Thursday, 23 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 22nd)

"probably the best" day the boy has spent in chastity since the boy gave the control of his cock to his Mistress,the feelings were and are indescribable,the amount of frustration the boy felt,goes nowhere near anything that has happened to the boy before,but the boy knows he will feel a lot more and worse in the times ahead,

Mistress and the boy spent their first evening together even though they were separated by about 30 miles,did the distance matter No,what was felt with emotions,feelings and honesty throughout the entire evening just cannot be described,erotic yes,frustration yes,honesty yes,control oh yes,the only emotion that was missing from both sides was Touch,one much more than the other(lol)but being able to touch because the boy didn't touch at all,the boy wasn't allowed to touch,he had to listen, but not touch what belongs to Mistress.

What was reinforced  to the boy and something that his Mistress has told him this morning was how much the boy "wants,needs,loves" Control,"Ive known he has for a while" was the reply to a text this morning from his Mistress,oh the boy is so very very lucky to have a Mistress like he has.

So what brought about this level of Denial and Control that made this one day stand out from all the rest,quite simply being teased way beyond any way the boy has felt or been teased before,and although it was incredibly frustrating,sometimes at shouting out level,the boy loved it all,Mistress knows just how much the boy so loves being denied in the way Mistress denies him,Mistress doesn't have to shout to put her point across,and even at the height of pleasure when Mistress might have said yes,"NO" was the response throughout the entire evening,or should i say morning (lol)

Mistress mentioned some lengths of extended denial at times last night,and the boy hopes that he keeps her so very happy,that they will be kept far from becoming a reality,as the boy doesn't know if he would or could cope with the time scales mentioned,the boy would just like to say to his Mistress for an incredible evening Thank you so very much Mistress !!!

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