Friday, 31 December 2010

Life Changing

Its funny that i look back over the past couple of months,the boy knows how it all started but never thought anything would be so life changing, it all started some months ago when the boy sent a memo via i.c.and made contact with a wonderful lady,"i have posted about memos" before but as that is where it all started the memo had to be mentioned in this blog too.

And a friendship was struck,we have chatted about everything since and still will for the future we now have our sights set on,we started light and built everything on honesty and trust,slowly i started to understand her wants and needs,in all areas,and found myself wanting the same just on different levels,if we counted the number of hours and texts we have sent each other and spent chatting on messenger,i dread to think of the number we would arrive at but we have both enjoyed each others company and laughs we have had loads and always will,its great to share some humour and laugh together.

The exact same Lady suggested that i blog" i said  i had never heard of blogging",she took time to explain what blogging was and how it helps each other to understand more about each other,and she also wanted to learn more about my feelings,what i was thinking,and how my thoughts were,and it was more or less at that early stage that the control aspect of what this Lady was looking for captured me as she took from me what i considered at that early stage a basic from me,she wanted control of my chastity my ability to have an orgasm.

The Lady then asked if i would write a blog about my experiences on how i felt my feelings,my thoughts, this quite quickly was turned into a daily blog and i still write today,i said when it first started it was a basic control that was taken from me,well it was i thought at the time but some 9 weeks later and i have had one orgasm,and as time has gone by, the effects i have felt,the feelings that have taken place,my focus and attentiveness has changed my whole life, from this day forward,so although it started as a basic it has turned into something far greater and with far more consequences than i ever thought possible.

The last two weeks has been the most rewarding weeks so far,not that any of what has gone on before wasn't rewarding, the whole experience so far has been so rewarding and in so many ways,but i have spoken to the Lady that has made me realise things about myself i never thought i would ever learn,and most probably without the Lady concerned i would never have,on the phone and not for a quick 30 minute chat either,we have spent at least 15 hours chatting to each other over three very early mornings,we have laughed,we have asked questions about each other,about each others lives,work,past partners,experiences,feelings,thoughts,just listened to each other breathing and lots of other more erotic experiences too,all our experiences have been fun and enjoyable beyond anything i have ever experienced with any other person before.

Our last conversation was as fun as any of the other two,but one question i was asked has caused me more joy and happiness than any i have been asked before, the question was "are you sure" and i answered as i have always answered "yes i am sure",that simple question will cause my life to change for ever,my life will never ever be the same again and how excited those that make the boy feel,i cant find words to describe the feelings i now feel,ecstatic,exhilarated,and that warm submissive feel that glows all through my submissive body and mind and heart.

So the New year is upon us and the boy is looking forward to experiencing so many more challenges this year but challenges that will be embraced together as Mistress and the boy.

Fantasy time

Mistress asked me recently if the boy had any thoughts to something we haven't discussed or wanted to happen,this is more of a fantasy than something the boy would want to happen,and at the end of the day the boy is allowed to suggest what he likes but Mistress will decide if anything happens.

It is late evening the boy is doing his chores and Mistress is sat at the PC,"Boy my glass needs topping up" of course Mistress i reply and fetch her bottle of wine from the kitchen and top her glass up,she looks at me and smiles,i return the bottle to the fridge."Boy" i want you at my feet now "bring your lead with you",the boy always has a collar and he hurries over with the lead in his hand,but knowing he hasn't finished the washing up yet,Mistress doesn't care she just wants him at her feet.

Her boy offers her the lead and looks up at her from his position at her feet,she smiles and clips the lead in place,she tells the boy to hold her legs and stroke her feet,whilst she chats to a friend online,the boy sits patiently as Mistress lifts each foot in turn and places it in the boys lap for worshipping,the boy has done this many times and only rubs her feet as Mistress will tell him if she wants something else.

"Suck each toe "mistress commands,and the boy holds her foot to his mouth and places each toe in his mouth sucking and licking sensually as Mistress likes,she carries on the boy can hear her keyboard rattling away as she types furiously,Mistress makes the odd moan as the boy licks her toes,Mistress removes her foot and places the other in her boys hand,the boy doesn't need instruction as he knows what is required of him and he quickly licks and sucks each toe with the same passion he has done with the other foot.

Mistress pauses as the boy can hear her keyboard has gone quiet,the boy dare not look up but knows he is being watched,he can feel Mistresses eyes staring at him,he has felt this so many times before,he feels the lead being tightened,"Stop" and "look at me" the boy stops but holds on to his Mistresses foot and stares upwards looking in to her eyes,those gorgeous eyes staring right at him,Mistress reaches down and our faces are inches apart,i can feel her breath as she breathes in to the boys face.

Mistress runs her nail across the boys cheek,the boy can see the smile on her face and he relishes any touch Mistress may give him,he is fixated on her.her lips so succulent,he could easily kiss her and taste her sweetness,the way she likes to be kissed,his thoughts are now on his Mistresses face and forgets for one second her hand  that is lovingly stroking his face and that one split second Mistress slaps him so hard across his cheek,the boy flinches but knows he mustn't move or say anything,he must keep eye contact at all times,the boy sees the smile has changed slightly,he knows Mistress likes to slap him often across the boys face.

The boy can feel the lead tighten,and the next hard slap across his other cheek comes with out any any expression change on his Mistresses face,five hard slaps on each cheek follow in quick succession,and the lead goes slack,"your foot worship deserved that Boy" you have made "me feel excited boy",and without any other emotion being shown Mistress starts typing again and the boy continues worshipping his Mistresses feet,

After an hour of so of constant foot worship,and running his hands up and down Mistress legs,Mistress stops typing,and moves her chair out of the way,Mistress is stood hands on hips and points to the floor beneath her,the boy knows what that means and lies on his back with his face looking directly up Mistresses long skirt,he reaches up and holds her skirt in his hands and offers her skirt to Mistress,Mistress lifts her skirt and the boy can see her cunt glistening in the light,looking so wonderful,wanting to feel it on his face,her cock is excited but cant get hard as the device stops it doing so,the boy is frustrated but has little choice but to feel so.

Mistress slowly lowers herself until her glistening sex is inches from the boys mouth,he can smell her wetness,how he wants to feels her cunt lowered on to his mouth,oh what he would do to lick her and taste her,"open wide boy" her soft words spoken and the boy can see droplets of her coming from her cunt,he takes them willingly into his open mouth,swallowing as he watches the stream getting harder and harder and it hits the the boys throat the feeling is oh so wonderful,the boy swallows and swallows as the stream is slowing up,until the steam again returns to droplets,he know he hasn't spilled a drop and feels proud,his Mistress couldn't care.

Mistress lowers her cunt slowly so her boy can lick any wetness from her lips drying her as is always expected of the boy,her dress falls to the floor as she gets ups,and returns to her seat and the boy returns to his position at her feet,he loves being treated this way and Mistress knows he does but also knows it wouldn't matter if he didn't as she has his submission.

Mistress slides her skirt slowly up her legs and over her thighs,the legs and thighs the boy has kissed and stroked with such love and attention,he can see her wetness himself and her cunt again glistens in the subtle light,Mistress pulls the lead tightly so the boys face is inches from her sex,he can feel the warmth that oozes from her,he aches to put his tongue in her, to taste her.The boy feels Mistress grasp his hair and pull him into that place ,that special place,the place he loves to be,a plug up his arse,a collar on his neck,and his face deep in her sex,tasting and feeling her all over his face.

Mistress stops and the boy  away slightly,and he can hear her subtle but assertive words,"Your on camera boy as you have been all night, you will be a good boy and give me as many orgasms as i want,need,desire, because you are MINE "

Orgasm denial (December 30th)

today is the 45th day of denial,denial from a wonderful Mistress,a Mistress that couldn't care if it was the 1st day or the 90th day,it doesn't matter to her how many days of denial the boy has gone through,or how many more days she will make the boy wait,to Mistress all she cares about is the Control she has,that Control she needs and steadily takes more with each passing day,the boy has feelings and thoughts every day the longer his frustration continues,he is aroused at the slightest thought that passes through his mind,the other day he was chatting to his Mistress,and she started talking numbers,45/60/90 of how these were round numbers of denial and although the boys heart sank at hearing her talk so casually about how these numbers might come into play,the boys arousal was so high,Mistress was turning her boys arousal up and up with talking about the Control she has over the boy.
 So the boy is truly in a place he wants to be under her Control and loves being there in that place,that place of giving his self to another and accepting what may happen is no longer his choice

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 29th)

The boy was told this morning "teach you right" and when i asked Mistress what she meant by that the boy was told"it will teach you not to tell your Mistress that you are aroused when your Mistress is on her way to bed"this made the boy smile but then thoughts set in and he thought so when is a good time. the boy has had thoughts like that and many other thoughts on his mind today,which leads to frustration he knows will happen and cant do anything about it,the boys continual denial goes on but the boy enjoys being in the situation he is.

I think of the things Mistress has already put the boy through,one in particular was the most frustrating situation he has ever had in his life Mistress knows she put him through the mill that night and enjoyed every single moment,of making the boy listen and she could hear the frustration the boy felt through the boys pleading and breathing patterns.This example and many more that i wont go into now makes the boy realise how special Mistress really is.

