Friday, 31 December 2010

Fantasy time

Mistress asked me recently if the boy had any thoughts to something we haven't discussed or wanted to happen,this is more of a fantasy than something the boy would want to happen,and at the end of the day the boy is allowed to suggest what he likes but Mistress will decide if anything happens.

It is late evening the boy is doing his chores and Mistress is sat at the PC,"Boy my glass needs topping up" of course Mistress i reply and fetch her bottle of wine from the kitchen and top her glass up,she looks at me and smiles,i return the bottle to the fridge."Boy" i want you at my feet now "bring your lead with you",the boy always has a collar and he hurries over with the lead in his hand,but knowing he hasn't finished the washing up yet,Mistress doesn't care she just wants him at her feet.

Her boy offers her the lead and looks up at her from his position at her feet,she smiles and clips the lead in place,she tells the boy to hold her legs and stroke her feet,whilst she chats to a friend online,the boy sits patiently as Mistress lifts each foot in turn and places it in the boys lap for worshipping,the boy has done this many times and only rubs her feet as Mistress will tell him if she wants something else.

"Suck each toe "mistress commands,and the boy holds her foot to his mouth and places each toe in his mouth sucking and licking sensually as Mistress likes,she carries on the boy can hear her keyboard rattling away as she types furiously,Mistress makes the odd moan as the boy licks her toes,Mistress removes her foot and places the other in her boys hand,the boy doesn't need instruction as he knows what is required of him and he quickly licks and sucks each toe with the same passion he has done with the other foot.

Mistress pauses as the boy can hear her keyboard has gone quiet,the boy dare not look up but knows he is being watched,he can feel Mistresses eyes staring at him,he has felt this so many times before,he feels the lead being tightened,"Stop" and "look at me" the boy stops but holds on to his Mistresses foot and stares upwards looking in to her eyes,those gorgeous eyes staring right at him,Mistress reaches down and our faces are inches apart,i can feel her breath as she breathes in to the boys face.

Mistress runs her nail across the boys cheek,the boy can see the smile on her face and he relishes any touch Mistress may give him,he is fixated on her.her lips so succulent,he could easily kiss her and taste her sweetness,the way she likes to be kissed,his thoughts are now on his Mistresses face and forgets for one second her hand  that is lovingly stroking his face and that one split second Mistress slaps him so hard across his cheek,the boy flinches but knows he mustn't move or say anything,he must keep eye contact at all times,the boy sees the smile has changed slightly,he knows Mistress likes to slap him often across the boys face.

The boy can feel the lead tighten,and the next hard slap across his other cheek comes with out any any expression change on his Mistresses face,five hard slaps on each cheek follow in quick succession,and the lead goes slack,"your foot worship deserved that Boy" you have made "me feel excited boy",and without any other emotion being shown Mistress starts typing again and the boy continues worshipping his Mistresses feet,

After an hour of so of constant foot worship,and running his hands up and down Mistress legs,Mistress stops typing,and moves her chair out of the way,Mistress is stood hands on hips and points to the floor beneath her,the boy knows what that means and lies on his back with his face looking directly up Mistresses long skirt,he reaches up and holds her skirt in his hands and offers her skirt to Mistress,Mistress lifts her skirt and the boy can see her cunt glistening in the light,looking so wonderful,wanting to feel it on his face,her cock is excited but cant get hard as the device stops it doing so,the boy is frustrated but has little choice but to feel so.

Mistress slowly lowers herself until her glistening sex is inches from the boys mouth,he can smell her wetness,how he wants to feels her cunt lowered on to his mouth,oh what he would do to lick her and taste her,"open wide boy" her soft words spoken and the boy can see droplets of her coming from her cunt,he takes them willingly into his open mouth,swallowing as he watches the stream getting harder and harder and it hits the the boys throat the feeling is oh so wonderful,the boy swallows and swallows as the stream is slowing up,until the steam again returns to droplets,he know he hasn't spilled a drop and feels proud,his Mistress couldn't care.

Mistress lowers her cunt slowly so her boy can lick any wetness from her lips drying her as is always expected of the boy,her dress falls to the floor as she gets ups,and returns to her seat and the boy returns to his position at her feet,he loves being treated this way and Mistress knows he does but also knows it wouldn't matter if he didn't as she has his submission.

Mistress slides her skirt slowly up her legs and over her thighs,the legs and thighs the boy has kissed and stroked with such love and attention,he can see her wetness himself and her cunt again glistens in the subtle light,Mistress pulls the lead tightly so the boys face is inches from her sex,he can feel the warmth that oozes from her,he aches to put his tongue in her, to taste her.The boy feels Mistress grasp his hair and pull him into that place ,that special place,the place he loves to be,a plug up his arse,a collar on his neck,and his face deep in her sex,tasting and feeling her all over his face.

Mistress stops and the boy  away slightly,and he can hear her subtle but assertive words,"Your on camera boy as you have been all night, you will be a good boy and give me as many orgasms as i want,need,desire, because you are MINE "

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