Sunday, 26 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 25th)

It is Christmas day and the boy has gone to stay with his parents and family,the boy had a best wishes text from his Mistress,and this made the boy very happy and of course returned text to his Mistress wishing her the same,the boy also knew of an instruction Mistress had sent him and wasn't at all sure,the first ever time,in the time his Mistress had issued instructions to the boy,the humiliation aspect was huge to the boy,and the boy did think about not carrying it out,but the boy knows he had to !!as his submission to his Mistress isn't a game its the reality he now has in his life and needs so much,it was also a huge turn on for the boy as well,the instruction was to wear stockings whilst at my sisters for the day,Mistress wanted the boy to have feelings for her and also knew the arousal would huge too,so after asking to take them off,Mistress managed a quick chat with the boy,and even knowing what the boy had done,still refused the boy to touch her cock,and the feelings that the boy has for his Mistress are growing by the day,and they were already at 150% lol a photo was taken and was text to Mistress as proof of the boy following instruction.

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