Is Mistress a Bitch,she knows she is and the boy loves her being one,but the boy saw the other side of her yesterday and told her so too,she is a special caring individual who also happens to be a Mistress and one of the best the boy has encountered on his journey through life so far,Mistress has never said she is the best but read her blogs and her thoughts and feelings come flooding through the words she writes and hits you as if you are there with her enjoying those special moments in her mind and her heart deep within,and one day the boy will,be there,soaking in her Dominance,her warmth,her feelings and being the "best boy he can for his Mistress"

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 28th)

so the frustration builds which make the arousal build to levels never experienced before,but knowing with the passing of each new day these levels will only ever build,the boy loves being denied so cruelly and Mistress loves having the boy this way,she knows more about the boys reactions and feeling than sometimes the boy knows himself,whilst on the phone she just listens to the boy breathing whilst the boy listens intently on what Mistress may be doing or saying to the boy at the time,all the time Mistress is listening for reactions and breathing patterns,Mistress is so clever,she knows she has the boy exactly where she wants him and the boy is of course happy to be in that place,i was reading one of her blogs and she wrote "she wants to taking the boy to a place where he feels truly and utterly Controlled" and the boy felt like shouting "yes fucking please" ,but the boy knows he is being controlled now like he has never been before,and it feels so special to be treated this way.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Soppy Warning

I have been trying to think of what to call this blog,so many ideas have run through my head,i couldn't make my mind up,but as i pressed new post,it came to me,and because the person this post relates to, more than anything,. will know what the title means before even reading the first word

So i have met someone who is everything i have ever searched for,and more,ever since i took my first step into the lifestyle,and that was quite some time ago,i have met lots of players and fantasists and even dreamers,but i have never met anyone quite like this Special Lady,she oozes Dominance and at all times,this isn't something she does as a kink or as something added to a relationship to make it more fun,to get some extra kicks out of a vanilla relationship.

This Lady doesn't do vanilla full stop,its her way or no way at all,in the way she talks,acts,writes,instructs,controls, and that last word describes her best,she wants total control and at all times no excuses no ifs,just Control and her way.

The boy has been very fortunate to learn, all of what i have written, and a lot more,i only said to her last night that i had a question about a picture she had posted to her profile,as although we have discussed nearly every subject that you could think of,i hadn't asked how she liked to be kissed,and not only was it explained to me i would have to lower myself,so i looked up at her, than to day she wrote a very highly erotic blog,i say erotic it wasn't,it just felt that way to me as i read her every word touching every possible feeling i have in my body.

Her writing is something to behold,i love reading her blogs and only wish i could get over my feelings as well as she does,her writing flows naturally and you can feel the feelings spring out at you.

I want to take time to explain how she makes me feel my submission,she is just so dismissive its untrue,we were talking about me doing something wrong,knowing it and showing her i knew it too,and she came back with "you would be punished of course,and that would be the end of it",and then she said "there are no warm ups during punishments" or she may say "hows your frustration boy" and i reply with the answer she wants to hear i get a response of "diddums"or "tough" or "dint do sympathy faces" and she laughs it off.all of these simple sayings or just the one word means so much to the boy,and describes her Dismissive attitude,so matter of fact but always said with such meaning.

We have both come along way since i first had the pleasure of conversing with her,and with her help and understanding i have reached a point where i understand all of what has come before and why certain points have had to be crossed,why things had to be done in a certain way,it hasn't been an easy path and I'm sure that if i had met anyone else,i wouldn't have got this far,but i have and the boy only has one person to thank for getting the boy this far and he does often and will continue to do so,and if that is soppy then its soppy,because without her help and understanding this point could never have been reached.The boy knows that this is only the start and there is so much more to understand and learn but is in the safe knowledge that this oh so Special Lady will guide him on this path and will always be by his side.

And this "Special Lady" is of course the boys "MISTRESS"

Orgasm denial (December 27th)

the boy Mistresses boy,has been going back over some of the previous blogs he has written for his Mistress,and has seen the change in the level of the boys submission,well yesterday,after Mistress and the boy had enjoyed one of their private chats,that had left the boy even more frustrated,and of course Mistress knows,that she leaves the boy frustrated more and more,the boy received an instruction.

As i know how frustrated the boy is feeling and the boy knows how much i like him to be and even though the boy is slightly slacking,the boy also showed his Mistress that he pushed a limit to please his Mistress on Christmas day and that act didn't go unnoticed the boy can edge for 15 Min's right now(Mistress knows where the boy is at any time of the day,because the boy has to tell her so).The boy must not cum and if the boy improves his slacking he may get another reward later,and within 2 minutes of that text the boy was caught slacking again by asking his Mistress for something,the edging reward was allowed .

Mistresses boy raced to the sanctuary of his bedroom,closed the door,and slipped out of his trousers,he lay on the bed and slid his hand down to her cock,he held back at first,as he thought of how his Mistress talks to him when he is allowed to touch,to play,the boys hand slipped nicely on to her cock,it felt wonderful to touch again,those heart warming sensations,to feel the warmth her cock gave him,he isn't playing with his,he is playing with her cock,and the sensations that gives the boy are indescribable,the feels so close to his mistress when he is allowed such closeness.

Mistresses cock didn't need much playing with to get to the edge,it never does these days,and sometimes that worries the boy,as when Mistress plays with her cock the boy is going to find it so tough to not cum,and the boy also knows Mistress wont be stopping like the boy does and wont be so gentle either,and the boy will fail,as his Mistress will want him too as the boys feelings will overwhelm the boy.

Mistresses boy kept her cock at the edge so easily,and didn't need to wank like he has done in the past,her cock stayed twitching for 15 Min's at the edge,the edge where Mistress enjoys the boy to be,so little contact,so little touch,just quivering on the edge,so close to release,so close spilling its cum,but not allowed to enjoy that final conclusion,the boy didn't count as there was no one edge it was one constant edge,afterwards the boy text Mistress and thanked her,even though all Mistress had done was increase the boys frustrations even more and the boy loves pleasing his Mistress in this way

Monday, 27 December 2010


the boy knows he has one,his Mistress certainly knows he has one,and both are happy that he does have one,the addiction the boy has is Mistress.

The boy loves every single feeling of his addiction to his Mistress,how she knows more about how the boy feels just by hearing him breathe than the boy does,that she knows the boy will do anything to please his Mistress,how some of his talking can tell her much about the boy,Mistress knows the boy is aching to feel her touch,the pain she wants to inflict on the boy,the humiliation she loves to make the boy feel,the control Mistress has over the boy.

His feelings towards his Mistress have never been stronger and is growing, by every breath the boy takes,every time he looks at her photo,every time he hears her voice,every instruction he is given,every time more control is taken,with each blog he reads his Mistress has written,

The boy,Her boy,Mistresses boy is hooked he longs for the day,that very special day his addiction is leading to,so he can start to feed his addiction even more and become even more addicted to Mistress.

Mistress means so much to the boy,which makes the boy feel a very,very  Lucky Boy

Orgasm denial (December 26th)

Mistress has often told the boy that she doesn't keep count or even care how long his denial has been,and the boy this morning when he went to write this blog cant himself remember the exact length of days in denial,the boy is starting to remember the last time Mistress allowed the boy to touch her cock,and how many days that has been,the boy is realising more and more as time goes on how unforgiving his Mistress can and will be,and Mistress knows how much her boy is loving every single minute of submitting to her,her thoughts and her beliefs.

Christmas is a special time of year with lots of giving and exchanging gifts,but not for my Mistress,the boy wasn't allowed to even touch her cock on Christmas day,some may think that is cruel,very cruel,the boy finds it, Mistress showing who is in Control,and what lies ahead for her boy, and how does the boy feel,he knows he is being taken to a place he has only ever dreamed of,that place is now a reality,and he loves every single minute of being owned by his Mistress.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 25th)

It is Christmas day and the boy has gone to stay with his parents and family,the boy had a best wishes text from his Mistress,and this made the boy very happy and of course returned text to his Mistress wishing her the same,the boy also knew of an instruction Mistress had sent him and wasn't at all sure,the first ever time,in the time his Mistress had issued instructions to the boy,the humiliation aspect was huge to the boy,and the boy did think about not carrying it out,but the boy knows he had to !!as his submission to his Mistress isn't a game its the reality he now has in his life and needs so much,it was also a huge turn on for the boy as well,the instruction was to wear stockings whilst at my sisters for the day,Mistress wanted the boy to have feelings for her and also knew the arousal would huge too,so after asking to take them off,Mistress managed a quick chat with the boy,and even knowing what the boy had done,still refused the boy to touch her cock,and the feelings that the boy has for his Mistress are growing by the day,and they were already at 150% lol a photo was taken and was text to Mistress as proof of the boy following instruction.

