Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 28th)

so the frustration builds which make the arousal build to levels never experienced before,but knowing with the passing of each new day these levels will only ever build,the boy loves being denied so cruelly and Mistress loves having the boy this way,she knows more about the boys reactions and feeling than sometimes the boy knows himself,whilst on the phone she just listens to the boy breathing whilst the boy listens intently on what Mistress may be doing or saying to the boy at the time,all the time Mistress is listening for reactions and breathing patterns,Mistress is so clever,she knows she has the boy exactly where she wants him and the boy is of course happy to be in that place,i was reading one of her blogs and she wrote "she wants to taking the boy to a place where he feels truly and utterly Controlled" and the boy felt like shouting "yes fucking please" ,but the boy knows he is being controlled now like he has never been before,and it feels so special to be treated this way.

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