading what Mistress writes,her words.Even asking permission to do things is making his submission and the feelings he gets from asking,so much stronger.

The realisation of what is happening,to him,her cock,the fact he will never ever have the opportunity,to use her cock as he used to,has hit home in a big way,and then when he is given permission to orgasm,will Mistress ruin it every time as she can,will he ever get a full orgasm again,and even when weeks of denial come spurting from her cock,no matter where it ends up,it will be going back from where it came from,and the process will start again,and that feeling,those feelings knowing how it is,will be,makes the boy so hot,so excited !!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 24th)

"Because i can"

Quite a straight forward few words,nothing sexy,arousing,frustrating about those three words,and ordinary statement most people would think ??

Even if you added "End of", again, nothing to suggest anything out of the ordinary or erotic from those two words either ??

But add a question to the front of those words and then a whole new meaning comes to life,and the boy has a life to look forward to which contains those words.

The Question that was asked of his Mistress was "how long is the boy going to be denied for Mistress,and is there a reason for why the boy cant touch"

The answer the boy got back was along the lines of those five words,with others of "I have no thoughts or plans for the boy to edge,touch,orgasm"

Which has put the boy in the place Mistress wants him,Frustrated and full of focus and attentiveness,with so much submission oozing from every part of the boys body,he is struggling with how to handle such emotions !!

But it feels so Fucking Hot. !

Monday, 24 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 23rd)

This has to be the hardest period of denial so far for the boy,far exceeding anything he has ever known before,it truly is becoming a struggle to resist temptation to touch her cock,

Never before has Mistress been so dismissive of the boys denial,he has had only one touch and one edge and that edge was so the boy was on the edge so Mistress could pleasure herself,he knows she is pushing him this time and it is working too,he seems in constant arousal,he feels the urge to touch,but he hasn't yet,his submission has shot to the front of his mind,every part of his body gives him feelings of submission,it truly is a wonderful,yet frustrating period of time that he is going through,but without Mistress he would never get these feelings he is getting now!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Boy Loves

He loves hearing her voice,he loves chatting to her,he loves hearing her being dismissive of him,he loves her teasing of him,he loves the silence they share together listening to each other,he loves the background noises he hears,he loves her moans,he loves her gasps,he loves her groans,he loves her having pleasure after pleasure,he loves her saying she so wants to hurt him,he loves her saying harder boy,he loves her saying twist it harder,he loves her saying no,he loves her saying,edge harder,he loves her saying what she says to the boy,because she can,because she wants to,because she likes to,because she loves saying it too.He loves his Mistress!

He will love giving himself to her,he will love worshipping her feet,he will love doing his chores for her,he will love getting her a drink so she doesn't have to get up,he will love her touching his head whilst he is tending to her needs,he will love being her toilet so she doesn't need to get up and disturb herself too much,he will love waiting at the door for her on his knees waiting for her return,he will love cleaning her car and removing the ice from her windows for her,he will love taking the pain she wants him to feel,he will love suckling at her breast whilst he is close to her,he will love doing the mundane chores she so hates so she can relax more,he will love walking the dogs when she has other things to do.He will love his Mistress!

He loves her instructions,he loves wearing no underwear because she tells him,wearing stockings because she tells him,he loves being told to buy what she wants him to buy,he loves being humiliated by her,he loves being given shopping lists,he loves her for planting seeds in his mind,he loves her for the mind fucks she plants,he loves her pushing him into doing things because she wants him to knowing it might be a limit for him,he loves her for telling him what he will do for her,he loves her telling what is expected of him.He loves his Mistress!

He loves knowing she knows where he is,he loves her knowing what hes doing,he loves knowing she could ring at any time to check he is where he says he is,he loves knowing he could be asked to take a photo to prove where he is,he loves knowing she may want a photo of what he is wearing to prove he is wearing what she wants him to wear,he loves knowing that she knows he has carried out her orders.He loves his Mistress!

He loves her blogs,he loves reading what she wants from him,he loves what she says she will do to him,he loves reading she cares about him,he loves reading how something he has written has made her think about him,he loves reading how he brings her sadistic side out of her,he loves reading how much she wants things for him,he loves reading how she wants to see him cry,he loves reading how he will do things for her even if its far from what he wants because he wants to please her,he loves reading how his submission is getting stronger in the words he writes,he loves reading how he does please her.He loves his Mistress.

He loves her telling him how she wants to cuckold him,he loves her telling him how much she likes anal play,he loves her for telling him he will be plugged,he loves her for telling him she will take his anal virginity and make him cry and scream,he loves her for telling him how she will stretch his ass because she wants to,he loves her telling him how much she wants to see a cock force his way into him,he loves her for telling him he will be fucked in the way she wants for him,she loves her for wanting lots for him,He loves his Mistress!

He loves everything about her,he loves her personality,he loves her wants,he loves her needs,her loves her fantasies,he loves her imagination,he loves her for what she is and will be to him.He loves his Mistress!

Orgasm denial (January 22nd)

The boy had read in one of Mistresses blogs that she doesn't know how long the boy has been denied for,and when i asked her last night her reply was just what the boy expected from her,completely dismissive of the boys denial,and,she doesn't "have to count" and she is right.The boy suffers the frustration he feels because she wants him to,she denies because she can,she doesn't have to know anything other than its her cock and her rules.

Why should Mistress care,she makes the decision to frustrate and deny the boy and the boy should be grateful that she does, and he is,and she knows he is,and its up to the boy to keep count,and he does,and will continue to do so.
5 days without a touch,7 days without an edge,16 days since a ruined orgasm, and when Mistress reads this, the boy, probably knows what she would say  "shame"or "do you want a sympathy face" "diddums"

Mistress also knows the boy,has feelings of constant arousal,most of the time,all of the time,he awakes aroused,he goes to bed aroused,the boy is Frustrated and Mistress likes that for the boy.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 21st)

The boy asked Mistress if a ruined orgasm was perceived as an orgasm,and she said it was,an orgasm is and orgasm,whether its ruined or not,its still an orgasm.So now the boy knows,the ruined orgasm even though he got no feelings from it was an orgasm.