Orgasm denial (December 24th)

So how does the boy feel today,the same as every other day his Mistress continues her denial of him,rewards have stopped and that hurts,no touching at all,this has two effects on the boy,he feels such frustration and sometimes the need to scream,but,the continued denial makes him feel so wanted and owned and knowing that Mistress has openly told the boy she doesn't care if and when he will be rewarded if at all and all BECAUSE,which leaves the boy with little doubt who is in total control of him,the boy,her boy !!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 23rd)

the boy had a frustrating day,for lots of reasons,he lost more control to his Mistress,it seems to disappear daily (lol)but the more that is taken away the more the boy is realising how lucky he really is to have found such a fantastic Mistress,his frustrations and feelings have really doubled today with things that have gone on between the boy and his Mistress,and although a lot was given to the boy,something might be taken away too and he would prefer that to be a special occasion shared by two people that know how much the something would mean to each other,but that is only one persons decision the other has to accept whatever is decided,and the boy is surprised after being so desperate for release he now feels so desperate for no release and i think that indeed shows how much the boy has changed in his feelings thanks to the need for denial the boy feels

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Questions and Answers

The boy is very Lucky to have found a Mistress,that is as honest to the boy as the boy is to his Mistress,since very early on we have both been very honest with each other and that is probably why so much Trust has built up with each other over the length of time we have known each other

Mistress has always asked certain questions at certain times to find out more about "the boy"how the boy feels,what the boy likes, and at certain times Mistress will ask about my feelings now and how i now feel to a Question Mistress may have asked at the start,or does the boy still feel the same now as he did when he told his Mistress x y z weeks ago.

Many of the questions being asked now relate to feelings, and Mistress knows, as the boy has learnt that being in constant denial feelings change,the boy has learned about how things change and they have changed a massive amount,so i answer all her questions as honestly as the boy can at this moment in time.

Last night was no different,the boy asked if he could ask Mistress some questions about certain issues that had been raised recently,and her answer as is always the case was the same, yes you may,so the boy did and got the honest answers that he has always got in response.This the boy knows is not always the case and the boy wants Mistress to know he appreciates her honesty.

The boy has lots of feelings at the moment running through his entire body and sometimes doesn't know how to handle or understand the way he feels,but the boy knows he can ask Mistress and she will try to help him, as its through his constant denial that these feelings have started to hit certain points but the boy knows(that he can ask for advice at any time) and the answers will always be there at ALL times,the boy doesn't have to battle his feelings on his own,HIS MISTRESS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HIM,and that makes his MISTRESS THE BEST MISTRESS EVER

Orgasm denial (December 22nd)

"probably the best" day the boy has spent in chastity since the boy gave the control of his cock to his Mistress,the feelings were and are indescribable,the amount of frustration the boy felt,goes nowhere near anything that has happened to the boy before,but the boy knows he will feel a lot more and worse in the times ahead,

Mistress and the boy spent their first evening together even though they were separated by about 30 miles,did the distance matter No,what was felt with emotions,feelings and honesty throughout the entire evening just cannot be described,erotic yes,frustration yes,honesty yes,control oh yes,the only emotion that was missing from both sides was Touch,one much more than the other(lol)but being able to touch because the boy didn't touch at all,the boy wasn't allowed to touch,he had to listen, but not touch what belongs to Mistress.

What was reinforced  to the boy and something that his Mistress has told him this morning was how much the boy "wants,needs,loves" Control,"Ive known he has for a while" was the reply to a text this morning from his Mistress,oh the boy is so very very lucky to have a Mistress like he has.

So what brought about this level of Denial and Control that made this one day stand out from all the rest,quite simply being teased way beyond any way the boy has felt or been teased before,and although it was incredibly frustrating,sometimes at shouting out level,the boy loved it all,Mistress knows just how much the boy so loves being denied in the way Mistress denies him,Mistress doesn't have to shout to put her point across,and even at the height of pleasure when Mistress might have said yes,"NO" was the response throughout the entire evening,or should i say morning (lol)

Mistress mentioned some lengths of extended denial at times last night,and the boy hopes that he keeps her so very happy,that they will be kept far from becoming a reality,as the boy doesn't know if he would or could cope with the time scales mentioned,the boy would just like to say to his Mistress for an incredible evening Thank you so very much Mistress !!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Time for Honesty

It is now time that the boy is Honest with his Mistress,he has told her on many occasions how he has felt .his feelings,his frustrations and lots more too,the boy wants to tell his Mistress something else,the boy,over the past 5 days more than at any other time the boy needs his Mistress to understand what effect she has had on him since they spoke for the first time,the boy has completed tasks that his Mistress has told him to do, with each task he throws all his feelings into them,with each conversation his feelings are increasing to levels he never thought possible,the boy is starting to want everything they have talked about,in all areas,the boy knows and wants to learn with his Mistress and looks forward to doing the things that we both have talked about,Mistress knows she will be the first to have access to certain parts of the boys body,and he wants her to start as soon as is possible,the neediness is increasing,as Mistress probably realises this and may even feel the same way.

Mistress is a lot of things to her boy,and the boy likes the way they talk and Mistress tells him how things will be,how the dynamic will grow between the two of us and how more and more will be introduced,leading to what Mistress wants and will get from the boy,total control,everything that the boy has been learning whilst in contact with this wonderful Mistress is very slowly starting to take effect and the boy will realise his dream,the boy understands and wants more and more to be what Mistress wants him to be

Orgasm denial (December 21st)

the boys denial continues,and with every day new feelings and emotions are brought to the forefront of his chastity control,Mistress has now edged the boy over the phone and each time the boy is so turned on and enjoying his denial more and more,although he is frustrated more and more he is learning all the time,why Mistress needs this control in her life,over the last few days the boy has been told that this is the way it will be from now on,you will never again have any control it is now your Mistresses cock and balls and only your Mistress will allow you release,touch and allow you to play with her cock and when she may want you to have an orgasm and however Mistress allows you to have that orgasm.The boy is overjoyed as the boy loves feeling the way he does,the boy may feel like screaming from time to time but her denial, her rules, her cock, her way is all he boy has ever wanted.

Shopping in stockings

Yesterday i was told by my wonderful Mistress that i was to put on the hold up stockings, Mistress had told me to buy on her shopping list, and the boy was to take a pic and send it to her,the boy sent the pic and received a replyy saying that the hold ups looked snazzy but they werent supposed to be patterned and in future your Mistress will be specific in telling you what to buy,i was to then dress normally and go shopping with them on under my trousers,

The boy complied with his Mistress and wore them for the afternoon,it felt so strange stood in the bank knowing no one could see but the boy could feel and knew that he was the different one,he was the one with SLUT still written from the night before across the top of his pubic hair,the boy was also stood chatting to the female bank staff wearing hold up stockings under his trousers,and of course although Mistress didn't know where the boy was going Mistress did know what the boy was wearing for the afternoon.

So two people knew what the boy was wearing and had written on his body,but the boy was the one feeling humiliated at the thought of what the boy was doing,the boy also felt elation too that he was carrying out another task his Mistress had given him,the boy so loves the Control she has over him and wants so much more.

The boy then left the bank and went to asda where he walked across the car park feeling how unusual his legs felt,they felt cold even though he had another layer on under his trousers,he walked around doing his shopping but in a much more controlled way,he thought that they were sliding down his legs,and was starting to panic if they did do,no where to run no where to hide,he finished his shopping and then went to two more shops the fear now set in his mind that they were going to fall down.

The boy was relieved to get home and went to his room and removed his trousers only to see they hadn't moved and inch,it was all in his mind,and why was it in his mind,it was there because he himself had planted the thought there,the boy then took the dog for a walk and then on returning home sent his Mistress a text,please could the boy remove his stockings,some time after the boy received a text "Yes you may"

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mistresses Festive Cock & Balls

Mistress instructed the boy to complete a task for her enjoyment and whilst Mistress was enjoying an evening out,the boy was to decorate her cock and her balls and take photos and build up a progression on the task and then the boy was told he was to write a blog and include the photos for all to see,but most importantly the boy must send a picture to Mistress of the finished article

The boy didn't expect his Mistress to let him enjoy his self whilst Mistress was enjoying her evening out,but wasn't quite expecting a task like she gave him,but the boy also realises than now the boy is owned by Mistress he MUST comply with any and all instructions he is given, and to the boy,"Her boy"this makes him feel wanted,gives him all the feelings he is starting to need from his Mistress,the focus that has been built up between Mistress and the boy,the warm feelings inside,the desire,the neediness he is very much feeling and the important feelings between Dominant and submissive.

The first thing the boy did was to text  his Mistress and ask permission to touch her cock and balls and received a text back "You have that permission to touch","You are not to play or edge"the boy felt humiliated that he could touch but not play or edge and Mistress was just adding to his constant denial by reinforcing that fact too

First the boy cut the red ribbon into various lengths and tied the baubles to each length,the boy then tied the ribbon to the baubles and tried to make little bows,he then attached the baubles on at a time to Mistresses balls tying each one tightly,the boy tied two,to her balls,the boy then added tinsel and this was tied tightly to the base of Her cock and wrapped around as tightly as the boy was able to,the boy finally tied the final bauble tightly around the lip under the head of her cock,he had to retie this three times as it kept falling off

The following pictures show his attempt at Mistresses Festive Cock and Balls and the boy would like his Mistress to know he so enjoys the control Mistress has over the boy and the feelings,of frustration and denial and the humiliation the boy felt whilst completing this task as he was holding her cock but wasn't able to play was a reminder to the boy of who is in CONTROL

It has Started

Saturday evening was the start of many things,my first phone call to Mistress,hearing her voice for the first time,reading some texts that included lots of different feelings felt by the boy,all were good to read,some were even better than good,but that was truly the start of the next level of so many more levels in fact as Mistress often says the list is endless and the boy feels that the levels are endless too.

