Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Soppy Warning

I have been trying to think of what to call this blog,so many ideas have run through my head,i couldn't make my mind up,but as i pressed new post,it came to me,and because the person this post relates to, more than anything,. will know what the title means before even reading the first word

So i have met someone who is everything i have ever searched for,and more,ever since i took my first step into the lifestyle,and that was quite some time ago,i have met lots of players and fantasists and even dreamers,but i have never met anyone quite like this Special Lady,she oozes Dominance and at all times,this isn't something she does as a kink or as something added to a relationship to make it more fun,to get some extra kicks out of a vanilla relationship.

This Lady doesn't do vanilla full stop,its her way or no way at all,in the way she talks,acts,writes,instructs,controls, and that last word describes her best,she wants total control and at all times no excuses no ifs,just Control and her way.

The boy has been very fortunate to learn, all of what i have written, and a lot more,i only said to her last night that i had a question about a picture she had posted to her profile,as although we have discussed nearly every subject that you could think of,i hadn't asked how she liked to be kissed,and not only was it explained to me i would have to lower myself,so i looked up at her, than to day she wrote a very highly erotic blog,i say erotic it wasn't,it just felt that way to me as i read her every word touching every possible feeling i have in my body.

Her writing is something to behold,i love reading her blogs and only wish i could get over my feelings as well as she does,her writing flows naturally and you can feel the feelings spring out at you.

I want to take time to explain how she makes me feel my submission,she is just so dismissive its untrue,we were talking about me doing something wrong,knowing it and showing her i knew it too,and she came back with "you would be punished of course,and that would be the end of it",and then she said "there are no warm ups during punishments" or she may say "hows your frustration boy" and i reply with the answer she wants to hear i get a response of "diddums"or "tough" or "dint do sympathy faces" and she laughs it off.all of these simple sayings or just the one word means so much to the boy,and describes her Dismissive attitude,so matter of fact but always said with such meaning.

We have both come along way since i first had the pleasure of conversing with her,and with her help and understanding i have reached a point where i understand all of what has come before and why certain points have had to be crossed,why things had to be done in a certain way,it hasn't been an easy path and I'm sure that if i had met anyone else,i wouldn't have got this far,but i have and the boy only has one person to thank for getting the boy this far and he does often and will continue to do so,and if that is soppy then its soppy,because without her help and understanding this point could never have been reached.The boy knows that this is only the start and there is so much more to understand and learn but is in the safe knowledge that this oh so Special Lady will guide him on this path and will always be by his side.

And this "Special Lady" is of course the boys "MISTRESS"

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