So the boy knows that after 7 weeks in his previous denial period,the ruined orgasm he received,well wasn't given, more a case of due to the burning sensation Mistress had caused him giving him and having little feeling,and thinking back "you didn't ask permission to cum" the poor boy didn't even know he was about to cum,he was trying to get permission to stop let alone think about having an orgasm,that was his orgasm.

And now his constant arousal,feelings from submission,adding to that arousal,his frustrations that are so fucking high and Mistress tells him last night "but the boy knows what chance he has of release LOL"in other words no fucking chance,no way is the boy going to get a release,he now realises,what Mistress has said in the past about pushing limits,and with the boy feeling the way he does,he knows damn well that he would do anything for a release at this time,and that's what she wants,the boy in a position,where he will do anything to please her to try and earn that release,and knowing Mistress the way the boy has gotten to know her,she would still deny him because she can then push him further the next time satisfying her own needs and wants even more and the boy.poor boy,would be in a constant circle of trying to earn release by pleasing her every time,Tough this chastity denial.!!

Time to Think

After a restless night with a lot of time to think,to understand how sometimes the boy really does try the patience of a Saint,how he comes out with stupid statements,and even more stupid Questions and comments.

Mistress told the boy he had asked a really "do me" question,and,having time to reflect on what he said last night he can only agree whole heartily with her,it wasn't him asking a "do me" question,it,was him really not thinking how the question would,could, sound and be received in the light of what has happened in the past and ,how,it might sound to his Domme.

Mistress said "I'm feeling so submissive what you gonna do about it" was how it read to her,it, wasn't meant to come across at all like that,but,again having had time to think,it does and always will read like that.

In light of a recent punishment for exactly the same "do "me" comment the boy has no excuse to offer his Mistress,he knows that and she knows it too.

Having time to reflect helps me understand,and i often go to Mistresses blogs and read what is expected,and what she wants and how things come across to her,and the boy having only just read her two latest blogs should really have known better,it has been working so well recently and things were progressing,he was getting used to what is expected of him and how things should be.

Mistress and the boy both know that because of time constraints its really hard at the moment to find time to be in the same place,the boy also knows that if he was with Mistress last night,he,wouldn't have dared to think about that question,let alone ask it.

Not because of her reaction,because he would be too busy doing what he,loves,wants,needs to do to please her in any way she may want him too,selfless serving without a thought of his own desires or needs,just hers and always hers,and that's how it should have been last night,he should have thought of her wants.

The boy knows that when Mistress is happy he is happy,and when he comes out with things like he did last night she has every right to be pissed off with him,and that makes the boy feel so ashamed,and sorry for saying what he did.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 20th)

The boy had a dream last night,and,what a dream that was,but he awoke full of arousal,in his dream, he could make it go away,in reality, he had to lie there and think back to his dream,and,how he made it go away,and the person who makes him feel this way,was,probably fast asleep,not that when she is awake,she would care,she wouldn't she would laugh,"shame" or "tough"she might say,and ,then make the boy suffer more by teasing him more.

The dream wasn't full of naked ladies,or lots of fucking,it was none of those things,it was so simple,something the boy misses so much,an Orgasm

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 19th)

Frustrated to fuck,or is the boys submission coming to the front of his mind,causing him to feel he is frustrated,either way,they are there,constantly,nice feelings,turned on feelings,submissive feelings,all really good feelings but just making the boy struggle with getting used to them all,as they are new to the boy.

Mistress mentioned something last night,about how he had got a number wrong and the boy will be punished at the weekend,he dislikes the pain she makes him go through,the fact he has failed on something else,the feeling of letting her down again,the humiliations he has to endure,but, the feelings from reading her dismissive comments on the subject,turned the boy on,adding more to the feelings he feels more and more,lately.

He doesn't want to be punished all the time he wants to hear good boy,or well done,or big smile,but as he just said the way it was written,the words used,the firmness it was put across gave the boy butterflies in his stomach,it excited him reading Mistress telling the boy how it will be,and as he battles to fight the frustration he feels,he likes the way it feels,he wants more,he knows it will get harder but what a fight that is,fighting the feelings that all come from his Mistress and the way she treats the boy !

The most wonderful feeling a sub can have and experience !!

The Edge

The edge.with so many meanings and different feelings,the edge of a cliff,the edge of beyond,the edge of a path,the edge,taking the boy to the edge of screaming with the pain i want to give him,and there are lots more.

Have you edged before Mistress asked the boy way back when we first started chatting to each other,no replied the boy and Mistress explained what it was and how you brought yourself to the edge of an orgasm,and then stopped,and started again,and the boy, thought what that must feel like,and perhaps one day he might give that ago whilst he is playing with his self.

The boy needn't have worried about what it might feel like !

Mistress has shown the boy exactly how it feels like,the boy is on a permanent edge,she has guided him down her path,and he now has to be told.if,and when Mistress wants him to play with her cock,so the boy can edge and add even more to his frustration,wanting to go over the edge.

Sometimes Mistress has him edge so she can hear his breathing and how it changes as he reaches the edge,and to add insult,the boy has to ask if he can stop,stop he doesn't want to stop,he wants to feel that orgasm,see his cum burst from her cock,feel the intensity of and orgasm instead of listening to Mistress have them,as she teases him even more.

But he knows he must stop,the boy isn't allowed an orgasm without her permission,and he must always ask permission to cum too,and if she denies then he stops,so not only does he have to beg to stop,he has to beg to cum,and if Mistress denies him on both counts,he is in trouble,lots of it.

At first, the boy was allowed to edge once but on a regular basis,but as things have progressed he gets a time limit,but not so often,he even had the pleasure of hearing Mistress edge,but he wasn't allowed to even touch her cock whilst she was edging.

The first time the boy ever edged after only 1 or 2 days chastity he found it difficult to stop himself,he didn't think he would stop but he did,now,in the term of chastity he had to wait  9 days before Mistress allowed him the pleasure of touching and playing with her cock.

So edging is now way of life,his life,no more wanks when he feels like it,no sitting and playing when he feels like it,its when Mistress is feeling generous enough as to when,but,she knows,the boy would want it no other way now,and that's quite lucky for the boy because that's the way it is !!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 18th)

The boy has mentioned earlier,that his Frustration levels were higher than he had ever had before,well after his punishment the night before,they have reached breaking point,never has he had them so high,her cock twitches at the mere sound of the text alert,he even felt her nipples rubbing on his T-shirt in the wind,and that caused arousal too,why so early its only been 12 days,but it feels like 50 days.