The boy has started another level in his submission to his wonderful Mistress,the boy knows he is so lucky to have found his Mistress at last and will enjoy every second,minute,hour,day,week,month,year,years he Submits to her,accepts the total Control Mistress needs and wants to take from the boy,the boy is Hers,Mistress owns the boy and the boy loves it.To read that the boy is "mine"your cock is "mine"your arse is "mine"everything will be "mine","but so he knows hes mine i want to see a picture of my hard cock now boy" was the Start of how warm and excited the boy felt,such a truly wonderful feeling was felt by the boy reading those words,and the feelings that those words created took the boy to the next level,the boy complied and sent Mistress the picture she wanted.

A lot of enjoyment followed on Saturday evening and early Sunday morning but that will always be kept between my Mistress and her boy,things didn't stop on Sunday either plenty of chatting and exchanging views,questions and lots of other things too which was just as enjoyable,but the boy was flagging come Sunday evening and was a complete Lightweight and went to bed early,which didn't impress Mistress too much and the boy was told in no uncertain terms of Mistresses feelings.

Monday came and the texting came through thick and fast at times,but eventually the Shopping list was given to the boy,and the boys mind went into overdrive,just as Mistress expected it to,Mistress just loves to mind fuck the boy at times but the boy also loves being mind fucked too,after finishing work i called in my local supermarket,the boy sat in the car and made sure he had everything to hand and made sure his mobile was in a safe place as the "list" was on the phone,the boy thought he would do his general shopping first and Mistresses List second,but the boys mind took over,the list was so important,the boy couldn't fail the first task h had been set,so the boys general shopping was rushed so he could get to the List,his Mistresses List,he walked aimlessly looking for all of the items,after all he had never wanted most of the items before so had no idea where to look,he was taken out of the comfort zone he knew so well,where every thing was and where to look,he was a lost Little boy,he wandered aimlessly and had to ask on so many occasions,but it wasn't him asking,he was asking because his Mistress had made him ask,as the boys Mistress knew so well he would have to if the boy wanted to get home that night.The list was complete except for one item but the store didn't have the said item,so he left knowing he had completed his first task to the best of his ability.One quick stop at another store on the way home but this was his own list,something he wanted to buy for his Mistress not something that was expected of him.

Mistress and the boy were chatting again on messenger as we often do,later in the evening and eventually the boy was asked if he had got the shopping list to which the boy replied he had,had the boy got everything,but the boy said no he was missing one item,and explained why and hi Mistress said at least he had tried and she was pleased,one item was clothes pegs and the boy was asked if they were the extra grip ones,again he said he had not been able to find them,but had bought what he thought were strong ones but when the boy tried them they weren't,but the boy would use the ones he already had instead.Mistress later in the evening told the boy "you will get the red permanent marker and write SLUT just above your cock you will then take a picture and send it to me" you have 5 minutes boy and you will ring me when you have sent the picture,if you have ever tried to write something so it can be read whilst looking at it the you will know how the boy struggled and then take a picture too,the boy struggled again but finally completed the task,the boy pressed the green button on the phone and it rang,Mistress answered and the boy was in heaven again talking to his addiction,his need ,his want and Mistress understands all what the boy is going through and how he feels,the boy is so lucky he has found a Mistress who understands.Mistress starts laughing "your pic is here boy,did you struggle with the writing" and i hear her laugh more,but the boy doesn't care that she is laughing at him because Mistress has said she loves laughing at the boy,the boy is happy again to hear his Mistress laughing.

aahhhhh the poor boy is frustrated and then "tough" which often makes the boy harder and excited but most of all the boy loves being denied by his Mistress in this way.he feels so owned and controlled.
Mistress did allow the boy to edge but that edge has been covered in the boys chastity control blog and so the boy wont be commenting on it here,

Calmly as you like Mistress told the boy to put two pegs on his nipples and take pics and send them to her,Mistress then continued chatting and the boy was left with his nipples feeling some pain,Mistress told the boy that the nipple clamps she has waiting for the boy will be a lot more painful and laughs,the boy has had clamps before and knows they will hurt but the boy also wants to feel the pain his Mistress wants him to suffer for her,Mistress tells the boy how she looks forward to having the boy on all fours and head to the floor and pushing his first ever butt plug in to him,Mistress asks the boy if when he has his first orgasm in front of her,how does the boy think Mistress will let him have an orgasm,or will she ruin it for him and the boy answers that he hopes she will let him have a full orgasm but that its not for him to know as its Mistresses cock and her rules.Mistress also tells the boy she wants to hurt him so much and then says "twist your pegs boy"and i comply and Mistress can feel the pain the boy is suffering as his moans and breathing give it away"harder boy twist them harder for me boy" and now the boy is moaning and feeling the pain that Mistress wants him to feel for as he twists them,the boy can hear that Mistress is moaning and feeling the pain the boy is suffering for his Mistress,"Boy put pegs on my cock now"the boy asks for permission to touch her cock and asks how many "6 boy and yes you can touch my cock" the boy complies "how those that feel boy" I answer honestly and say they don't hurt that much Mistress "squeeze them then boy " and i squeeze them as i asked i pull and twist them and one pulls off i tell Mistress so and Mistress tells me to leave it off,"pull and squeeze them again boy "  i do so,and  i pull at the one on my foreskin and the boy feels the pain it causes when it comes off again,again i tell Mistress that it has come off "leave it off and pull on the next one" i do so i know feel the pain that Mistress wants me to feel for her the next one comes off and the next each time i wince and each time i am told "pull the next one" and i do and then they are all off,"twist your pegs on your nipples harder boy"and i do and i am now feeling lots of pain and i am loving the feelings i am getting as Mistress keeps telling me "harder boy" "twist them harder for me boy" and i do and they are hurting so much now but it is a pain i have missed for such a long time,its a special pain,it is a pain that you know is giving pleasure to someone else that means so much to you and that you will suffer that pain for your Mistress,"hand on your cock boy" Mistress tells the boy "make my cock hard for me"and i thank Mistress for letting me touch her cock,i can hear Mistress is getting excited now and her slight moans are getting me very hard "take it to the edge boy" Mistress tells me and again i thank Mistress for letting me,"edge harder boy edge harder" and i comply i know I'm getting close,very close my nipple are hurting and her cock is throbbing,so many emotions,so many feelings,so many thoughts are racing through my mind and all because Mistress has planted them there i ask "please may i stop Mistress" "no edge harder boy"i know my breathing will betray myself and i also know that if i edge for much longer i wont have to worry if Mistress lets me orgasm or not,i ask again "Please Mistress can i stop" my breathing is getting harder and harder "No you may not"i now know that if Mistress says no next time then i will cum,with desperation in my voice i ask "Please i beg you Mistress can i stop" with great relief Mistress answers "yes you may stop" and in the next breath "twist your pegs harder for me " and so i let go of her cock safe in the knowledge that i am still being allowed to hang on to her denial,i twist them and the sounds from my voice give away the pain i am now feeling "harder" Mistress tells me i am now in pain and i am loving the thoughts that, that brings "twist them harder boy" and i am now crying out at the pain i am being told to inflict upon myself,the pain that my Mistress wants me to suffer for her,for her enjoyment,because she can,"harder" Mistress tells me and i can here her breathing has increased and she is getting close to,i twist the left one so hard that it comes off and the pain i feel is so nice but so painful too,Mistress is now reaching her orgasm i tell her that the left one has come off,"squeeze the other one boy" "squeeze and twist it as hard as you can and until that comes off to" and Mistress knows that it has come off because i let out a yelp and i whine, and i know by the way Mistress is talking that Mistress has enjoyed her boy suffering for her and the boy feels and knows the suffering will always be worth suffering for my Mistress

Orgasm denial (December 20th)

the boy interacted with his Mistress in many ways today,and for the majority of those times the boy was in a state of arousal,the frustration his Mistress enjoys so much,in her denial of him was felt very much by the boy,the boy complies at any level Mistress feels like taking him to,the boy enjoys her denial of him which is just as well as that denial will be a permanent exercise for many years to come,the boy was allowed to edge twice last night but only after the boy had shown his Mistress his submission in following instructions and as the picture will show that the boy complied as he aways will and did,the boys first edge was something that Mistress later told the boy she wasn't going to allow,but it came at a time the boy was suffering from a need to use the toilet,and was being denied from doing so,"hold my cock" Mistress said,the boy was overjoyed and thanked his Mistress for being able to,the boys Mistress was also enjoying herself,"make my cock hard" came the next instruction to which the boy again thanked his Mistress and complied with her instruction,Mistress your cock is hard the boy told his Mistress,"good" came the reply,and the boy could hear his Mistress moan,"keep it hard" Mistress told the boy,and the boy did as he was told,the boy could feel wetness coming from her cock,and knew that he was close to wetting himself,but also knew that his Mistress didn't care and if he did wet his self he would be punished for doing so,after what seemed an age Mistress said "take in to the edge" and the boy was very happy to do so,the boys breathing changed and he was now close and he asked Mistress if could stop"No" in a soft voice came the reply the boy continued to edge,the boy was now feeling desperation Pleas may is top the boy asked again"No" was the reply as softly spoken as the first time the boy continued and again asked Please may i stop Mistress "No you may not" the boy was realising how close he was starting to get to an orgasm he was seconds away and his breathing showed this to his Mistress Please i beg you Mistress can i stop"yes you may" came the reply,thankfully the boy stopped and the boy thanked his Mistress for letting him do so.The boy has now realised that however much he is allowed to edge by text or a message on yahoo it will never ever feel the same as when he is in direct contact with his Mistress and the control when he is in direct contact feels so bloody wonderful and fantastic and the boy realises how very very lucky the boy is when this happens.The boy was allowed another edge but that will be written about on a new blog the boy will be starting today

