Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 27th)

the boy Mistresses boy,has been going back over some of the previous blogs he has written for his Mistress,and has seen the change in the level of the boys submission,well yesterday,after Mistress and the boy had enjoyed one of their private chats,that had left the boy even more frustrated,and of course Mistress knows,that she leaves the boy frustrated more and more,the boy received an instruction.

As i know how frustrated the boy is feeling and the boy knows how much i like him to be and even though the boy is slightly slacking,the boy also showed his Mistress that he pushed a limit to please his Mistress on Christmas day and that act didn't go unnoticed the boy can edge for 15 Min's right now(Mistress knows where the boy is at any time of the day,because the boy has to tell her so).The boy must not cum and if the boy improves his slacking he may get another reward later,and within 2 minutes of that text the boy was caught slacking again by asking his Mistress for something,the edging reward was allowed .

Mistresses boy raced to the sanctuary of his bedroom,closed the door,and slipped out of his trousers,he lay on the bed and slid his hand down to her cock,he held back at first,as he thought of how his Mistress talks to him when he is allowed to touch,to play,the boys hand slipped nicely on to her cock,it felt wonderful to touch again,those heart warming sensations,to feel the warmth her cock gave him,he isn't playing with his,he is playing with her cock,and the sensations that gives the boy are indescribable,the feels so close to his mistress when he is allowed such closeness.

Mistresses cock didn't need much playing with to get to the edge,it never does these days,and sometimes that worries the boy,as when Mistress plays with her cock the boy is going to find it so tough to not cum,and the boy also knows Mistress wont be stopping like the boy does and wont be so gentle either,and the boy will fail,as his Mistress will want him too as the boys feelings will overwhelm the boy.

Mistresses boy kept her cock at the edge so easily,and didn't need to wank like he has done in the past,her cock stayed twitching for 15 Min's at the edge,the edge where Mistress enjoys the boy to be,so little contact,so little touch,just quivering on the edge,so close to release,so close spilling its cum,but not allowed to enjoy that final conclusion,the boy didn't count as there was no one edge it was one constant edge,afterwards the boy text Mistress and thanked her,even though all Mistress had done was increase the boys frustrations even more and the boy loves pleasing his Mistress in this way

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