The boy sat down and worked out when Mistress took control of her cock and its been 83 days,and in 83 days,the boy has been allowed one proper orgasm,and one when he cum but shouldn't have done and so realistically Mistress has allowed him to cum once,and even though its so frustrating,he wants and needs that amount of control from his Mistress !

Punishment for a "do me sub"

On Sunday the boy didn't engage his brain before asking Mistress a question,he had just received a text to say how good one of his blogs were"he was ecstatic,he felt good,he got carried away"he text back asking for Mistress to do something as a treat,he should have known better,he doesn't have that choice,Mistress decides if and when,Mistress decides everything,if,what,the boy got an immediate reply

"Why cant you wait,i was going to reward you for your blog,instead, as a reminder you lose that reward and i, will, when i get home later give you a punishment for being a do me sub"

The boys heart missed a beat,his ego shattered,after experiencing a punishment the week before,he knew it would happen,hurt,pain was coming his way,anything might,could happen,he was at the mercy of his Mistress and he already knows she is far from merciful,she often says she "so wants to hurt the boy" and the boy had given her another opportunity.

Punishments are,will,happen,when in real time they are to happen,then,now,but after given and received they are forgotten,move on,don't dwell on it,the boy will have been shown why,what he did wrong,the boy will know well before Mistress even tells him,he will apologise,say sorry,admit his wrong doing,but it wont go unnoticed,missed and punished he will be.

Due to the lack of communication,from the boy,he didn't contact Mistress all Sunday night,he kept his phone with him at all times,he waited,but it shouldn't have done,he wasn't told not to,text,message,but he didn't and when he did eventually chat he addressed Mistress wrongly and was told for doing so "goodnight" end of.

The boy awoke on Monday morning feeling shit,terrible,how was Mistress going to react,all day he sent 3 texts and no reply and then the text alert went off,her cock twitched he didn't know what she was going to say,he didn't want to look but he needn't have worried it was OK,we exchanged some more texts and by the evening the boy was online.

Mistress came online and we chatted normally,no mention of punishment,plenty of teasing and arousal given to the boy,but no mention,nothing out of the ordinary,no warning,just normal with kink chat,the boy asked permission to go to the toilet "No" came the reply nothing else just "No",the boy thought this strange but he likes being denied in this way,he doesn't have a choice anyway,

Eventually the boy asked again for permission to use the toilet "No you may not, instead, you can go to bed and call me,when you go to bed,bring a glass,a bunch of pegs,cotton buds,the tube of deep heat and does the boy have any ice cubes?if so bring some of those too"! "you have 5 Min's to get those together and then call me" the boy replied he didn't have any ice cubes and was told "well then the boy will have to get 2 ice cube trays when he goes shopping next,one he will fill and get ice cubes,the other he will keep empty" Yes Mistress i replied.

"You now have 4 Min's so i suggest you hurry along and call me.

The boy felt a feeling of "oh shit",but knew he had no choice,that had been made by Mistress,his Mistress,the one who has made him feel so submissive,frustrated,wanting,loving,feeling,submitting,special,he knew he had done wrong,he knew he would suffer,Mistress would push her point across,put him in his place,hurt him like she wants to hurt him,the boy,her boy,.

He rang,she answered,they chatted,friendly no hint of the suffering she was to inflict on whom she owns,we chatted she teased,she answered questions freely,as she always does,she confirmed what might,could,will,happen with the boy in the future,he was excited,turned on,adding more to his frustration,"that's a big sigh"she says "is the boy frustrated,shame"and this continued we chatted happily as friends,as lovers, like we always do,and all the time Mistress knew, the boy knew, what Mistress was doing.

Mistress was flaunting her control,her right,her arousal making the boy aware of her moans,her pleasure,her enjoyment,his continued denial,his frustration and God was she frustrating her boy,her moans told the boy she had enjoyed her arousal "that's just the start" she told him and again he had to listen to her arousal,Mistress was pushing home the fact that's he can enjoy herself whenever she wants,but,the boy he gets nothing just the pleasure of listening to his Mistress flaunting her arousal at him,the boy,her boy.

The boy can choose his own punishment to night,Mistress tells the boy ,you can either have "1" "2" or "3" its your choice boy,the boy goes silent,he waits to see what each number has in store,"do you think I'm going to tell you boy" Mistress says in a raised but very stern voice,"you would pick the easiest wouldn't you boy "no Mistress ,the boy replies "bollocks"Mistress replies,which number boy,the boy picks 2,"are you sure" yes Mistress "positive" yes Mistress,Mistress makes a sound to suggest the boy has picked the wrong number.

Does the boy want to use the toilet,she says naturally as she is so natural in her dismissive dominance of the boy,yes please says the boy,"use the glass boy" and take a picture,the boy does as he is told and urinates in the glass and takes a photo.

"Get a cotton bud and dip in the deep heat boy" then place it in the eye of my cock",the boy said to Mistress her cock wasn't hard enough to get the bud in"play with my cock and get it hard" the boy didn't have to touch for long,and the bud slipped in easily,"take a picture boy" and the boy did,"twiddle it boy" and the boy twiddled it,it burnt ,it hurt,it was having the desired effect,Mistress laughed,was dismissive,"twiddle again boy"

Mistresses cock was on fire,it burned,it hurt,Mistress told the boy to take the bud out and put it back in the deep heat again and put it back in the eye of my cock boy",fuck she knew how to make the boy suffer,her cock was twitching with excitement of the sheer hurt, Mistress had the boy in pain again,the boy likes feeling the pain Mistress gives him,he likes pleasing Mistress in this way.he needs it

"Is it on fire boy" Mistress asks him,yes mistress the boy replies,"have a drink to put the fire out boy" Mistress tells him,the boy doesn't have to ask,he knows,he has to drink his own piss,he takes a mouthful,it tastes bland,but the thought of where it has come from,is the worse thought,he has a feeling it wont be the last time he drinks his own piss.