Monday, 20 December 2010

The boy is shown the way

Mistress has asked me if i fancied some dogging as she has always wanted to explore one of her fantasies further and as i am her boy i have no choice in the matter anyway,we head off and stop for a drink on the way,we pop in and i go to the bar and buy Mistress her usual drink and as i wasn't told to buy myself one i get a get an empty glass as well, Mistress has chosen where we will sit and walk over to her and give her drink,i wait patiently and look directly at the floor Mistress says "you can sit next to me now" and i take my seat,a small bottle comes from her handbag and she pours it into the spare glass,"you may drink now boy" and i drink her special drink,"hand on my thigh" and i do as i am told and place my hand on her thigh,she looks at me and can see i am only looking at her,so Boy we are going to have some fun tonight,well,i am anyway you will too but only a little,tonight my boy is going to be a total slut for his Mistress, i had sort of realised that when i was told how i was going to dress,stockings,panties,and little else,but i am always told what i can wear i have no choice,it is Mistresses choice at all times,we drink up and i wait to be told i can get up,i follow mistress to the car and we drive off my hand on Mistresses thigh as Mistress drives every where,we arrive in an empty car park in a wooded area,we sit and Mistress asks if i put in the car what she had asked me to put in and replied Yes Mistress good boy she replies,Mistress tells me to get out of the car and i do and then open her door for her so she can get out too,we go to the back of the car and Mistress opens the boot and points at the ruck sack,i lean in to get it and receive a slap across my arse,stay where you are boy she orders and i can feel her pulling my trousers down,what nice sexy panties your Mistress has chosen for the slut boy and  i receive quite a few more slaps across my bare ass,oh my Mistress exclaims i feel the need to redden the boys arse some more,don't you dare move boy and Mistress then pulls down my panties,and starts spanking me harder and harder,the boys arse is looking rosier Mistress tells me,and the spanking continues,the strokes getting harder and harder,her breathing getting shorter and shorter,Mistress stops and says,the boy has made me aroused now and will please me shortly god you make me fucking horny you slut,its your thought and you will make it up to me soon,and she laughs,oh and whilst you are bent over you can widen your legs,i have something i must do,Mistress pulls out a butt plug from the rucksack,and pushes it roughly into me,that's better slut she says and pulls up my panties,now pull your trousers up and bring the bag,the car park is still empty and i follow Mistress as i always do,we arrive at a small tree a short distance from the car park,put the bag down there slut and get your trousers off,i do as i am told, and stand in front of Mistress who looks me up and down,right on the floor on your back you need to satisfy my arousal boy,i do as i am told and Mistress stands above my face,i can see she hasn't any panties on under her skirt,open wide boy and she squats above my face about an inch from my mouth,i know what is coming and hope i can swallow all of her,i see the small trickle come from her pussy,and it lands on my tongues tasting as sweet as it always does,OK boy here it comes and a deluge hits my mouth i swallow and keep swallowing mouth full after mouthful and i keep swallowing and after what seems an age it slows and i have managed to swallow with out spilling a drop,lick me clean Mistress tells me and i lick the drops off of her pussy lips,and with now warning her pussy is on my face i lick and lick and i hear her moan and she shouts get that fucking tongue in
me now slut harder harder,your a fucking dirty little slut and you will make Mistress cum all over your face,Mistress is now grinding her wet cunt all over my face and i can feel her getting close,aaahhhhh she shout and i can feel her cum all over my face,Good Boy she tells me and pulls herself up and tells me to get up too,Mistress looks at me and tells me that the slut will not wipe his face you will leave my mark on you as your mouth will be well used tonitewatch your Mistress being fucked,well actually its slightly better than that because my arse will be in your face all the time i am being fucked,sometimes your tongue will be deep in my arse and sometimes it wont,but what will happen you filthy whore is you will taste every man that has me tonight,because he will fuck me and you will suck his cum direct from his cock after he pulls out of me,do you understand whore,so your Mistress will fuck lots and my dirty fucking whore who has a plug up her arse will take all of there cum,and just so you know i have arranged 10 fucks for me tonite slut,but i only expect a few will have the bottle to turn up,and do you know the best thing slut,i answer what Mistress,and she looks me directly in y eyes and says with a slight hint of laughter in her voice you will know who it will be because i have tied you so you will See each car drive into the car park and see who gets out,well that's not quite true and with that Mistress puts a blindfold over my eyes and says well at least you will hear them wont you slut.and as i hear the first car pull in she whispers in my ear and when all this is over slut i am going to take you home and give your arse the biggest pounding with my strap on that you have ever had and you will cry and you will scream and i wont give two fucks either slut,and why will i do this to my slut,because i can,because your are mine and i own you .

Orgasm denial (December 19th)

so how did i struggle today after the night before,surprisingly well considering,but knowing my Miss had grown into a Mistress and the boy had grown into her boy,so i was very ecstatic and happy and know now who really is in charge of her cock,and although I'm very frustrated I'm also very very happy,so today wasn't really about orgasm denial it was more about how things have moved forward between us as both our blogs are showing so.i now know who i am being denied by and how little my orgasms matter to her, and the boy could not be happier,he knows he will be well looked after, just not in the orgasm department,not really that much happened but the boy did have rather an early night

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 18th)

its hard to know where to start today,because yesterday was so full of different emotions,feelings,frustrations,and last but not least happiness, i think that most of yesterdays happenings deserve a Blog all on its own and that's how i will write,this blog is how it reads and is an orgasm denial blog and yes in the past i have included lots of different things but last nights/mornings happenings are so very special and will be treated as such,i was teased beyond belief today although i am not sharing some or all of the details as they remain very special to me and will do so for a very long time and the one person that reads every post i make will already know .
I was asked to edge again today,nothing new there i suppose, but it was so very different i was being told how to and how Mistress likes me to edge,the difference this time was it was one to one we were talking on the phone and Mistress was having an orgasm as i was told what to do "hold my cock boy" but don't play i was told and in the background i could hear Mistresses vibrator and her moans "now play with my cock boy" i thanked Mistress again "tell me when my cock is hard boy" which wasn't long with listening to Mistresses moaning,i tell Mistress that her cock is hard and she replied "take yourself to the edge boy" and "you will beg to stop boy" i wasn't long reaching the edge and my breathing probably gave that away a little i was reaching the point of edging and i asked Mistress if i could stop "No was the reply take it further"i again asked if i could stop "No "i was now reaching the point of no return and my breathing reflected this this time i begged to stop "yes you may" was her reply or words to that effect as i was too busy fighting the feelings that were rushing through me,the excitement,the fear of going to far,the being told what i was allowed to do,it was a very special feeling and will always live with me,and to hear mistress cum was also frustrating as Mistress was also telling me what she would like to do to me at the same time i was edging her cock which got me even more turned on,but again those are moments that might be shared in another blog,i am not sure how many times Mistress had me edge for her as i was enjoying talking to her so much,but needless it wasn't just the once and each time i was pushed further and further

