Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Time for Honesty

It is now time that the boy is Honest with his Mistress,he has told her on many occasions how he has felt .his feelings,his frustrations and lots more too,the boy wants to tell his Mistress something else,the boy,over the past 5 days more than at any other time the boy needs his Mistress to understand what effect she has had on him since they spoke for the first time,the boy has completed tasks that his Mistress has told him to do, with each task he throws all his feelings into them,with each conversation his feelings are increasing to levels he never thought possible,the boy is starting to want everything they have talked about,in all areas,the boy knows and wants to learn with his Mistress and looks forward to doing the things that we both have talked about,Mistress knows she will be the first to have access to certain parts of the boys body,and he wants her to start as soon as is possible,the neediness is increasing,as Mistress probably realises this and may even feel the same way.

Mistress is a lot of things to her boy,and the boy likes the way they talk and Mistress tells him how things will be,how the dynamic will grow between the two of us and how more and more will be introduced,leading to what Mistress wants and will get from the boy,total control,everything that the boy has been learning whilst in contact with this wonderful Mistress is very slowly starting to take effect and the boy will realise his dream,the boy understands and wants more and more to be what Mistress wants him to be

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