"Put some deep heat in the palm of your hand and then play with my cock"the boy plays with her cock,but its not pleasurable,he doesn't want to,but he does,he does as he is told,"put some more deep heat on your palm and rub it into my balls"boy,he does as he is told and the burning sensation is like nothing he has felt before,her balls are literally on fire,Christ they burn he moans,Mistress laughs.

Mistress asks the boy on a scale of 1-10 how much does my cock hurt,10 the boy answers,she laughs "rubbish" and the boy says 8 Mistress."take the bud out boy and put it back in the deep heat tube and back in the eye of my cock"the boy thinks of begging,pleading,but knows there is no point it wont change a thing and it might make it worse,"twiddle again boy " and the boy twiddles it some more "out of 10 how much does it burn boy"

The pain was intense it burned it stung, 11 Mistress the boy replied"aah is it on fire boy" yes Mistress the boy replied "have another drink and take a photo of you drinking it" was her reply,the boy drank but hadn't heard Mistress say about the photo,he said he had finished and she said "did you take a photo boy" "of you drinking from the glass" no replied the boy."i told you to take a photo and you didn't so you can now put a spot of deep heat on your finger,and you can tell me where i want you to put it,under the foreskin of your cock Mistress "No" try again,your nipples Mistress,"No" where else boy,the boys tongue Mistress,the boy hears Mistress sigh,he can tell shes not pleased,"lower than my cock boy".

It dawns on the boy,surely not,could Mistress be that cruel,"your anus Mistress,"Oh we got there,Yes put it there boy,and rub it in,the boy does as he is told and a sudden surge of heat and pain hits the boy,the boy is laying naked on his bed,her balls are on fire,her arse is just as hot and he has a cotton bud protruding from the eye of her cock,which is burning and on fire too,his mouth feels a strange taste,and all this with his Mistress some 40 miles away,he thinks to himself how much Mistress is going to hurt him when they are in the same room.

Mistress tells the boy to remove the cotton bud,and the boy knows his punishment is over,he wont be allowed to wipe or wash any part of his body,and he has to sleep like he is now,

Mistress says she is tired and the boy asks permission to go to sleep,yes you may Mistress replies and they both say good night to each other and hang up !

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 17th)

Feeling heavily Frustrated as the boy feels but more in his submission to Mistress,she certainly knows what buttons to push and when she pushes those buttons,she often texts the boy to ask "are you home yet" but Mistress knows the boy texts her as soon as he gets home,he has no choice.

Choice,his choices are fast running out,he can have tea when he wants, and have a shower when he wants,other than that everything else Mistress knows or he has to ask permission for,this frustrates him but because it adds to his submission feelings which lead to other feelings.

Last night we were talking and the boy mentioned how naive he was at the start saying the boy didn't fuck on a first date,and last night he added it might be a year before he is allowed,"if he is allowed at all" came the reply,the boy was astounded to read this but knew Mistress was being serious,she never says anything she doesn't mean,

The boy had a shiver run down his spine,his stomach had butterflies,all the submission feelings he gets,that lead to her cock,it twitched,it was excited,the boy was excited.Might he ever fuck again the boy thought to himself,and now realises the reality is "he may not"and then he heard "but he might"in a soft sensual voice"for a split second the boy felt relief and then "with a strap on"and it all started again,more frustration,and he was about to be frustrated again

Monday, 17 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 16th)


Now theres a word the boy has gotten used to over the last couple of months,it had never really crossed his mind at all previously,he had never felt frustration before,if he needed a wank he would,maybe even two or three times a day,sometimes his cum amounted to nothing,and if he was in a relationship,it was easy to fuck,only the odd "period",meant he had to wank or better still a blow job if he was lucky,so frustration had never even crossed his mind.

Until now and Fuck is he frustrated,never mind wank,he cant even touch unless he is allowed,he cant ask if he can touch,he cant even ask permission to touch,all of those options are in the hands of someone else,and of course she likes the boy to be so frustrated,he could cry,even as he is writing this,her cock is twitching.

Yesterday the boy wrote what "Mistress" described as his best blog so far,the boy was happy,the boy felt proud,but he forgot to tell his brain this and within seconds he had fucked it all up,even as he sent "that"text he realised he shouldn't,but too late it was disappearing out of his phone and going on its journey of destruction.

"I was going to reward you,but, now, you have lost that reward and you will when i get home receive a punishment

Fuck Fuck,but it was too late the text had reached its destination and the "do me" sub had lost out,and to add insult to injury a "punishment" to endure,he tried to retrieve the situation,but,Mistress wasn't going to forgive him,so an afternoon of torment was to follow,Frustration again,not just sexually but mentally too.

The boy has never felt so submissive before,she only has to text him and his body courses with feelings,he hasn't had before,so with the way the text came through and was worded he was frustrated again,Fuck, "Frustration"he knows that word now,he feels it every single day,every moment he is awake and
Fuck its Frustrating

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Last Time

The boy knows he is in for a Punishment to night,this evening,he doesn't know when or how.

He does know he deserves it,he also knows why he deserves it,Fuck the boy thinks to himself it could have been oh so different,and edge maybe even a release instead of a long walk in the pouring rain,in a field near the river with his dog.

The rain streaming down his face,blinding him as he walks,looking for the dog,who is running free as a bird,anywhere his four legs can carry him,he looks at the boy with that look "thanks dad",but the boy,isn't anywhere near free,his every movement being tracked by someone from afar,knowing where and what he is doing every living moment of his existence,its such a nice feeling too.

The boy wanders aimlessly and panics when the dog sees a horse,off he goes like a whippet out of the blocks,the boy is shouting all he can,but with no joy.the dog looks and stares at the horse whom carries on doing what he wants paying no attention,and the boy knows that feeling,he feels it all the time,and fuck it excites the boy.

The dog comes back and i put him on his lead,holding him and making sure he is OK,just like Mistress would place a collar round the boys neck with a lead attached,checking that he is OK.

Strange that walking my dog has so many similarities to the boy,and how Mistress owns him,the dog when he know hes done wrong bows his head,like the boy who knows he has done wrong and would show the same reactions.

So instead of a reward the boy faces a punishment,he knows it will happen,he knows why it will happen,Fuck he is sorry he opened his mouth,he is sorry he has disobeyed one of Mistresses rules,he will learn,but out of all this comes something that Mistress told him,the boy "you will regret well before you are punished ,
and the boy is and has but it will happen


The boy is learning more and more as each day passes,he is getting a much clearer picture as each day passes,the boy has learnt so much in a short space of time,of how it will be

Mistress teaches the boy !