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Selfless serving

I know my weekend has been planned for me,i have been told what is expected of me,i know that today will be spent somewhere very special,i have been instructed of my duties for the day ahead and look am looking forward to carrying them out,i arrive as instructed and at the time specified,i open the door and enter,i go to the kitchen as i have been told to do,i pick up the piece of paper and start reading,washing up,laundry is lined up to be done in turn,all the cupboards to be emptied and cleaned and items put back in cupboards,you will clean the cupboard fronts,cooker,floor,and put all the washing up away,but first you will strip naked and put the pinny on that is on the kitchen table and you will photograph yourself next to the door,it could be any door but i know my door,you will then proceed with your duties as quickly as you are able to,you have much to do,and when you finish you will go to the bathroom where you will find another list,and then my bedroom and finally the living room,in each room you will find specific instructions and i want it done in the way i have written.I strip off and put the pinny on a very short pinny with frills on,i take the photo and then start,the first load of washing goes on,and i busy myself cleaning the cupboards,and once they are as required i start the washing up,thankfully only a small amount of items are there to be cleaned,and so i move on to the cooker,i clean this in record time and check that it is smear free,the first load of washing is done so i remove it and put the second load in,it then dawns on me that i have to put the washing on the line,thankfully the gate is closed and the garden is enclosed,i quickly hang the washing on the line,even though the sun is out there is still a slight wind and my pinny flaps like a kite in the air,exposing myself and feeling the wind find parts of me that doesn't usually get to chilly,i rush back inside and think i will leave the kitchen floor to last,as i can mop it before i leave,i find the next list in the bathroom and a note on the bottom,i hope you haven't left the kitchen floor to do later i want you to do each room fully,i rush back down stairs and under the curses under my breath i continue to clean the floor as instructed,i then go back to the bathroom and glance at the list again,i see the cleaning materials have been left on the window ledge and i spot a toothbrush,i look back at the list and see i have been instructed to clean the toilet and all the tiles with the toothbrush,i now know i am going to be on full speed ahead for the remainder of my day,i clean and scrub as fast as my fingers allow,my fingers are aching with the effort i have to put in to clean everything properly,i pop down stairs and change the washing again and enter the bedroom on my return upstairs,i see the next piece of paper,with yet more instructions,and another note in capitals at the bottom of the page DO NOT LOOK AT MY LINGERIE DRAWER OR ANY OF THE CUPBOARDS i rush round dusting and polishing and vacuuming and in record breaking time i finish her bedroom,i vacuum the landing and stairs and go into the living room,the list starts with go to the kitchen and open the fridge there are two bottles one you will drink now as you deserve a drink and the other you will take home with you,check the time as you have to be out by the time agreed unless you receive a text from me,i look at the time and realise i have two hours left,i then remember the washing on the line and the washing waiting to go on the line,the last load of washing is in the machine,i go outside and take the washing off the line and fold it carefully and replace it with the washing that needs to go out,i then go back to the living room and start dusting and polishing and vacuuming the room is complete and looks clean and i then get a text alert"i will be slightly later as planned so if you have finished you can go to my bedroom and polish my boots and shoes and you can kiss each one"i hurry up to the bedroom and get her shoes and boots out i polish each one with care and attention as if Miss was wearing them.i finish and rush down stairs i see i have ten minutes left and go and get the last of the washing off the line,i quickly fold it all up and put it with the rest,re mop the floor and remove my pinny and fold that up and put it back on the side where i got it from i get dressed lock the door and drive home as i start getting out of the car my text alert goes off,i check and read "you missed one hair on my bedroom floor,you will suffer for that and i hope you liked drinking from me today as it was the only contact you did have from me" i hope that this is called selfless serving

Feelings through Texting

It is sometimes so hard to say things you mean through a text and likewise you can make mistakes when you are describing something or how you have read something wrong,like i did in the early hours of this morning,struggling lying on your side in bed with your glasses falling down your nose and the dog being a pain in the arse too touching the wrong buttons going back over and over what you are trying to write and when you send it it doesn't read as it should do,I am so Sorry that Miss read it and it didn't sound as it should,the boy wasn't in a huff with Miss he was in a huff with his self and his inability to describe how he had miss read a text,he had read the complete text but not read it in the way he should have done and the misunderstood what was being asked of him.The boy is upset that Miss thinks he was being disrespectful in what he text back to her,he wasn't, he had simply misread not missed out what was written to him,he always reads every word that Miss takes time  in writing and has also saved so many texts to his in folder so he can read and reread time after time as he enjoys every text Miss sends him,perhaps Miss will understand what the boy is trying to write here.I hope so as i treasure every single word Miss writes to me!!!!

Orgasm denial (December 17th)

I awoke early today and decided to write a fantasy blog,Miss had wanted me to do so,so as i was up earlier than normal i did,as i wrote i put in as much detail as possible as i know Miss likes me doing so,but that created a small problem for me,i was getting more and more aroused as i was writing,and the added details weren't helping much either,but i carried on,almost all the way i was sat typing with an erection i was feeling so hot but i couldn't touch,how frustrating does that make me feel,i could scream sometimes,anyway i finished the blog and went off to work a very frustrated boy,then the cold air hits you the moment you step out the door and seems to cleanse you of any feelings lol,through out the day i received texts,some teasing some not but i had forgotten to tell Miss that i had changed work duties and wasn't able to respond immediately,so after i informed her that i was driving around Bristol,only because i got a text asking why i hadn't replied sooner.Miss told me she had read the blog i had posted and "maybe" and then i got another saying "actually the more i think about it the more appealing fucking the boy is,the thought of making the boy scream and cry is incredibly horny and powerful" and so as a very frustrated boy reading this sort of writing only adds more,but Miss knows this and that's why she teases me,then she tells me she has written a blog and although still at work she is on her own and so can do something about her own arousal,bloody marvelous,and as if i needed to know but then that's why i so enjoy her control.When i finally get home i read her blog and she still amazes me with the way she can get her feelings across through simple writing,so bloody powerful at times we chatted openly later in the evening and i got the text i had hoped for,"you have been a good boy and i am in a good mood you may edge for 15 Min's",the last time i edged i had to hump a pillow so this time i wasn't going to waste any time,i touched her cock for the first time in 7 days and felt it grow in my hand if like magic,i was soon at my first edge and was going to keep it there every edge i was going to enjoy as much as i could without cumming each one was one stroke away from the next,her cock was so close to bursting point,but it stayed there and didn't cum,i was wet,each stroke made me wetter it was running down on to her balls, god i was fucking horny,for 15 minutes i was on the edge i so wanted to cum,to cover my chest with her cum,i so desperately wanted to feel that orgasm that i haven't felt for over four weeks,but i knew in my heart i wouldn't,i couldn't,i love her control too much,i need it it in my life,my choice has been made, i no longer wish to make decisions for myself ,its my choice and i have made that choice and Miss knows how i feel.I like to please her and want  Miss to take any control Miss may want from myself.

Friday, 17 December 2010

the invitation

I am sat watching telly on a Friday evening,its about 20.30 and my text alert goes off,i reach down and open the phone to see the following text " 08.00 my place,the door key will be under the stone by the front door you will text me when you leave and you will be wearing those silk panties i made you buy last week,you will also have the butt plug in place,and your hair will be lacquered with hairspray, when you leave i will be timing you and i know how long it takes for you to get here so no stopping at the bottom of the road and putting it in place.You will come direct to my bedroom where you will strip naked apart from your panties and plug and you will kneel by the side of the bed and you will wait for instruction " end of text,i read it again and again and one last time to make sure i haven't missed anything.
I know how long it takes to get to see Miss and she also knows the timing is at a steady 70 mph with no stops,i wonder to myself why and what and my mind is working overtime butterflies in my stomach,i head off to bed and set the alarm for 05.30 so i can get up and be ready in plenty of time,after struggling to get to sleep the alarm is ringing and i get up and make a cup of tea,i sit reading a few blogs before i shower and start getting myself ready,my toenails are cut neatly my finger nails are trimmed,i get the plug out and lube it slightly and slowly insert it where it should be,i wince a little as i am still getting used to wearing it my chastity belt is cleaned and i use a cotton bud to clean her cock,i slip the silk panties on and get dressed,i send the text but nothing comes back,i set off and travel to her place,i park the car and walk the short distance to her house,the plug causing me to walk slightly silly,i reach the door and look down and see the stone, i lift it and see the key lying there,just one metal key but it will unlock so much more than a door,i slip it into the lock and turn i hear the click as the door unlocks,i check the time and see its 07.58,i stop and stand watching as the hand ticks ever slower until its time,the door opens and i step inside,i lock the door and place the key on the side of the table.
I slowly climb the stairs and enter her bedroom,i close the door behind me and take my clothes off and go and kneel at her bed,i look at her as she sleep,looking so innocent yet knowing when she awakes i will be quivering with what might happen next and i know she is far from innocent.i see her stir and her eyes open slowly,she moves around the bed and faces me,"Good Morning slut" she says without moving,"stand up and let me inspect my little tart" i stand and "well turn around slut" i turn around with my back to her and i feel her hand pull my panties down "good she says turn and face me" i turn again with my panties around the top of my thighs and i feel her hand slide onto my cock cage " good boy you cleaned it too" i smile as her breasts rise above her quilt,she i well aware i am looking and smiles back,"be a good boy and get on your knees head back" i know what is coming next,she slowly gets out of bed and stands above my face "open wide and don't spill a drop" and Miss lets me have my first drink since i left home,i eagerly swallow as fast as i can and am fortunate not to spill a drop,"lick me clean slut every last drop" i lick and clean her pussy her cock starting to cause discomfort from my arousal,she pushes my head away and lies back on the bed,"feet" and i take her foot and rub it slightly,"look at me slut" i look and she is naked " how long is it since you orgasmed boy" i tell her and she laughs and smiles i know i cant look away i dare not but the humiliation quite clearly shows on my face "well you are going to be a very lucky boy this morning",I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard","you will fuck me where and how i want you to""do you understand boy" i nod excitedly a massive smile breaks out on my face,"come here slut let me release you " i shuffle over on my knees but still rubbing her feet as i haven't been instructed to stop,she reaches down and removes my cock cage,her cock springs out and my arousal is clearly evident,she quickly slaps her cock a few times and holds it in her hand,her cock shows her how desperate it is and quickly rises to a rigid solid cock,she lets go and looks at me with a huge evil grin on her face."Boy go to the top drawer and get my
"pull your panties up you slut" Miss tells me,i wonder to myself why but wont ask her why,"now when i said you were going to fuck me,i meant it but not with my cock you're not"i look at her the disappointment etched all over my face,Miss looks at me and laughs"you will fuck me and in many ways but its you that is wearing the strap on this time not me " i look at her again and see her wicked evil grin that greets me so often,"come on boy i haven't got all day""put this strap on on and let me tighten it around your waist" i do as i am told and it feels so strange to be wearing it instead of being fucked by it " that's better you fucking whore now where will i want it first" Miss smiles and points and my frustration is about to be teased beyond belief,But i know i am so lucky to be owned by Miss

