Thursday, 30 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 29th)

The boy was told this morning "teach you right" and when i asked Mistress what she meant by that the boy was told"it will teach you not to tell your Mistress that you are aroused when your Mistress is on her way to bed"this made the boy smile but then thoughts set in and he thought so when is a good time. the boy has had thoughts like that and many other thoughts on his mind today,which leads to frustration he knows will happen and cant do anything about it,the boys continual denial goes on but the boy enjoys being in the situation he is.

I think of the things Mistress has already put the boy through,one in particular was the most frustrating situation he has ever had in his life Mistress knows she put him through the mill that night and enjoyed every single moment,of making the boy listen and she could hear the frustration the boy felt through the boys pleading and breathing patterns.This example and many more that i wont go into now makes the boy realise how special Mistress really is.

Is Mistress a Bitch,she knows she is and the boy loves her being one,but the boy saw the other side of her yesterday and told her so too,she is a special caring individual who also happens to be a Mistress and one of the best the boy has encountered on his journey through life so far,Mistress has never said she is the best but read her blogs and her thoughts and feelings come flooding through the words she writes and hits you as if you are there with her enjoying those special moments in her mind and her heart deep within,and one day the boy will,be there,soaking in her Dominance,her warmth,her feelings and being the "best boy he can for his Mistress"

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