Monday, 27 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 26th)

Mistress has often told the boy that she doesn't keep count or even care how long his denial has been,and the boy this morning when he went to write this blog cant himself remember the exact length of days in denial,the boy is starting to remember the last time Mistress allowed the boy to touch her cock,and how many days that has been,the boy is realising more and more as time goes on how unforgiving his Mistress can and will be,and Mistress knows how much her boy is loving every single minute of submitting to her,her thoughts and her beliefs.

Christmas is a special time of year with lots of giving and exchanging gifts,but not for my Mistress,the boy wasn't allowed to even touch her cock on Christmas day,some may think that is cruel,very cruel,the boy finds it, Mistress showing who is in Control,and what lies ahead for her boy, and how does the boy feel,he knows he is being taken to a place he has only ever dreamed of,that place is now a reality,and he loves every single minute of being owned by his Mistress.

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