Orgasm denial (December 16th)

my denial continues,my frustrations are building i am beginning to wonder how long this term of denial will be,everything i have dreamed of,being controlled in this manner,being teased in the way Miss is teasing me,her writing is so erotic and turns me rigid just reading it,not knowing what happens next,the fact my cock is no longer mine Miss owns it and i am reminded in no uncertain manner,the way i feel when i am allowed an edge knowing that a orgasm is one stroke away yet i dare not,its not mine anymore and i don't have the right to allow it to do something it wants,its her cock and her rules so i stay in denial and chastity because it fits with everything i could wish for

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Kitchen Fantasy

I am naked apart from a pinny washing up,as is always the way i have to wash up when Miss has told me to,the butt plug up my arse causing me to be aroused even when doing simple jobs,but again Miss likes me this way,I'm looking at the last plates and cutlery that i have to wash and the wipe up,as I'm stood there i hear heels across the tiled floor and i know Miss has entered the kitchen but as i cant hear any movement i know she must be stood watching,i don't look around as i know i have to wait to be told if i can look,so i stand there trying to carry on with my duties but finding it hard to concentrate,i hear the click of her heels as she moves closer i can feel her stood right behind me,suddenly her hand touches my arse her fingers onto the plug and she pushes it into me "good she exclaims that's in nicely now be a good boy and bend over the sink" you haven't done anything wrong she says with a slight laughter in her voice "i just want to hurt you" "i need to hurt you""because i can" "24 strokes of the cane" she says i feel myself get excited inside i tremble slightly as i wait for the pain to hit my arse,i haven't looked at her, i don't know what cane she has in her hand, i don't even know how she is dressed all i can hear are her heels as she steps back.I wait for that first stroke to hit me.knowing it will hurt but also knowing i enjoy the pain Miss gives me,and out of the silence i hear the cane as it cuts through the air and the excruciating pain as it lands on my arse,"1 thank you Miss"and with no gap the 2nd stroke is coming at me "2 thank you Miss"each stroke is given at the same pace,and i know this is going to be a painful caning and that Miss will hurt me as she likes to do,with every stroke i can feel the welts building across my arse cheeks,the pain is causing me to shake ever so slightly,and she picks up on this"stop whimpering slut you are mine to use as i see fit"and "if you move i will double the strokes" i stay rooted to the spot,thinking to myself i so nearly finished too,and as suddenly as the caning started, it stops,i have reached 24 and i can now feel her hand caressing my bottom," some nice marks there Boy" " i am pleased with those they will last you sometime" and she laughs,"stay there boy i haven't finished with you yet" and she pushes me against the sink her hand i can feel is playing with the plug and she pulls it out,but with no time at all i can feel something else nestled against my hole,and with no warning she is inside me,"a good fuck for my boy" she says as i feel her push her cock in side me,as i said i didn't look as i wasn't asked to look and i only do as i am allowed to do.i feel her hands on my hips holding me and thrusting her cock into the depths of me and as she steadily fucks me i can feel her other cock getting hard,but again that will only cause me more pain as the spikes are fitted to my chastity device,as Miss likes them fitted when we are together,i can now feel her body touch mine as i am being fucked every time her cock goes into me i feel her body against mine and that makes me hotter,i so love it when Miss is in this mood,and i love her fucking me in her hole with her cock and her other cock is now feeling the spikes and causing me more pain,Miss has now got a nice rhythm going and my arse is being used in the way Miss likes to use it,but suddenly she stops pulls out and replaces the plug,she slaps my arse and says "finish the washing up boy" and then i want you in the bedroom where you have more duties to perform,i know this is going to be an enjoyable evening "painful but enjoyable"

Orgasm denial (December 15th)

My frustration is getting harder and harder to accept,my desperation to be allowed to cum is getting stronger by the day but i keep working at it because i need to please Miss,she teases me at times but i understand that is a reward ,i stay in chastity because Miss likes having me this way and i am learning all the time how this is the way it must be,do i think she is a Bitch for denying me so long and the honest answer is no she isn't,Miss does it for my own good she needs me to understand certain things and my learning is getting better with every day Miss keeps me frustrated,last night whilst chatting Miss asked me if i wanted to edge,of course i replied yes please,Miss then asked me again so i knew that this wasn't going to be just an edging session it was going to be something quite different,the instruction came through that i was to hump a pillow and i wasn't allowed to touch at all,i had to hump the pillow until i reached my edge,Miss knew i was pissed off and that she was humiliating me,but as i had agreed i knew i couldn't say no,i would never say No to Miss anyway so after asking to leave the chat and hump my pillow i did exactly as was asked of me as the pics will show,i never reached a hard on,i was semi erect and i didn't touch,although it wasn't long before i reached the edge i found it easier as i wasn't as excited as normal,i text Miss with pics and telling her i had edged and that i would post the pics on my blog

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 14th)

How frustrated am i,how desperate am i to have an orgasm,i have never had feelings like this before,i haven't been denied like this before,entering my 5th week without an orgasm and all my focus is on my Domme,i am very quickly learning that this is why Miss finds chastity control so hot and demands it has a place in any D/s relationship she may have,my attentiveness is at such a high point i wouldn't ever displease her intentionally and would do anything that was asked of me,to try and gain release,but that then works against me and for her because she knows that having me like this she can push limits and achieve even more with me,

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 13th)

What a day,started off well wasn't aroused when i woke up which made a change,lol,a decent start to the day but then bang i was hit like a wounded bird,myself and Miss had exchanged a few texts and then i got one saying "i was going to let you edge today but you have just changed my mind" referring to a couple of texts that i had got wrong,i was in despair but also highly turned on as well,and Miss know when she denies me i get turned on,i tried pleading with her but to no avail,i accepted my punishment like a good little sub, eventually, and just thought of what might have been but Miss certainly knows how to turn me on and make me suffer and she certainly did too,oh well i must wait to edge again and as Miss she is giving me what i asked for in a roundabout way with what i have written on these blogs,i must remember to keep at least some of my feelings to myself lol

Monday, 13 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 12th)

My feelings are as they were yesterday and the same as tomorrow lol Damn fucking horny,frustrated beyond belief.and turned on the majority of the time but am still happy to be denied by such a strict Domme when it comes to chastity control and denial,I'm starting to be denied even touching now,great innit lol

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 11th)

my feelings are very on the up at the moment the denial is causing more arousal than normal,edging towards four weeks without an orgasm is a feeling that causes other feelings withing and the frustration is at an all time high,not knowing if and when an edge or release might come is causing more frustrations ,so all in all everything is building up to a degree of total arousal and frustration if that makes sense,i feel aroused that i am being denied lol

Denial and the Feelings it causes

Back when i first contacted Miss,we had long lengthy conversations on how denial and chastity works so well within FLRs and D/s a lot of what was told me i didn't really understand fully,i could see the logic but didn't understand the feelings that Chastity would bring to a relationship,and how it would make a subs focus change so much,we also discussed various wants and humiliations that Miss would want to happen and how my feelings about such wants were,Now I'm a very broadminded type of submissive and have experienced a lot of Kink outside of D/s and yes i would try anything to please her so what was discussed may have been far from what i wanted but i would want to try because that is what my Domme wants,its about seeing that i have pleased her in any way she may want that meets my most inner feelings as a submissive.
So now i have been in Denial for nearly 4 weeks and nearly 7 weeks with 1 orgasm i realise that i would be willing to do anything and i mean anything to gain a release,and then not knowing if that release would be a full orgasm,being milked relentlessly,a ruined orgasm in fact the list is endless as i am starting to find out,i oh so want to feel her touch,to worship her feet,to see the smile whilst she tortures me,to look into her eyes whilst she holds my balls in her hand begging her with my eyes not to hurt me too much,but knowing she will,i know this may be topping from the bottom but i want her to know that the denial she holds although not much in the control she may want over me triggers a whole lot more and by denying me the chance to serve in Person she holds a damn lot more control over me than Miss thinks she does.We have discussed for hours what she likes and wants and needs so to have all that withheld for what ever reason and i knew from the start that it would be some time before we met but the feelings are getting so strong to experience more that Miss does have so much more Control over me than she may think she has,and for all of those feelings i have and crave all i can say is a BIG THANK YOU MISS

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 10th)

