Friday, 31 December 2010

Life Changing

Its funny that i look back over the past couple of months,the boy knows how it all started but never thought anything would be so life changing, it all started some months ago when the boy sent a memo via i.c.and made contact with a wonderful lady,"i have posted about memos" before but as that is where it all started the memo had to be mentioned in this blog too.

And a friendship was struck,we have chatted about everything since and still will for the future we now have our sights set on,we started light and built everything on honesty and trust,slowly i started to understand her wants and needs,in all areas,and found myself wanting the same just on different levels,if we counted the number of hours and texts we have sent each other and spent chatting on messenger,i dread to think of the number we would arrive at but we have both enjoyed each others company and laughs we have had loads and always will,its great to share some humour and laugh together.

The exact same Lady suggested that i blog" i said  i had never heard of blogging",she took time to explain what blogging was and how it helps each other to understand more about each other,and she also wanted to learn more about my feelings,what i was thinking,and how my thoughts were,and it was more or less at that early stage that the control aspect of what this Lady was looking for captured me as she took from me what i considered at that early stage a basic from me,she wanted control of my chastity my ability to have an orgasm.

The Lady then asked if i would write a blog about my experiences on how i felt my feelings,my thoughts, this quite quickly was turned into a daily blog and i still write today,i said when it first started it was a basic control that was taken from me,well it was i thought at the time but some 9 weeks later and i have had one orgasm,and as time has gone by, the effects i have felt,the feelings that have taken place,my focus and attentiveness has changed my whole life, from this day forward,so although it started as a basic it has turned into something far greater and with far more consequences than i ever thought possible.

The last two weeks has been the most rewarding weeks so far,not that any of what has gone on before wasn't rewarding, the whole experience so far has been so rewarding and in so many ways,but i have spoken to the Lady that has made me realise things about myself i never thought i would ever learn,and most probably without the Lady concerned i would never have,on the phone and not for a quick 30 minute chat either,we have spent at least 15 hours chatting to each other over three very early mornings,we have laughed,we have asked questions about each other,about each others lives,work,past partners,experiences,feelings,thoughts,just listened to each other breathing and lots of other more erotic experiences too,all our experiences have been fun and enjoyable beyond anything i have ever experienced with any other person before.

Our last conversation was as fun as any of the other two,but one question i was asked has caused me more joy and happiness than any i have been asked before, the question was "are you sure" and i answered as i have always answered "yes i am sure",that simple question will cause my life to change for ever,my life will never ever be the same again and how excited those that make the boy feel,i cant find words to describe the feelings i now feel,ecstatic,exhilarated,and that warm submissive feel that glows all through my submissive body and mind and heart.

So the New year is upon us and the boy is looking forward to experiencing so many more challenges this year but challenges that will be embraced together as Mistress and the boy.

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