With each new experience that comes his way,he learns some more,of how someone can make him feel so different than he has ever felt before,how he wants to please her in ways she wants him to please.

Mistress wants !

Such a simple way to control someone,no shouting,no expletives,just simple instructions.simple but to the point and put across in no uncertain way of how it will be.slowly taking more and more but in a subtle way,so subtle that the boy doesn't even know its being taken.

Mistress shows!

Even now today,after the boy had this blog in his mind,he fucked up and will be punished for doing so,when he learnt he was to be punished,his heart sank,he knew he had done wrong,but he also knows that's how it is with her,it will happen,he will learn,and then onwards,we both will go learning even more.

Mistress controls !

Yesterday the boy went shopping,with no underwear and hold up stockings on,he thought he had done something wrong,he was corrected,it was so he even felt controlled whilst out,every time her balls or cock touched his jeans he thought of her,and he knew his place.every time the hold ups slipped down,he knew his place.

Mistress holds !

Control over the boy,he has to ask permission to leave the house,to even go to the garage,she wants to know where he is at all times,when he gets home from work,what he is doing,the boy knows even more will come,as she slowly takes more from the boy,but in a subtle way always in a subtle way.

Mistress is there !

She has told the boy that if after 20 Min's he hasn't heard from her,he can carry on with what he has to do,but the boy also knows when he hears from her he will update her with all the details she needs,wants,takes from the boy because that's the way it is,will be.Its very rare she doesn't answer,he knows she cares in her own way.

Mistress Knows !

She knows how the boy is feeling all of the time,she likes to know,she asks,questions,hears everything she wants to know,she knows the boy is feeling tentative about later,she enjoys the way he feels all the time,she knows how to get more from the boy,she knows.

Mistress hurts !

In a way she only knows how to,there isn't any physical pain,its psychological pain she extracts and inflicts on the boy,she denies him,teases him,in so many ways,in words,in ways people wouldn't understand,but the boy understands,he is learning with each time she inflicts more on the boy.

Mistress satisfies !

her needs,the boys needs,with each instruction,with each verbal attack in words she is so good at,she knows how to abstract the information she wants,she needs to satisfy her curiosity about the boy and how she can take even more.

Mistress understands !

She knows when things aren't going right,she understands how the boy struggles at times,she stops and works on things,she wont take any more than she knows she can without the boy struggling,she just understands so much.

Mistress Blogs !

And does she ever blog so well,the boy may well read them too much but he also backtracks and learns more about her from her blogs,she can get her feelings,wants,needs over so much clearer than the boy can, and that is something truly exceptional.

Mistress expects !

She expects the boy to learn,he is,she expects the boy to know who makes the rules,he does,she expects him to be courteous at all times,he always is,she expects selfless serving at all times,the boy is learning ,the boy is in no doubt of what is expected of him.

Mistress is Mistress !!

Orgasm denial (January 15th)

First times for everything the boy is learning,the first time Mistress had denied the boy so long into his term of chastity without touching,9 days in fact,and then an orchestrated use of the boy for her own pleasure.

The boy asks permission to go out,he is expected to every time he wants to go out,"No" he reads"edge for 10 Min's and then text me and wait".Excited at the opportunity to edge for the first time in 9 days the boy wastes no time in getting naked and laying on the bed,taking her cock and touching and playing with it,after all,he hasn't been able to for what seems an eternity,so he was really going to enjoy this moment.

10 Min's isn't a long time after 9 days,its no time at all,but it was the boys time,his own time to play with something he misses so much,something that has given him so much pleasure in the past,something that has been taken away from him,God he misses it at times.It is described as a basic by Mistress,its far more to the boy than a basic.God she can be so dismissive at times.

So after 10 Min's of pure self satisfying,playing,touching and reaching the edge many, many times,he lets go,he doesn't want to,he wants to play all morning,he cant, he isn't allowed anymore,its no longer his,its Mistresses and only she can decide how long and if he can touch at all,so how can that be just a basic.

The boy texts Mistress thanking her for allowing him to edge and waits as he has been instructed to,after a short time and with her cock still erect and wondering why it hasn't been allowed to cum,still twitching,as the boy lays on his stomach,the phone rings,the boy was waiting for a text,so he is so surprised,Good Morning Mistress he answers then realises its afternoon,we share a joke that it is afternoon,thank you so much for letting me touch and edge your cock the boy tells Mistress,she laughs,Dismissive or what.

The boy has feelings running everywhere now,through his body,through his mind and he always feels like this when he is lucky enough to chat to his Mistress,to hear her voice,to feel such feelings of Dominance in the way she speaks,and its all so natural,its not an act,its how Mistress is all the time,no particular forcing of any one word,all the words have different meanings and different levels of who she is and how she portrays herself.

As the time passes and we chat, the boy can hear the familiar sound in the background and it dawns on him on why he was told to edge,and Fuck he knows how much she turns him on,and Fuck how much she enjoys frustrating the boy,and Fuck the boy is still on the edge just where Mistress wants him to be so she can twist the screw even more,make him suffer even more,Fuck she is good,Mistress is so good and the boy knows why he wants her even more,Fuck,Fuck,Fuck.

Mistress takes the boy to so many levels of so many things,she has shown him so much in such a short time,she is so special her imaginations knows no boundaries,her constant teasing shows the boy who is in control at all times,and so the boy is hearing her arousal,he so wants to touch,he asks if his tongue would be useful to Mistress,and is told"in my arse boy that's where your tongue would be" and he so wants it to be,he is so excited hearing Mistress moan and groan,oh such heaven,the boy is so fucking lucky,he knows it.

The phone goes dead, Fuck, Fuck and then connection is back,but he can hear sounds in the background,its the telly,Mistress is back in the living room,Mistress has had what she wanted,she had used the boy to satisfy herself,and Fuck she has left the boy back where he was before he was allowed to edge,but the boy is happy because Mistress is satisfied once more.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 14th)

8 days in,and all of a sudden the frustration has hit,in a big way,in a way it hasn't ever before,EVER,

The boy is struggling,he doesn't know why,is it because his last orgasm,was ruined.the boy doesn't know.