Frustrations are really starting to build up I'm desperate to touch and edge at times,but denying myself that because I've been told not to just adds so much more to the frustration in the first place,Miss asked me the other day if i used to wake up with an erection and of course the answer was yes,but then when i did i could touch and play whenever i wanted,but now i cant lol My feelings are still the same though as i enjoy being in denial to Miss,i often think what if i did touch,she wouldn't know,but with the same thought i would be letting her down and myself down,So feelings and thoughts are the same as ever before,just a damn lot stronger as every day passes.It certainly puts focus in my mind and helps with the struggles i get from time to time,and add to that the comment of "oh are you,i had forgotten" and " I'm not counting" it just goes to show how i feel sometimes towards my wonderful Domme

Friday, 10 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 9th)

another day began the same as pretty much the rest,woke up with arousal and lasted more or less all day so nothing unusual there really,thoughts and feelings are all over the place at the moment,i don't understand why i find it so exciting and arousing to be held in chastity by Miss,i just do and I'm enjoying every living moment,i feel a tingle and and turned on when Miss texts me with instruction to edge and i cant wait to carry out her instruction,it turns me on no end and i look forward to every text i get hoping that the next one will be edging time,I can see why chastity works so well for Miss as i am so focused and attentive and i would do anything to please her so i can be her good boy but even then no matter how much i please i will never know whats happening next,but that's the beauty of chastity and being denied and controlled,every day adds more to the frustration but the feelings as i try to edge but not cum are getting even harder to control with each passing day

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 8th)

The reason i had to reset my alarm was because Miss along with the instruction to edge lat night was also an instruction to edge for 15 minutes before i went to work today,so getting up at silly oclock added to the excitement i already felt,i awoke feeling aroused,and after sorting a few things out i sat and played with her cock again which responded in the normal manner of sitting upright very easily,i stroked and played and knew this was not going to be easy at all,her cock was throbbing and it wasn't long before i had my first edge,i had decided to count each one and see how many i would have,i was almost permanently edging with every stroke i so wanted to cum but i also didn't want to cum either,more or less every stroke of her cock brought me an edge and i used all 15 minutes,i did however have to stop and let it subside at one point but carried on again after about 30 seconds,i edged 35 times in 15 minutes and at the end was glad it wasn't any longer because i don't know if i would last any longer,i had a quick was and went to work,everyone i saw asked why i was smiling so much (if only they knew)the rest of the day was another good day but arousal is so easy now,and a Big thank you to Miss as i am enjoying chastity more than i thought i would

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 7th)

I was still in a good mood and happy that i was allowed to edge on Sunday ,mu thoughts and feelings were on a high and arousal easy ti achieve,but that's nothing new lol,i was very slightly frustrated and excited too,arousal seems quite constant at times ,i was told last night that i could edge again for 15 Min's,what a lucky boy i am at the moment,i thanked by text and played with her cock it felt so bloody good,i know it has only been two days but i was like kiddie at the sweet shop,i stroked and played and it wasn't long before edge after edge followed so easily and quickly,my breathing increased with every edge,god i was in heaven,the only problem as the days tick past is i get quite a lot of leakage and before long i was wet,i didn't stop though i was having to much fun,for that to concern me,i didn't count the number of times i edged but it was quite a few,i stopped and looked at the clock thinking time was up but i still had 3 minutes so i continued i wasn't going to let the valuable time Miss gives tick past without a few more edges,i managed another 5 until time was up,i thanked Miss by text and gave her the details like i have to do every time Miss allows me to edge,i reset my alarm and drifted into a very nice and relaxing sleep

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 6th)

I was so happy when i woke up this morning,not only had i been allowed to edge but i experienced feelings that i didn't know existed,i reached arousal lots of times today but my frustration levels were non existent,don't get me wrong of course i got turned on and had quite a few erections but i wasn't frustrated and i have Miss to thank for that,i thing she knows how ecstatic i was with what happened ,i am very surprised with what I'm going to say next but this blog is about feelings and how i think and feel and what goes through my mind,its 3 weeks today since i had my last orgasm,and although i have whined and moaned sometimes and i have asked and begged i would love the opportunity to find out more about being denied for longer periods of time to see if my feelings change,what experiences may lie ahead of myself,to see if my mind and feelings get stronger towards Miss,mind you they will always be strong towards my Domme and will never change but would my focus and attentiveness get stronger and stronger,all of these feelings are there they just need to be stretched to see how far i could or be allowed to go because having said all what i have said there is only one person who decides and i think the world of Miss for her giving me the chance to give her control.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 5th)

i had a very mixed day,my frustration was at the highest point i have reached so far whilst in chastity to Miss,emotions were running wild and as i said yesterday desperation was starting to set in,having never gone this far ever and knowing it was out of my hands(excuse the pun)i just didn't know what to think,Miss and i had exchanged a few texts and evening but i knew she was very busy so not much was said,and then a text at 22-05 you have 20 Min's to edge starting now,i quickly texted back thank you and oh what a fucking fantastic feeling to have her cock back in my hands,i stroked and played with it like it was my favourite toy,it felt bloody fantastic and it wasn't long before my first edge came,my breathing became heavy,her cock was fully erect straining to release,the pulsing was something i hadn't encountered before,it was very very hard to stop it erupting like a volcano,but i stopped and held tight praying that i wouldn't release and after a short time it stopped,next was something i hadn't experienced before,withing 1/2 strokes i was edging again,and although i was enjoying the feelings i was having i just didn't want to let Miss down by cumming,what i wasn't to know at the time was that every edge had the same pattern to it,1/2 strokes and back at the edge again and this went on for the full 20 minutes,at the end i had lost count of the number of times i had reached the edge but what i do know is it was the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me and i thank Miss for this,i hope that this wont be the last time and look forward with eager anticipation to the many activities Miss might introduce me to !!!THANKYOU

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Orgasm denial (December 4th)

My feelings have changed somewhat the frustration is still very much something i feel when ever i get turned on,but now a new emotion has started to hit me and something i have never experienced before,"Desperation" this a completely new emotion,is it because i haven't been able to touch or is it simply something that is there when you are denied for longer periods of time,the teasing may have brought the feeling on i don't know all i do know is i would do anything and i mean anything to please Miss just so there might be a chance of allowing an orgasm,so as the days tick past,the focus and attentiveness is building day by day hour by hour,Miss says she likes to hear a male in chastity beg for release,the feeling of power of having a submissive beg for just the basic relief must be music to her ears but believe me i have tried and no matter how much i beg she still denies me,i have tried to ignore my feelings but its at the back of your mind just waiting for the slightest excuse to pop back to the front.I think is Miss a Bitch,how can she be so cruel,but is Miss trying to show and teach me more by denying me longer,time will tell.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Current Thoughts and feelings

I have known Miss since October9/10 and was placed in chastity on the 27th October,i have been allowed one orgasm since then and thought i would write on some of my thoughts and feelings about the short time i have known Miss for.when we first started talking i had no idea of what could lay ahead of me regarding Her wants and Wishes,I was told from the start she firmly believed in a F.L.R  D/s and O.P relationship and with her help and guidance i have a far better understanding of what is expected,it fills me with excitement and in trepidation even now, knowing what is expected of me, and i fully expect to be reminded in the future when i have slipped up and not followed the rules and rituals that are wanted and expected from me.
We have spoken at length that punishment doesn't mean physical punishment it means quite simply punishment,IE corner time,washing up liquid,being ignored,extension to chastity time,and anything else Miss might decide i suffer,as she makes the rules and i follow.Miss has the most wonderful imagination and her personality jumps out at me when we text or chat online,i never know whats coming next,what to expect,or how Bossy or Dominant she will be,i thoroughly enjoy our online chats and look forward to reading her next text,she teases me very easily and can make me lost for words just as easily,with the things she has told me she enjoys and wants I'm sure a relationship with her will never be boring or mundane,quite the opposite i expect and I'm sure there will come a time when I'm begging her to just let me sit at her feet and hug her legs.With her ideas and desires from what she has told me so far Miss is all that i have looked for in a Domme,to serve and please her will not be easy i am well aware of that,she will mark me,hurt me,make me cry and make me suffer to please her,she will enjoy humiliating me and i wonder if i will ever have the bottle to say no to her face i certainly will try not to,but what i will say is i want to receive the pain she wants to enjoy giving me and once she has risen my pain threshold to an acceptable level i will gladly suffer all she wants me to suffer,i want to be forced to fight back the tears so i can still smile at her,to look in her eyes when I'm not blindfolded and see her eyes light up and her smile whilst she hurts me,and tortures me because she can and wants to,and needs to see me suffer as i please her.I know at times i will tremble and shake as she pushes my limits to the extreme,if I'm not gagged i will scream and beg her to stop but will try and not use the safe word until my body can take no more.It isn't going to be enjoyable at the time but afterwards the pain will subside and my masochistic feelings will take over and a warm feeling will take over,its like a good caning at first you wince then you scream then you cry but afterwards you are left with such a warm feeling inside and the stripes across your arse make you feel wanted and cared for.
I don't want to go into everything on here but lets just say i could write all week and not put everything down as Miss always says the list really is endless.
I would also like to add that since our paths have crossed Miss has changed my world around, she has shown me compassion,friendship,humour and although my chastity is only a small part of what she has control of i am honoured she has control of that.