Monday, 27 December 2010


the boy knows he has one,his Mistress certainly knows he has one,and both are happy that he does have one,the addiction the boy has is Mistress.

The boy loves every single feeling of his addiction to his Mistress,how she knows more about how the boy feels just by hearing him breathe than the boy does,that she knows the boy will do anything to please his Mistress,how some of his talking can tell her much about the boy,Mistress knows the boy is aching to feel her touch,the pain she wants to inflict on the boy,the humiliation she loves to make the boy feel,the control Mistress has over the boy.

His feelings towards his Mistress have never been stronger and is growing, by every breath the boy takes,every time he looks at her photo,every time he hears her voice,every instruction he is given,every time more control is taken,with each blog he reads his Mistress has written,

The boy,Her boy,Mistresses boy is hooked he longs for the day,that very special day his addiction is leading to,so he can start to feed his addiction even more and become even more addicted to Mistress.

Mistress means so much to the boy,which makes the boy feel a very,very  Lucky Boy

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