Monday, 29 November 2010

Orgasm denial (November 28th)

So another day passes and I'm not counting anymore,i couldn't careless to be honest,my arousal is instant,I'm turned on easily but my feelings are elsewhere,and my thoughts too,i kept myself busy,and apart from seeing the odd nice bum,or heels with their familiar sound on the shop floor which gave me a slight feeling of arousal my mind was somewhere else along with my feelings and emotions,so tomorrow is another day and we will see what happens then


  1. Maybe you can express what those feelings and emotions are, and where those thoughts and feelings are if they are elsewhere . . .?

  2. my feelings and emotions whilst in chastity to a fantastic understanding Domme puts me on cloud nine,my heart skips a beat,my feelings are oh so on another level,i often slip into sub space totally joyous of how lucky i am and although it is such a frustrating and humuliating way of control to know that with very instruction or denial of my orgasm or the simple denial of touch,makes me feel so excited and turned on,so where have all these emotions and feelings gone,well since late on friday night i have felt down,gutted,asking myself the same question over and over again,not only have i embarrassed myself but i feel i have let my Domme down,my friend down and every thing we have talked about in relation to maybe a future relationship might have went flying out the window,and those thoughts alone make me feel sad and unhappy,i have had all weekend to reflect on 30 seconds of madness and to be completeley honest i have felt so shit its hard to describe