Thursday, 23 December 2010

Questions and Answers

The boy is very Lucky to have found a Mistress,that is as honest to the boy as the boy is to his Mistress,since very early on we have both been very honest with each other and that is probably why so much Trust has built up with each other over the length of time we have known each other

Mistress has always asked certain questions at certain times to find out more about "the boy"how the boy feels,what the boy likes, and at certain times Mistress will ask about my feelings now and how i now feel to a Question Mistress may have asked at the start,or does the boy still feel the same now as he did when he told his Mistress x y z weeks ago.

Many of the questions being asked now relate to feelings, and Mistress knows, as the boy has learnt that being in constant denial feelings change,the boy has learned about how things change and they have changed a massive amount,so i answer all her questions as honestly as the boy can at this moment in time.

Last night was no different,the boy asked if he could ask Mistress some questions about certain issues that had been raised recently,and her answer as is always the case was the same, yes you may,so the boy did and got the honest answers that he has always got in response.This the boy knows is not always the case and the boy wants Mistress to know he appreciates her honesty.

The boy has lots of feelings at the moment running through his entire body and sometimes doesn't know how to handle or understand the way he feels,but the boy knows he can ask Mistress and she will try to help him, as its through his constant denial that these feelings have started to hit certain points but the boy knows(that he can ask for advice at any time) and the answers will always be there at ALL times,the boy doesn't have to battle his feelings on his own,HIS MISTRESS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HIM,and that makes his MISTRESS THE BEST MISTRESS EVER

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