What he does know is,not a touch,has been allowed so far,he has read back through some of Mistresses blogs,on denial,and how it plays such a part in the control she demands,how it is Mistress and only her who can decide if,when,how,the boy is allowed any sort of contact with her cock.

Has the reality of that level of control,hit the boy for the first real time,he read that during the last denial period would she ruin his orgasm,even though it was 7 weeks,because she could,she didn't need to because the boy himself through ill discipline ruined it,7 weeks of frustration ruined in second,7 weeks looking forward to something that never happened,NOW that was Frustrating to a degree the boy has never felt but it was deserved

The boy and Mistress have talked recently and on messenger too,perhaps some of the things that have been said has made the boy realise how Mistress can be such a Dismissive and controlling Lady,how much more there is to come for the boy,her words are bringing out even more of his submission than the boy knew existed,her levels of imagination,her need to explore all the time,her wants are growing even more.

The boys emotions are something so wonderful,he has never felt levels like he is feeling at the moment,yes he is frustrated,Mistress likes him to be,he knows that,but those frustrated feelings are bringing so much more out of the boy,his heart,often misses a beat with what he reads and hears,he likes,he wants,he needs.

The boy often sits and looks at his screen and tries to look into Mistresses eyes,his mind wanders to a place,where we are together her Dominance staring at him,Fuck his mind is in a place of somewhere he Has never felt before,the boy cant tell Mistress in words how he feels,he finds it oh so hard to get the words out about how she makes him feel,but his actions eventually will be able to show her what she means to,

The Boy

Friday, 14 January 2011

Damn Hot Feelings

Following on from the last post,the boy should explain why Mistress makes the boys feelings Damn Hot

Withe every word mistress writes texts or speaks brings such special emotions and feelings to the boy,during a conversation the other night the boy laughed and Mistress asked him if he was laughing at her,he was,but not in the way she thought,it was a nervous but like able laugh, sometimes the way Mistress speaks to the boy,gives the boy feelings that run through his entire body,like being tickled,in a nice way,his submission is brought the the boys mind and how he so enjoys feeling that way.

The boy will get home from work and text to say he is home,when texting those same feelings,make him quiver as he texts,he can feel how wonderful he feels,his heart beats just that little bit faster,every time he asks for permission he gets the very same feelings deep within himself it feels so fucking good,not knowing what the reply may be.Mistress has a way with words just as she does when she is so dismissive of the boy,and when she is the boys body tingles and the hairs on his neck stand on end.

Call me Mistress may say and tells the boy how long he has to ring,a time limit,but it makes the boys heart miss a beat,her cock get excited,he loves chatting to Mistress,he doesn't know what might be in the next sentence,she may say to him,the things Mistress wants the boy to do,how he has to please her,how much she wants to hurt him,all these words bring out such fantastic emotions of submission more so than any other person the boy has yet to meet.

Sometimes the boy feels like a naughty schoolboy,a child that knows he has done wrong,someone that has stole something and has been caught,not knowing what is going to happen.

Mistress says the list is endless and it is,but,so is how, Mistress makes the boy experience different emotions,feelings and each day the list gets longer,the boys list.

How can someone bring out so many feelings in a person,the boy is that person, and

Mistress is the one that can and does !!!!!

Damn Hot

Hot !

Damn Hot !!

Mistress is Damn Hot !!

Mistress makes the boy Damn Hot !

Where did that come from Mistress asked when i text her earlier today ?

The boy said he hadn't shown Mistress enough compliments and should do so more often !

The boy sat and thought and realised he hasn't and is ashamed to admit he hasn't !

He should shower Mistress with Compliments all the time,

Mistress means so much to the boy in lots of ways !

Mistress is Special !!

Mistress is so Damn Hot !!!

Orgasm denial (January 13th)

The boys frustration is starting to take hold again,its 7 days since my last release,but steadily Mistresses denial is taking hold,and giving the boy those feelings again,quite easy to get aroused now,but,theres no point in thinking of such joys,the pleasure of touch has yet to be given let alone anything else,the boy knows he is starting to understand a lot of things and the most important one so far is, Mistress doesn't care how long she frustrates the boy for its her cock and her rules !

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 12th)

A Surprise for the boy when he got home from work,Mistress had written a couple of blogs,and although both were superbly written,as Mistress always does,one stood out because it concerned the boy,and certainly rose his frustration levels to a high level of arousal,very erotic is my Mistress in some of her writings,we also chatted on messenger too later in the evening and is came close to bedtime,the boy was told "call me in 5 minutes" when Mistress said she needed to get more comfortable in bed.

Mistress knows how much the boy likes chatting to her and tonight was no exception,he has to keep his voice down as the lodger is usually still awake,but after some very pleasant chat the boy was becoming quite aware the Mistress was going to show the boy the level of her arousal,and she always does,the boy moaned and groaned as he usually does but knew there was no point in asking to touch himself,so he writhed about on the bed,and her cock became quite wet,he asked if he could use the toilet,but was told no,he was in ecstasy hearing Mistress and so wished he was with her,we continued chatting and eventually Mistress asked the boy if he wanted to go to sleep "yes please Mistress"and we said our good nights and the phone went dead.

The boy went to get up and just as he reached the door,his text alert went off,and it read "and no you cant go to the toilet.go in 5 Min's"so the boy text back of course Mistress.My Mistress is so thoughtful at times the boy thought to himself as he lay waiting on the bed for 5 Min's.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 11th)

The boy has not had many feelings of frustration recently until today that is,a strong feeling in his crotch area,Mistresses cock showed signs of life,in fact an erection occurred,lol,he felt extremely horny and aroused,he wished he could slip his hands underneath his trousers and touch,but he didn't,he isn't allowed,he just sat there thinking about how strict his Mistress,was the other night,how he had to hear her arousal for himself,no hiding it from the boy,as Mistress always likes her boy to hear Mistresses arousal,and so i was sat behind the wheel of the truck feeling horny and not being able to do anything about it,then another truck drove past him,the boy,spreading soil all over the road,and the moment was lost,he had to start scrubbing again

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 10th)

Today wasn't like every other work day,the boy was off sick,and because of the nature of his sickness,he didn't really think of anything other than getting better,with advice and care from his Mistress he used ice packs,rest etc,but because he hadn't informed Mistress he wasn't in work with his first text of the morning he was warned that in future he will always do so,and as soon as he saw this he felt aroused,he felt sexually aroused with the understanding with how things are changing,of how Mistresses control of the boy excites him,and puts him straight into submission mode,no shouting ,no bollockings,just a few simple words and he adores Mistress for all that she is and means to the boy

Monday, 10 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 9th)

3 days into a new orgasm denial period,and the boy has been thinking back to the first period of denial when Mistress took control for the first time,and how things have changed,back then, the boy struggled with the first couple of days that Mistress placed him in chastity,but now knowing how dismissive and controlling Mistress is and how much she loves him being frustrated, and the fact she doesn't even care how long he is denied for he hasn't even felt the urge to touch.

