Friday, 24 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 23rd)

the boy had a frustrating day,for lots of reasons,he lost more control to his Mistress,it seems to disappear daily (lol)but the more that is taken away the more the boy is realising how lucky he really is to have found such a fantastic Mistress,his frustrations and feelings have really doubled today with things that have gone on between the boy and his Mistress,and although a lot was given to the boy,something might be taken away too and he would prefer that to be a special occasion shared by two people that know how much the something would mean to each other,but that is only one persons decision the other has to accept whatever is decided,and the boy is surprised after being so desperate for release he now feels so desperate for no release and i think that indeed shows how much the boy has changed in his feelings thanks to the need for denial the boy feels

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