Friday, 31 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 30th)

today is the 45th day of denial,denial from a wonderful Mistress,a Mistress that couldn't care if it was the 1st day or the 90th day,it doesn't matter to her how many days of denial the boy has gone through,or how many more days she will make the boy wait,to Mistress all she cares about is the Control she has,that Control she needs and steadily takes more with each passing day,the boy has feelings and thoughts every day the longer his frustration continues,he is aroused at the slightest thought that passes through his mind,the other day he was chatting to his Mistress,and she started talking numbers,45/60/90 of how these were round numbers of denial and although the boys heart sank at hearing her talk so casually about how these numbers might come into play,the boys arousal was so high,Mistress was turning her boys arousal up and up with talking about the Control she has over the boy.
 So the boy is truly in a place he wants to be under her Control and loves being there in that place,that place of giving his self to another and accepting what may happen is no longer his choice

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