The boy is now a very different person to back then,he also has a lot more of him being controlled by Mistress and he knows he must remember so much more as in rules that he has to conform with and permissions to ask for,but when an instruction comes through he still gets easily aroused no matter how simple that instruction might be as every instruction from Mistress means so much to the boy 


Having had time to reflect on a lot of things recently,this post needs to be written to say Thank you to someone very Special,

I have stumbled through life with ups and downs all the way through my existence on planet earth,i have loved,laughed,struggled.had good experiences and bad ones but never really finding the position in life that was the true me.

Submission is something special,i have played and experienced with my submissive tendencies,since my late twenties,it has been fun and enjoyable but there was always something missing,that spark i have searched for but never found.

I have been whipped, caned, humiliated,shaved,tortured,i have visited fetish clubs,swingers clubs,had threesomes,met transvestites and had a lot of fun,but,all these experiences have been played at,they have been experienced by me but in all of them there was something missing,that spark.

I have searched for a long time to find the One that would truly exploit and teach me to find my true inner self,to bring out from within all the feelings that have been hiding way for such a long time,emotions,fears,thoughts,fantasies,wants and desires.

Wanting to find that one person who would take me and teach and train me on her terms and her way,and so after some 15-20 years of thinking i was doing OK,that i was surviving life and enjoying it,and that one just one day that person and i would find each other.

I would like that Person to know how much my submission to her means to me,everything that has been asked of me i have done,not perfectly i know that,and mistakes have been made along the way,but i have never treated it as a game,i have treated her with the respect she deserves and expects.

Recently as my blogs would have shown we have had some problems,the problem being me, being slack,being selfish and not transparent and not self serving,but i am trying to prove i can revert back to what drew her towards my submission in the first place,and i will as she is too special to lose.

But the most special thing about this Person is she cares,she helps,and although she comes across as Bitch at times,she has also shown a lot of compassion and care about me and wants to help me all she can,a truly wonderful Person whom i have and always will respect at all times.

This special Person is of course the boys Mistress,Such a Special Person !!!!


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 8th)

so the denial has started again,the boy still gets aroused easily,he is also being given more instructions,and with each one his heart beats just that little bit faster,his feelings change too,he has instructions to submit and those feelings of submitting are very special to the boy,he is never going back to,the previous weeks behaviour as he wants to be the best he can be for his Mistress at all times.He enjoys his submission and knows its what he really wants,he will still make mistakes,he knows that,he will be punished too,he knows that too,but he will be striving towards what is expected of the boy every minute he can and hoping that Mistress will be proud of him again sometime soon


The boy was chatting to Mistress last night and a particular question and answer he didn't know how and which way he should have answered came up in a discussion over the punishment he was given on Thursday night,we were chatting about if the boy had suffered,oh the boy can guarantee Mistress he suffered in lots of ways,but the discussion turned dismissive from Mistresses part and so she should,"oh dear" when the boy said her cock was still burning on Friday night and it burned all day on Friday too and again "oh dear"was the reply.

The boy then said Mistresses nipples were still slightly hurting,"shame its only slightly" was her reply and the boy agreed as it was a shame,he does like the fact he suffers,he feels her nipples hurt,long after the event,he likes to think of how it reminds the boy of her ownership,but the reason he didn't know what to say as to what was said next baffled the boy,he knew what he wanted to say but would it be construed as "topping from the bottom"would it be the boy being "selfish" and not self serving,he knew that all those feelings could be linked, so, after reading "oh and i thought you were saying its a shame it still wasn't burning" and following it up with "cos we can always rectify that!"

The boy had all those special feelings and tingles of his submissiveness,of Mistresses Dominance the boy feels and how much he likes being controlled,his stomach was in knots,his body suddenly felt different,he was trembling with excitement,he oh so wanted to say "yes" Mistress it is a shame,the boy oh so wanted to say yes please Mistress the boy would love Mistress to rectify it and cause the boy more suffering,but he didn't,he was unsure and felt the best way was not to answer thinking only of himself,he just carried on with the conversation agreeing with Mistress and being transparent with her,like she likes him to be.

The boy is using his blog to be open and knows that he can express his innermost feelings,he can say how he felt and how he wants Mistress to know what he wanted freely,its so nice to say what the boy feels and wants and he can assure his Mistress he will do so more often and freely not writing what he thinks she wants to hear but what the boy wants to get across,how he feels,what he likes,in his own words because its his blog

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Orgasm denial (January 7th)

The boy has started a new term of denial after the disastrous finish to the last episode of denial,although he managed 50 days the orgasm he had been looking forward to so much,the orgasm he had been building to,was over in a couple of seconds,because he couldn't control himself and lost control at the very last second,and he didn't even ask permission to cum,he was devastated and didn't impress Mistress too much either,but that has gone and onwards the boy goes,hoping that the next orgasm isn't as long in length of time and with a better ending than the last one,so here's to the next 50 days or so of denial lol

true feelings

The boy has been shown he hasn't been as transparent as Mistress wants him to be,he hasn't shown his emotions in the way Mistress wants him to,he has been slacking a lot recently,Mistress has questioned his actions and his wants recently,the boy has been writing what he thinks Mistress wants to hear but the boy is going to change all that,he is going to start blogging the way he was asked to from the start,showing his true feelings and what Mistresses control really means to the boy and how he does struggle from time to time but how the boy really feels,thinks and his own thoughts.

