Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Shopping in stockings

Yesterday i was told by my wonderful Mistress that i was to put on the hold up stockings, Mistress had told me to buy on her shopping list, and the boy was to take a pic and send it to her,the boy sent the pic and received a replyy saying that the hold ups looked snazzy but they werent supposed to be patterned and in future your Mistress will be specific in telling you what to buy,i was to then dress normally and go shopping with them on under my trousers,

The boy complied with his Mistress and wore them for the afternoon,it felt so strange stood in the bank knowing no one could see but the boy could feel and knew that he was the different one,he was the one with SLUT still written from the night before across the top of his pubic hair,the boy was also stood chatting to the female bank staff wearing hold up stockings under his trousers,and of course although Mistress didn't know where the boy was going Mistress did know what the boy was wearing for the afternoon.

So two people knew what the boy was wearing and had written on his body,but the boy was the one feeling humiliated at the thought of what the boy was doing,the boy also felt elation too that he was carrying out another task his Mistress had given him,the boy so loves the Control she has over him and wants so much more.

The boy then left the bank and went to asda where he walked across the car park feeling how unusual his legs felt,they felt cold even though he had another layer on under his trousers,he walked around doing his shopping but in a much more controlled way,he thought that they were sliding down his legs,and was starting to panic if they did do,no where to run no where to hide,he finished his shopping and then went to two more shops the fear now set in his mind that they were going to fall down.

The boy was relieved to get home and went to his room and removed his trousers only to see they hadn't moved and inch,it was all in his mind,and why was it in his mind,it was there because he himself had planted the thought there,the boy then took the dog for a walk and then on returning home sent his Mistress a text,please could the boy remove his stockings,some time after the boy received a text "Yes you may"

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