Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Very Sincere Apology

Please this blog is only directed at and for you Kat,but unsure how i can restrict it to just you.

Some of the things i said last night was so out of order i have no idea why i said them,you have never ever asked me of my situation in life ,so for me to say what i said was totally out of order and way off anything that we have discussed,i haven't got any excuses and know i have upset you with some of my comments,i just have no explanation for saying the things i did,that would come close for saying how sorry i am.
I realise that you always make time for me even when you are flat out,you make time for that little text,we have got on very well since we have started chatting and have quite a lot in common,i like your personality your humour and your friendliness your honesty and your integrity so for me to rant at you for no real reason was so out of Order,I am so gutted that i did and you must think I'm a complete twat even more than some of my stupid comments before.Its not for me to Question what you may or may not want and i just want you to know i am so so so so very sorry,

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