On a work Morning the boy gets up and makes a cup of tea and then sits at that fucking screen again,checking emails and of course Mistresses face,he has her as his wallpaper so every morning he can look at her wishing it was for real,he gets dressed more so in his choice of clothes than the choice he would rather have (no choice) and gets into work,he does his checks and hopes he doesn't have any defects as it would ruin his routine,of driving to fill up with water,and whilst the water goes slowly in to the tank he can text Mistress for the first time,he sometimes wishes he could just press the green button on his phone and listen to her like he loves to do,the emotion and feelings he gets from her voice,a voice he has loved from the moment he first heard her.

He presses the send button and waits hoping to hear back from her,that want,that need of reading how she is and how she has slept,sometimes that text is a long time coming but the boy knows she is probably rushing around sorting things,when it does come that noise the incoming text noise the boy hopes he isn't driving as Mistress made that very clear at an early stage (no texting whilst driving)he is excited to read her words but knowing that it will be the only text he will get until she gets to work.

Every time during the day that alert goes off he cant wait to open the text and read what Mistress has to say,these texts he gets are all so very special to him,the boy,if he hasn't had one for ages he checks his phone to see if there is one that has hidden itself,but knowing he is kidding himself,the phone rings from time to time and every time the boy thinks maybe just maybe,but it never is,the boy always lives in hope,sometime the alert goes off when the boy is busy and it may take sometime before he can read it,it kills him that he cant read it and knows he has to wait.

At the end of the day and the boy is on his way home,he cant wait to pull up outside his back gate,so he can text Mistress to say he is home,all the way home the boy is excited and wants to send that text he needs to be home now so he can text Mistress,he has been told Mistress needs to know he when he is home,its a rule,and he loves complying with her rules,the boy never waits till he is in home he texts Mistress from the car seat,so is his need to comply,he also asks permission to walk the dog at the same time as that is how he has always been,in the back door,dog lead on and out the front door,but now he has to wait and get that Permission to go out again,sometimes he sits and looks at the dog who is going crazy because he wants to go out,but the boy knows Permission must be granted first,the text alert come through and it reads "yes you may"or "you can walk the dog" and the boy always text backs "thank you Mistress" and when the boy gets back he texts Mistress to say he is home again,the boy is happy that Mistress is happy he is back home.

This blog should have been written last week,the boy shouldn't have waited to tell Mistress how he has been feeling,what her control of the boy,makes the boy feel,Mistress cant read "frigging minds" as Mistress said to the boy the other night,the boy loves and respects her control,he hasn't shown or told her how he feels he has been to selfish,but it has hit home,her treatment of the boy the other night has shown the boy,Mistress wasn't happy with his behaviour,disappointed that the boy had hit the "stop sign",but this is the first of so many blogs that the boy will write expressing his truest and inner most feelings of how the boy loves and respects the control Mistress has taken from the boy,how much Mistresses control means to the boy,he wants it he needs it and together and with her help we will push the dynamic and build way beyond anything the boy has done before or said before.

Mistress will learn more about the boy and all of his thoughts,yes she is a Bitch,and he likes her being so,he wants more of Mistress the Bitch,someone who will push the boy every time,to extract more out of her boy,to show the boy where his place is and always will be,and in return the boy will express his inner most feelings in a way he hasn't before,he does sometimes struggle with getting his feelings across on paper and showing his feelings with words,but he will try his hardest,and never again will he hold back how he feels,how Mistress makes him feel,and how much he wants what Mistress wants from him

Where indeed

The boy has awoken on a Saturday Morning with a bit of a lie in,the same as every other Saturday morning,but oh Christ would he much rather wake up somewhere else,somewhere where he knew what he should be doing.

He always goes down stairs and makes one cup of tea in his dressing gown,he wishes he had to ask Permission to make two cups and be naked with a plug in place,instead,he lets the dog out,again he would prefer to let two dogs out and stand and watch and check the plug was still in place.

The boy walks back upstairs with one cup of tea in hand instead of the two he would love to have in his hands,walking and treading so carefully so as to keep the plug in place that Mistress put there the night before,but he doesn't have to worry about the plug cause its not there.

The boy sits at the computer and starts it up,he knows he would much prefer to be placing Mistresses cup of tea on her bedside cabinet and waiting for Permission to sit on the edge of her bed,so he can take her feet in his hands stroking and kissing them whilst Mistress stirs and takes her first sip of tea,from her cup.

The boy instead is sat on his own, the dog waiting for his biscuit as patiently as the boy would be waiting for instruction as he plays and strokes Mistresses feet and legs,knowing and hoping that he is allowed Permission to worship Mistress where Mistress likes to be worshipped,so he can taste his Mistress for the first time this Saturday Morning.

the boy looks at his screen and only wishes he could be looking at Mistresses face her features,the same features that gave so many different feelings the night before,of joy,of dismissive,of sadistic smiles,and oh so many more,the boy so wants to be touching and kissing Mistresses feet the way she likes and running his hands up and down her legs that are soft to the touch,the boys touch.

The boy thinks to himself while reading his mail,that he need to use the toilet,but oh what he would give to be in such a different place,a place where Mistress would want to use him as her toilet,to feel her push his head back,and tell the boy to open wide as Mistress lowered her self down to within inches of his mouth and let go,her wonderful liquid flowing from her into the boys mouth and over his face as he struggles.

The boy comes back from the toilet feeling pissed off that he is not where he would like to be,knowing that after relieving herself Mistress would be laid on her bed with her legs open and the boy would be giving Mistress the worship she so deserves,her hand clenching the boys hair and pulling him into her forcing the boys face deep into her sex,listening to the moans of pleasure coming from his Mistresses mouth.

The boy comes back to reality and knows he is waiting for Mistresses text instead of hearing her speak softly to him,giving him instructions of what lies ahead today for the boy,her boy.He wonders what to wear when he gets dressed,but would much rather hear what Mistress wants him to wear today,as Mistress always instructs the boy what he must wear and she wants him to wear.

The boy has got dressed and goes back to the screen he looks at so often,to write a blog to show Mistress how much he does care for her and his feelings towards her,but he thinks to himself wouldn't it be so nice to be on his knees looking towards her face so he could say it in person and with true feelings and from his heart  instead of this Fucking Screen.

One Saturday, this might, be more than any other Saturday